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  1. Hello Everyone Not sure if this is the place for topic but..... I'm finally cleared for weight lifting again; sciatic injury followed by hernia repair surgery and recovery. During that time, I didn't get horribly bad , but I did notice a bit of belly gain. So I'm looking to lose the belly fat and get back into lifting. I've always enjoyed full body routines, due to work schedule, 3 times a week. I've restarted taking the portion control method for my nutrition and might incorporate intermittent fasting down the road. I do need some opinions on my routine. Leg Press 3x8 Barbell RDL 3x8 Goblet Squat 3x8 Bench Press 3x8 Cable Row 3x8 Standing Dumbbell Overhead Press 3x8 Lat Pulldown 3x8 I've purposely not included any direct arm moves since I believe they will get enough work from the other moves. My idea is to keep the routine 3 days a week as I normally do, then start adding cardio after a few weeks on non lift days, probably just start out with walking. Any feedback or suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. Thank you Artemis for your feedback. I have some thoughts on the squats difficulty increase as you mentioned. One thing I could do is give a 3-5 second pause at the bottom. Granted, that would take getting them done longer but not by much. Another thought would be to replace them with step ups and start low and progressively raise the step higher. Still got time though.
  3. Alright, so this is what I put together and used this past week. 3 days per week as of now but might go 2 days per week as I get closer to a run I signed up for at end of September. Other days, I'll be focusing on running. Squats 3x15 One Leg RDL 3x10 (per leg) Dips 3x10 Inverted row 3x10 Push Ups 3x10 Pull Ups 3x10 This has been challenging for me and definitely got me sore. I'm just curious if I'm overdoing it or over thinking it. Any good advice or feedback is still appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the feedback Artemis. I think I'll stick with the straight set style for a few weeks, see how progress goes. The rowing, I'll probably stay with the dip bars, since I know its not utilized as much as the barbell racks. I like your suggestion on the pull ups, going to try that. Thank you all.
  5. Thanks Isaac for the feedback. I started yesterday in straight set style just to get an idea of the movements. I'm thinking it can't hurt any to alternate styles throughout the weeks. Guess it will be based on how I'm feeling with the increased running I'll be doing. However, I did come across two hurdles...pull ups and inverted rows. Managed to bang our at least three reps on each set for the pull ups, so I need to work on those. There is an assisted pull up machine where you place your knees on the pad and put weight on to counter your own weight to help move up. Are those acceptable to progress on if I'm gradually removing weight off it? Or am I better off just trying to increase my reps? On the rows, all the barbell racks were being used but not the dip rack. so I did the rows there. Is that basically the same? these might seem like noob questions but I want to use my time effectively. thanks everyone.
  6. Thanks for the feed back! Situation for me is starting tomorrow, I'm starting to prep for a 5K run I signed up for on Sept 25. Figured my focus will gradually be on improving my running and bodyweight workouts would be a good alternative and change from weight lifting.
  7. Hello everyone Question regarding bodyweight routines. Do they have to be done in a circuit fashion or can they be done in straight set fashion?
  8. Nutrition is ok. I do intermittent fasting with portion control. Sleep is consistent at 7 hours a night. Neither of those really changed out of the norm. Which is why I didn't include them.
  9. Hello Everyone. Been going along with the same full body routine 3 times a week for a little over a year now. In the beginning, I was on a 3x10 on everything. About 2 months ago, I decided to switch it up and go mainly for strength training at 4x6 with all moves. Went well for a bit but then noticed my energy just being sluggish and my progression just not moving , I basically started stalling on my 4th set on several moves. I even cut down on my cardio, which was just walking on a treadmill 40 minutes on non lifting days, thinking perhaps that was taxing my body. So I took a few days off just to rest and got back into it. Only thing I did different was reduce my sets by one on all upper movements, kept leg movements at 4x6 and everything else 3x6. Since then, my progression is moving better, I've actually been able to either increase weight or reps done each workout. I'm not feeling at all drained as I used to. My question is, does one set really make that kind of difference? Or am I doing something wrong and giving myself a false impression?
  10. Hello everyone. Looking to change up my set/reps tempo and wanted thoughts on pyramid sets. What has been your experiences? Do they work or not work for you? Right now, I'm considering 4 sets at 10,8,6,4 with weight increasing each set.
  11. Hello. I'm in need of some insight. I do full body routine 3 times a week. Bench presses have been my chest move but my right shoulder constantly feels bad afterwards. For the past two weeks though I've done machine presses where you sit and push the handles out. I feel more in my chest and my shoulder has not bothered me at all. I get the benefits of free weights but could some people just respond better to machines than free weights?
  12. Without going all into my past issues....just to give my lower back a break. Oddly enough, the goblets don't bother me. Perhaps I just needed this. Staying with it for some time and maybe my barbell squats will come out better when I go back to them.
  13. Thank you for the feedback so far. To recap on points mentioned on the replies: Yes, I am doing the whole routine as I posted. I've been timing myself the past week and on average it takes me 1 hour to complete, and that's on a bad day where stations might be in use and have to wait. However, I am considering taking out goblet squats and reducing all upper body moves to 2 working sets so I can allow direct ab work. I do like the idea of the split and would use that for more of a strength training phase. I generally have bad luck with splits due to work schedule (retail...ugh) and family ; but I've been consistent with this full body for awhile. I started conventional deadlifting today. I figure middle of week would be best bet and keep Romanian's on Mon and Fri. My nutrition is improving, honestly not the best but definitely not the worse. Getting used to portion control and the fasting. Sunday's I do loosen up a bit, mainly due to family lunch, but I don't overdue it. Thanks again for the feedback every one.
  14. Hello everyone. Need advise on my routine. I do full body 3X a week. Right now, my focus is on fat loss. So with that, I've narrowed down my portions in my meals and started intermittent fasting. Probably my biggest problem in the past was soda but I am now down to one can a day and working on cutting more out. My main worry is my routine. I've had to replace barbell squats with leg presses for now. Here is the routine, working set/rep is 3x10: Leg Press Romanian Deadlift Goblet Squat Bench Press Cable Row with wide grip Dumbbell Shoulder Press Lat Pulldown with narrow grip I'm generally finished within 1 hour. I've also read the article on conventional deadlifts and thinking of doing those on Wed workout in place of the Romanian. Is this too much or am I overthinking it? Any advice or input is appreciated.
  15. Hello. I have a question on my workout routine. I’m currently doing full body weightlifting routine three times a week (split routines don’t work too well with me). I try and put in cardio at least two times, in between the full body’s, and sometimes on the weekends. My overall goal is to lose bodyfat. Reading up on articles and such, it seems the focus should be more on the weightlifting aspect. Would it be better then to incorporate four full body workouts per week, say have two different fullbody routines and alternate them, maybe like two days on, one day rest, then two more days on? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.
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