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  1. I don't, really. I have found Yoga really frustrating in the past because I am so inflexible. That is probably more of a mental block that I need to get through to actually make improvement there. I'd like to be able to do chin-ups/pull-ups, but the two problems there are I definitely do not have the muscle strength to do them, and I have nowhere in my house I can actually do them 🤷‍♂️
  2. So in retrospect two days before Halloween was not the best time to start this The good is: I kept the journal every night and I didn't sneak any snacks on solo errands, but there was plenty of snacking. Bad news: I definitely slipped on the planned meals, and didn't try any workouts on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. However, I did make it through one circuit of the beginner bodyweight program tonight after putting the kids to bed! It was a challenge but I felt good about making it through. I am going to look into some of the other ones to see if I want to try so
  3. Thank you both! I will look at that beginner bodyweight course. I think the more challenging thing with that goal will be finding a consistent time I can schedule it with my other obligations. I will definitely post updates about my progress. And I'll read the other level 1 challenges and try to offer encouragement where I can.
  4. I hope it's okay that I started this late, I only just discovered this forum and didn't want to wait for the December challenge to get started Consider this a 4.5 week challenge Since the pandemic started, I have been working from home full time with 3 kids, and not much time for myself. The forced lifestyle changes actually caused me to lose about 30 lbs over the first 6 months. That weight loss has since plateaued, so now I need to make active changes to make progress there. The first active change my family has made is adventuring on the weekends. We hit trails, pa
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