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  1. Week One: - 2/7 pts - 0/? pts (+3) - 0/? pts (+3) - 2/1 pts (+5) Total pts: 15 Didn't do real well with vitamins this week. Really need to count them out over the weekend since that seems to help. Baby is still not here, so I didn't do any tracking with the middle two goals. (Still added a few points per goal since it's not really something I can control. lol) Reading went well this week. Got some time to read and actually remembered to pull out the Silmarillion! I think I have about 40 pages left! (Unfortunately, the percentage read doesn't show that real well because of all the indexing and other things in the back of the book.) Overall, pretty happy with week one. ---- Had a couple non-stress tests for Baby. She's doing well! Can't wait for her to officially be here though!
  2. Week One: - 1/7 pts - 0/? pts - 0/? pts - 1/1 pt Total pts: 2 Tuesday was a good day. Spent some time outside in the evening. It was a pretty chill day; not a whole lot going on. Still waiting on Baby. Really hoping she comes soon! They have an induction schedule, but I'm not entirely sure I want to be induced (as much as I want her here, I'd much rather things happen naturally. lol). I guess we'll see what happens though...
  3. It is!!! And the neat part is, I had no clue that park existed till D found it and decided to check it out! And it's like 4 min or so from where I grew up. Oh, most definitely!!!
  4. This is literally me in my head/sometimes out loud hoping that she'll come. lol ----- Week One: - 0/7 pts - 0/? pts - 0/? pts - 0/1 pt Total pts: 0 Didn't count out my vitamins for this week, so it's been a bit difficult to remember to take them. Baby still isn't here so I'm not tracking anything for the other goals yet. Reading.....well..... Still a work in progress....but getting there. I only have about 40 pages left!!!!! D and I went for a nice walk on Saturday and another good walk Monday. It's been getting nicer out and that makes me happy! I'm thankful to have such nice places to go and walk nearby and a nice yard for days I can't/ don't feel like leaving home.
  5. Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter): 90% Mrs. Hudson (Sherlock): 87% Peggy Carter (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 77% Francis Mulcahy (M*A*S*H): 69% Mozzie (White Collar): 59% Henry Spencer (Psych): 48% Mr. Saito (Inception): 35% Aaron Burr (Hamilton): 29% Mr. Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants): 19%
  6. Week One: - _/7 pts - _/7 pts - _/7 pts - _/1 pt Total pts: ____
  7. Thank you! ------ Still waiting on Baby, but I guess that's normal for firsts. I was told that they tend to come around 41 weeks + 3 days, which would put me at this coming Saturday. Kinda hoping for before then but I suppose we will see.
  8. Thank you! I figured it probs would be that way, just been way too prone to be on my phone recently.
  9. Welp..... last challenge went okay, and if I'm being honest, we'll see how active I am with this one. Considering moving everything to my battle log for this one, but at least putting something here just in case. Baby's due date is tomorrow so I've picked some, hopefully, simple goals. Vitamins As it has been with pretty much all of my challenges, this one is staying again. I didn't do so well with this one last challenge and hope to do better with keeping ontop of things this time. > To help meet this goal, I plan to count out my vitamins over the weekends. Rest This one is simple: Rest when possible. > A lot of resting will be happening when Baby is asleep. Presence On the opposite side of resting will be existing with and taking care of Baby. The goal here is to remain present and not be distracted by my phone. I'd like to get the time spent on my phone down since it's time I could spend doing other things, especially once Baby's here. lol Book This one doesn't matter to me so much, but since I've been working on trying to finish The Silmarillion, this will be a goal till I finish it. lol > Read The Silmarillion at least once a week.
  10. My challenge review ^^^ Successes: When I actually did it, counting out my vitamins ahead of time helped with making sure I took them. Stumbles: I didn't end up touching the book I wanted to read at all this challenge, which was really disappointing. Set ups: I plan to set the book in a more visible spot (underneath papers on my dresser is not a good spot apparently. lol). As often as I remember to, I plan to count out my vitamins ahead of time. ---------------- Having said that, Baby's due date is tomorrow, so we'll see how active I am this next challenge.
