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  1. I get notifications daily and usually remember at night that it's on my list of goals, which helps me remember to do it and be consistent with it
  2. lol. I've actually found that not having it on my challenge goals is less stressful. Which has helped a lot for me actually getting some form of workout done. lol I've taken up learning Spanish Yeah.....She's 104 and I've been helping take care of her for a while..... She takes it out on me cause she doesn't like me very much. I'm the only caretaker that doesn't let her do certain things (which she shouldn't do for her health and safety but the others let her do it, so she thinks it's okay.) Yesterday was my last day there for a while (possibly forever if she dies between now
  3. Note to self: Don't do more than 10 squats and expect to be able to walk normally afterwards....... 😂 I don't know how many I did yesterday, cause I didn't count, I just know that I can feel the muscles in my legs that are used for squats.... lol
  4. I'd like to be more consistent with my language learning. Tried in grade/high school and didn't have the patience for the program I was using. Starting again with a new program and hoping to actually stick with it.
  5. Zero week went decently well (which I kind of expected). So I'm hoping the rest of this challenge goes as well as this week did. I trained someone to take over one of my jobs for me while I'm not able to be there over the summer, and I'm looking forward to my last day of work this week. (At least for a while, maybe forever there depending on how things go....)
  6. Quite possibly. On the assumption I remember (and of course I want to make sure my, then, hubby will be okay with it., but I think he should be )
  7. This made me think of a video meme thing I saw the other day. lol
  8. I’ve kept most of them (if I remember correctly. Lol) I think the only difference is switching workouts for learning a new language. The stress has mostly been work related. One of my bosses has bad anxiety and often takes it out on me, which stresses me out. 😣
  9. Was intrigued by the title, was not disappointed. lol. I totally understand the long distance with a fiance. Currently in the same boat, but thankfully our day to be wed is shortly approaching. Hang in there! It's worth it!
  10. I guess I missed this when I first dropped in at spawn, but never too late to put this here, I guess! My first 5-week challenge was at the end of last year into the beginning of this year and I've been working on different goals and such since. I miss being active with sports and stuff, which I really haven't been a part of since I graduated from school last spring. My schedule is busy with work and adding wedding prep on top of that makes it difficult, and kind of stressful, to try and make time to workout or run, etc. Recently, I've found something that works well for m
  11. I agree with the above stated of trying other milk products. I too have digestive issues and have a supplement I take that helps with supporting the balance of flora in the gut, which has helped quite a bit (when I remember to take them.... lol).
  12. Still not really sure what to put in here. I've been updating the book log as needed, but often feel I don't have much else to put in here with doing the 5-week challenges.
  13. I'm starting to get the feeling that, at least for now, my challenges will come in essentially two parts. One part being one 5-week challenge, and the other part including the same goals, maybe slightly modified, during another 5-week challenge. I'm excited to add some new goals, and also try to see some consistency (since that seems to be the theme of the mini-challenge this time around) with some old ones. I've titled this one A New Chapter because I will be starting one part way through this challenge. I get to marry the love of my life part way through May, and beg
  14. Thanks! I'm planning on it! Would like to change up my goals a little bit for the next one.... We'll see how that goes. 😅 Yeah... Finishing the challenge was a bit relieving, but stress isn't going away much right now... 😕
  15. This week was kind of crap....I really feel like crap. I'm partly glad this challenge is over, cause I'm looking to change my goals a little bit, but I feel meh about it, cause I don't feel like I finished it out very well.... Week 5 [Final Week]: April 28-May 1 WO - [2/3] Didn't feel up to it this week....Made myself do at least once this week, and some of my work was equal to another workout this week. V - [3/7] .....This week did not look good for vitamins and my body was not happy with me at all. W - [3/7] ....Need.....Water....😂 R - [4/7] I fin
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