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  1. I love that bonus goal! Definitely following. Wish you the best of luck getting those steps in.
  2. I appreciate the uplifting message. I have a tendency to be pretty hard on myself and have always had a negative relationship with food. I am amazed at your level of self control. I myself am a snacking fiend. Even with healthy things I am bad at blending awareness and appreciation in with my food.
  3. As for food, today was worse than yesterday, and that's about all I did. Overall I was minimally productive and only played the piano a bit. I helped a client with some stuff and made sure my little brother voted by dragging him to the poles. During which I went on a nice mile-long walk. I am thinking about getting rid of my fancy smart phone and switching to a bluetooth watch with music storage and a step-counter since that's about all I use my fancy phone for outside of messages. I have an alternative dumb phone I am paying for anyway. So here is my goals: Wo
  4. Today was great until my boyfriend convinced me that fast food was a good decision and now I feel like a whale. Workout Workout this morning happened around 0645. I got through this warmup 30 JJ 35 arm circles (big and small each arm) 20 hip raises Followed my a 20 minute run (closer to an 8 minute warmup and a 10 minute run followed by a cooldown. Did about a 15 minute mile. And then a mile-long walk back home.
  5. Welcome to the challenge forum! I think your goals are very much achievable, and I love that you are trying to push yourself to be a better role model for your kids especially in terms of self-care. For body-weight workouts. I am returning to fitness after a scarily long haiatus and started with the nerd fitness beginner body-weight workouts. I have done it about three times. I couldn't get through three circuits the first time, but I am definitely feeling improvement really quickly. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/
  6. I was very happy with today. Overall I feel really happy and good right now. A little sore, but good. Workout Workout this morning happened promptly 0530. I got through the full basic dynamic workup: 30 JJ 35 arm circles (big and small each arm) 20 supported lunges 20 mountain climbers 20 hip raises I got through ALL THREE ROUNDS of the basic beginner workout! I slowed down the pace as I went through. For the last rep I took a lot of the dynamic movements out and just did the standard movement. Adjustments
  7. Workout: I decided not to go to the gym today for three reasons. I was very sore from yesterday Usually I fail by going too hard too fast, so I wanted to ramp up my acceleration instead of flooding the tank. I knew I had a very physically challenging day to come and I wanted to be able to do what I had set out to do. Diet: I was Okay on the diet front. Food summary: Breakfast Organic everything bagel 1 T HM vegan butter 2 glasses of water 8 oz coffee 2 oz espresso
  8. Also, I find that using a natural colorant (such as tumeric) mixed with any kind of starch (I usually use potato) [ too much will stiffen your fabric, so by little I mean little) and then heat setting can help the colors last a whole lot longer.
  9. You seem to really take care of your kitty. Liliana is a wonderful name as well. I was rereading your initial post and it seams you do a bit of carpentry too. I am also in the process of planning and building my cat a little bench with steps since she's starting to get a little old for making the jump. The industry is unnerving on it's own, I absolutely agree. Again I really like your philosophy overrall. I have a tendency to strong-arm things or muscle through which in rock climbing gets me to the summit, but means I can't climb as much – it isn't productive for lon
  10. I worked on a bit of a spreadsheet for myself to keep track of the data tracking and work on progress reports for myself. Here is the link if you want to check it out. https://1drv.ms/x/s!AglgHGBVoz-ygik-KFRPJKPbEvHb
  11. Day isn't over yet, but one of my not-mentioned but still important goals is to limit my exposure to screens to between 0800 and 1900 excluding music controls because gym-time without tunes or audiobooks is some kind of torture for me. Today has been okay. Workout this morning happened later than intended, but it did happen. I got through the full basic dynamic workup: 100 JJ 50 arm circles (big and small each arm) 20 supported lunges 20 mountain climbers 23 hip raises (i just like doing these) I got through two r
  12. That's just perfect! Very like-minded people it seems. I didn't think about the head on the beer or she might've ended up with a completely different name. Seems like we are fairly like-minded cat-people.
  13. Thanks, I'm doing pretty good today, but the hard part is keeping it up. Personally I think Guinness is a really solid cat name, although mine is based on the color of a Guinness stout. It used to be the theme for my cat's names with a Cornish Rex named Stella and a a brown American shorthair named Irish Car Bomb. She is a real sweetie.
  14. Hi, I am mew to the forum business. And I mean caveman new. I have never been an online person. But then the pandemic hit and all of my hobbies and healthy habits went away and now I feel lost and alone and unhealthy. I am joining to try to find myself a community I can grow into and find my love of fitness I so sorely miss. About me, I am a StarCraft fanatic who loves my classic sci-fi and fantasy books and games from Dune to The Malazan Chronicles. I am a bit of a comic nerd whose seen every episode of every DC show twice. I have a million cats in my life and I make
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