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  1. I'm slowly incorporating one leg deadlifts in my workouts, but currently, I'm only at the stage of acquiring the balance and coordination to execute the exercise. So I'm currently using fairly low weight and not feeling much effect of the exercise (apart from getting closer to lifting my supporting leg). So I would like to hear from people with experience with one leg deadlifts. Do you find it beneficial to you general athleticism/fitness? Does it benefit your regular deadlift?
  2. After a lot of reading and experimentation, I have developed a workout composition that seems to work for me. However, there is likely room for improvement, so I would like some feedback, comments and suggestions for the following approach. My goal is all-round development. I am a generalist in all aspects of life, including fitness. This is a typical full-body 3 times a week split. The remaining days, I do some kind of sport (mainly swimming, row machine or running). The idea behind my approach is that sports can only increase my strength and power so much (due t
  3. Greetings one and all, I've never been good at these introduction things, but let's give it a try. I'm a 27 years old man who used to do competitive swimming (I was far from an elite athlete, though) until studying started taking too much of my time. To stay healthy, I fell into the "3x12 reps" trap, but without proper knowledge on progressive overload, so my athletic capabilities dropped. Now I've been experimenting with various exercises and workout compositions for a couple of years and have regained a lot of my fitness and at some points surpassed my forme
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