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  1. Welp..... It's the beginning of week five and I think that I'm just going to call it for this challenge. I haven't really been keeping ontop of things because of being sick and now D and I are visiting family for this week, so things will be a bit busy. Might still check in every now and then this week still. We'll see how things go this week though.
  2. Thankfully it wasn't terrible! Thank you! I do too. Hope you're doing well!
  3. Haven't tracked at all this week. Planning to get back to that next week. Starting to feel better. BabyG got sick as well. She seems to be feeling better, but still a bit stuffy.
  4. Honestly, I don't remember how the rest of the week went. I didn't really track anything, but I know that I only had one workout. Got sick over the weekend. Really hoping that I didn't get anyone sick.... We went to church Sunday morning and I was feeling fine. Got home and started feeling crappy. Spent the night with a fever, but broke by morning, so I'm thankful for that. We'll see how things go this week.
  5. I think this is the first time I've actually driven anywhere on Halloween, so I was definitely nervous about hitting someone! I at least made an account. I don't know if I'll actually get very far with anything writing related because of having a tiny human, but I'm going to at least try a little bit.
  6. just popping this here for now it’ll go to its proper place soon, but it’s too early for that rn (also not 100% sure I’m participating this year, so we’ll see if it stays. Lol.)
  7. Week Two: S M T W TH F Sa ----- This week has been good so far. Sunday we went to church. Afterwards, we had a time of food and fellowship. Our church does this when we have a 5th Sunday in the month, it's always such a sweet time. Monday was pretty good. We didn't do a whole lot, but picked up D's car from being fixed in the evening. It was crazy how many kids were walking the street and I was stressed when backing out of the driveway! lol. I just kept thinking, "Don't hit a kid, don't hit a kid, don't hit a kid!"
  8. Week One: S M T W TH F Sa - 3/3 - 6/7 - 1/2 - 2/1 (+1) Weekly total: 13 ----- The rest of the week was pretty good. D had to work Wednesday evening, so it was just myself and BabyG in the nursery. The livestream wasn't working, so we just hung out with the "big kids" and watched them play their game. Saturday we had a ladies brunch at church. It was such a nice time. I accidentally forgot to turn my lights off though , so I had to jump my car when I went to leave.
  9. Day 12 - Refuge > 100 points < Total points: 1,600 Today was a nice yoga flow. Definitely needed the stretch! Oh, man....I sure was out! I wonder how long I slept? Wait.... Where am I??? "Oh, hi there! You're finally awake." She looks kind enough.... "I found you out in the woods and figured I could help out a bit. That was a pretty nasty storm, and you were completely knocked out!" "Oh....well....thank you." "No problem! Feel free to stay as long as you need!"
  10. That's a great idea! There's a place nearby that has butterflies in the spring. I might have to look into other options.
  11. Day 11 - Close Call > 100 points < Total points: 1,500 Today was legs. I actually felt pretty good about this workout! Thanks to the "choose your own" feel to this workout thing, I have to do 200 skips by the end of today ontop of my workout. It'll be fun, I guess. lol Guess I should have taken shelter a while ago; this storm is getting pretty rough. I think I see a... *CRACK* Owww!!!!! I don't think I should move, I might have broken something. Stay awake....stay awake....st..st...aaay aw....
  12. Day 10 - Into the Storm > 200 points < Total points: 1,400 Lots of push-ups and planks today. I don't think I had enough water in the day leading up to my workout cause I'm not feeling the greatest now... *CRACK* *BOOM* Welp. Looks like we're heading into a storm.... wish I hadn't lost my pack. Oh well. Let's just enjoy the rain and hope for the best!
  13. Week One: S M T W TH F Sa ----- The past couple days have been pretty good. Monday I was in a bit of a mood..... I got up early with D and didn't go back to bed when he left for work, which was to my detriment. Felt gross all day. I got some reading in though and my workout. A couple of my siblings joined for the workout time, which was nice. My sister's dog kept running back and forth barking at us as if we were crazy. Tuesday I got the kitchen mostly clean. Unfortunately, it didn't stay clean for long cause people needed to use it, but it was nice while it lasted. lol. Haven't taken BabyG outside yet this week, aside from going between buildings and the car. It's been rainy and cold and I've not much felt like being outside.
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