  11. Overall, did pretty well with stretching. Some days I didn't get in the stretching I wanted to, but still did enough to count. Vitamins were hit and miss. The last two weeks nothing was counted out ahead of time, which is part of what led to the hit/miss. Reading didn't happen.....like at all..... Probably should have set the book in a more visible spot. Due date is tomorrow. Planning to put a challenge up, but depending on how things go, I might end up sticking to my battle log for a bit.
  12. Week five went decent.... Was a good week overall, despite what the goals say. lol
  13. Level System Level# - # of pts needed [total of points/points needed = percentage] date completed Level 0 - 0 pts [0/0 = 100% (duh. )] 1/1/22 Level 1 - 150 pts [150/150 = 100%] 2/24/22 Level 2 - 160 pts [160/160 = 100%] 3/22/22 Level 3 - 170 pts [21/170 = 12%]
  14. Wednesday was good. Got some new tires on my vehicle. Three of them were probably fine for a while longer, but the one kept leaking and I'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to transporting a tiny human (or anyone for that matter. lol). Getting bills and stuff paid so we don't have to worry about it when Baby gets here. Ik I keep saying it, but I truly can't believe how close we are!!! 6 days!!! Really hoping she doesn't wait too long if she comes late.
  15. Sunday was really nice. Had church in the morning and actually went to the second hour class with D. Had lunch/spent the afternoon with family & celebrated my birthday. Some were down from Canada and it was really nice to see them. Finally was able to get my hair trimmed!!!! Super happy about that, though it feels super short now. lol. Went to my small group in the evening and someone said something about my birthday and so commenced the awkward "everybody is singing Happy Birthday and I don't know where to look or if I should try to smile or what to do.... Where do I put my hands? Do I look okay??? Can this end now???? Someone hide me please!!!!" Was a fun night though. Been having some weird dreams this week and hoping that maybe they'll go away once Baby is born... lol. Speaking of Baby.... only 7 more days till her due date! So excited!!!
  16. Clearly, I need to do something about the reading..... Vitamins weren't counted out, and can definitely see the negative affects of that. But hey! I'm getting ready for a tiny human, so I'm not really complaining a whole lot, aside from the fact that I should be taking the vitamins for Baby.....
  17. Thank you! Assuming she doesn't come early, I should still be around for the remainder of this challenge. Haven't decided whether I'll be around for next challenge or not. Might stick to my battle log when I remember it. ------- Thursday was good, but tiring. Spent a good chunk of time with a friend just talking baby things. It was really nice and refreshing. Slept really well last night and really didn't want to get up in the morning. lol
  18. I feel ya on that one! D and I are in the same boat. Recently he's been looking at land to possibly build on instead, so we'll see how long we end up being here...lol. (Especially with the crazy stupid market) How are you feeling about living with your parents while you search for your own place?
  19. The past couple days have been good. D and I went to look at a property on Tuesday. It was nice but there wasn't really a great way to access it with a vehicle. The closer we get to Baby's due date the more tired I seem to get. lol. Have about 2 more weeks. The changing table/dresser we got has some sharp parts on the handles. Tried to get some to replace them, but they came with dumb breakaway screws and apparently they're harder to break off than they make it seem..... so now we wait till someone stronger than me can help. Took my sister's dog outside this morning and she had fun playing. It was cold with the wind though and I was ready to take a nap once we got back inside. lol. Ended up taking a nap that lasted longer than intended, but definitely needed it!!!
  20. Fast. lol. It was a busy week, but also not super busy. It was weird. I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. Tiredness has been a more constant state recently because of not sleeping well, but hopefully that'll change soon. (I know I probably won't be getting a whole lot of sleep once Baby is born, but I'm hoping that the quality of my sleep will improve at least.) ----- Reading is clearly not happening. It could be, but I've been too focused on/stressed about getting the room organized that it's been the last thing on my mind recently. On the bright side, things are getting organized and D and I finished watching the birthing class videos. I think I feel slightly more ready for birth, but also still a bit nervous. Sunday was really nice. Went to church and the service was beautiful! A friend sang a song that she wrote last year. (She also sang it last year for Easter.) Spent time with family Saturday evening and had some from the other side over for lunch on Sunday. I'm hoping to be a little more active this week, but we'll see how things go. lol
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