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  1. Great to see you back! It looks like you had a strong weekend last with your goals. Hope you're doing well!
  2. Awesome work this week so far, Rookie! Way to fill in those circles! I totally feel you if you're thinking of declining the dinner offer, considering the double hangout this weekend. I am a slight extrovert, but I can't handle that much time away from my lovely couch/social time all in a row like that.
  3. I totally agree with the "better art when..." statement. Yes. I truly believe that. AND I shall Zoom into that class with extra green bubbles! I love your dogged determination to get me through this challenge. Thanks, @Rookie! I am celebrating my successes, modest though they may be. I seem to be allergic to tracking my food this week so far. GAH!!! I'll get there. One day at a time, as they say. And yes! While I didn't let the dancing spirit loose yesterday, I did today! Just Dance is a good time. A good, sweaty time. Oh! In other news, I did finish a rough of my outline for the script I'm writing. I'm trying to decide whether I should tinker on the outline more or get writing and see where that takes me. I'm thinking the latter, as I come up with some of my best ideas while I'm in the midst of a project rather than in the outline stage. It would be amazing if I can get a quick full draft done in the next couple of weeks before that class starts on the 16th. AMAZING. We'll see how it goes. I'm not a big fan of working on two different concepts simultaneously, after all. +++ Food Tracking 15+ min. Exercise NF Check-In
  4. Actually, that's a great idea - thanks! I'll check out Studio Ghibli and see if there are some other instrumental score-type things that'll work. And YES giddyup! I think I'm gonna do Just Dance this afternoon. Went for a solid 30m walk already. There's nothing like a specific compliment to fire up my ego! Which actually is helpful. I have been dealing with a lot of self-doubt, lately. And thanks for mentioning me "still being here" - it matters! I am so determined to get through this challenge. I need to get this thing going.
  5. Ahhh! I love a good writing playlist, but don't always do well with lyrics. I listen too much to the words of the songs and then get distracted. BUT - I am sure that there are appropriate instrumental playlists on Spotify for me to write along too. I currently listen to LofiGirl playlists on Spotify or Brain.fm binaural lofi. That works pretty well. Thanks so much for the encouragement with NF, @Yasha92! I had quite the off week last week, but I will do better this one. Starting today. I promise myself that I will track my foods and giddyup with the exercise TODAY. As for writing group yesterday, they were amazing, as always. One of my colleagues gave me an awesome compliment - I have a "badass intuition combined with a strong analytical operating system". Whew! I was very honored to hear that description of myself. I did manage to get them the pages and they had many helpful things to say. I also pitched a speculative fiction concept that I'm working on and will be taking with me to the Script Anatomy class I'm starting on the 16th of October. They were intrigued - that's great, but I aim to focus my notes and my pitch so that when I take it with me into class it'll get a more excited reaction. My writing group folks are not into fantasy and scifi, so it's okay that they were simply intrigued. I just want to do more and better, as per usual. I'm always trying to outdo myself when it comes to my art. Hey! Maybe I should take some of that motivation and apply it to my health! (now there's an idea) +++ Food Tracking 15+ min. Exercise NF Check-In
  6. UGH - Rudy Giuliani. Yuck. My fave Giuliani sweat thing was that one where he had black hair dye sweating down his head. Delightful memery, though! And yay for destroying your Portuguese goal and for all that you accomplished with your calorie goal and workout and avoiding that chocolate cake. BOOM!
  7. I did get the outline (or a mostly-almost-finished version of one) to my writer's group. You know how awesome they are? I texted them midday yesterday about my stressed-outness and they all cheered me on. Basically, we're going to do a writer's room style meeting tomorrow with what I have and see if we can bounce ideas around to help find tune my pilot outline into something that works. Honestly, I don't think that my outline is all that bad. It's just that it's a crime drama that is semi-procedural, and while it may make for compelling television for people who like that sort of thing, on paper it seems less-than-thrilling. Thanks so much for the encouragement!
  8. Love love love your plan for the squid costume. And the idea with the ink throwing? Delightful! The Hunter's Pace thing sounds awesome. Oh! And congrats on the "whoosh" of pounds lost. That's the best.
  9. Did I say "firm deadline of 5pm"? Ha! I meant firm deadline of "9pm". Ugh, I'm such a procrastinator. I let my writing group know about my new ETA for the piece I'm sending out - thankfully it's just an outline (5pp or so) - and I'm certain they're unsurprised. As always happens in the mid acts of my scripts, I'm having a little trouble coming up with the conflict. I typically write some trash that is shit exposition or else the part where a character travels from point A to point B. Yuck. I need to up my game, because I'd rather that my writer friends give me feedback on things that I don't realize rather than things I'm already aware of. +++ I'll post the update to my week tomorrow or so, but so far, so good. I'm on track to have an in-food-budget day, already accomplished my 15+ minutes of exercise and have checked in. Oh, I suppose I may as well post that, eh? Food Tracking 15+ min. Exercise NF Check-In
  10. No joke. I accept that it's a tad insane (I have a backup plan), but I figure that since it's what I want to do, I'd best acknowledge it and aim high. See where I land. Speaking of my writing, I have a firm deadline of tomorrow at 5pm for a step outline I'm working on for a crime drama pilot that I'm working on. The deadline is for my writer's group, but keeping their good opinion matters tremendously to me. I wouldn't say that the writing deadline leads to me stress eating or anything. Other life stressors do that. I'm working on circumventing the stress eating bit. +++ And look at that! My midweek looks terrible, but SHRUG. Or as @18ck would say "le sigh" but at myself. Still, feeling ok. I aim to get a walk and some yoga in today, and stay within a reasonable eating range. At least tomorrow is the start of a new week. Food Tracking 10+ min. Exercise NF Check-In
  11. Loving how the kitty painting is coming along! And my, how productive you are. Too bad about the camping cancellation. How's the weather?
  12. WOW! Whatever works! I'm impressed. I can't knit or crochet while doing anything else. It turns out all a-jumble.
  13. Hey, y'all - I haven't made any progress with the challenge this past week (I'm letting myself get stressed out and distracted), but here I am to report on it! I really haven't been staying within my eating points this week and haven't been tracking the past couple of days (yeesh), so we'll see how it goes when I weigh in on Monday. I expect I'll have gained back a pound, but there's still something I can do about it. Saturday is just beginning and Sunday is ahead of me. Food Tracking 10+ min. Exercise NF Check-In
  14. My wallet absolutely despises me when I do that. It's shocking how much it costs to keep up that sort of thing. I mean, maybe not shocking when you look at it with clear eyes, but in hindsight after having done the thing? Yeah... +++ Yesterday, I tracked everything, but I went way over my allotted points and even if I weren't doing WW I could objectively say that I ate more than is reasonable. Not a ton more. I made healthy choices for all of it, so I don't feel awful about it. I just overdid it. I was lazy and didn't get to my exercise, but I'll be sure to hit the pavement with a good walk today. Food Tracking 10+ min. Exercise NF Check-In
  15. Umm... I really don't envy you this dream. Sorry you had that right before you woke up!
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