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  1. I love the idea of intuitive eating! Definitely going to check out the book. So thanks for letting us know about it! Just realised I've read your first post thinking it was your latest. That's a newbie for you. 😄 Nevertheless, thanks for letting us know about the book!
  2. Me! Well sort of. Self learning Qigong from books DVDs and You Tube videos. Not ideal but I live in the sticks so no teachers available. Also set myself the very long term goal of learning Water Style Liu Ha Ba Fa. Don't care if it takes years, which it will, so good job really
  3. Hi, I realise you posted your question quite a while ago, but I'll reply just in case you're still interested. I'm a beginner to it but found it easy to get into. As I live in the sticks there is no class option for me so have had to look for books DVDs etc. The easiest way I found to get into it is to learn the 18 forms. Search for shibashi qigong on you tube. The best book I've found to back it up is The Theory and Practice of Taiji Qigong by Chris Jarmey. The thing about Gigong or Chi Kung is that when you're moving you have to be aware of what you're doing with the acupuncture pressure points. The way you overlap them etc. So its best to have the theory to back up the videos. You'll also notice some of the videos contain slightly different ways of doing some of the movements, so its good to have a bit of theory to choose which you want to go with. As I say, I'm just a beginner, so don't know that much, but an easy way to start is the 18 forms, and, I'll add to that, spiritually you can take it deeper by looking into the Tao Te Ching and Taoist ideas. Hope that helps.