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  1. Thank you. It definitely is. It's been 5 years since my grandmother passed, but seeing his great-grandfather brought me back to that time. Not easy, but thankful for the memories. It's alright. It started to get better towards the end of the week and we made it home last night. Thank you! Hugs are always welcome.
  2. Week One: S - - 3/5 T - - 7/7 (+5) V - - 5/7 Weekly points: 20 Total points: 70
  3. I’ll update for week one when I get a chance to get on my computer. Not planning to track anything for week two because of being out of town for a funeral. > D’s great-grandfather passed away this past Saturday. We had driven down the night before to see him and have him meet BabyG, but didn’t get a chance to see him since he passed in the early morning. It’s been a bit rough the past several days and not sure when we’ll be home yet, but hoping things go well with the funeral. The funeral is planned for Wednesday. > D’s grandma fell on Saturday while up at her parent’s house (her step dad is the one who passed) and is now in the hospital and not fully in her right mind, which she hasn’t been for a while, but she’s refusing to go to rehab whenever she gets out of the hospital.
  4. Week One: S - T - V - Tuesday was a good day. Just chilled a lot with BabyG at home. Got the laundry done. Tried to get some things figured out with insurance, but they told me it was stuff D's work needs to figure out. Glad it wasn't something I needed to deal with, but also feel like the 15-20ish minutes spent on hold should have actually been able to accomplish something instead of having to have everyone else jump through hoops just to accomplish what I could've done with that phone call. (Which would be getting them information they need to add BabyG to the health insurance.) Ah well. Today has been a good day so far. BabyG had her one month appointment. She was not a fan of being poked and moved around by strangers (who is? lol). Small rant in spoiler ^^^ On the bright side of things, I've been remembering my vitamins even though I forgot to count them out over the weekend. So that's been nice.
  5. This week's to-do list: Laundry Trim BabyG's nails Pay Bills Review Book - Traceables Look at baby registry and get what we still need HTML course - at least twice
  6. Week One: S - T - V - ----- Monday was a good day. BabyG and I went to visit a friend. It was so nice to sit and chat and share some baby snuggles. Had some coffee for the first time since before I was pregnant, aside from the small random sips of D's coffee here and there, and BabyG didn't seem to take well to whatever amount of caffeine made it to her system. Guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer on that.
  7. That's so beautiful! All your hiking talk makes me more excited for our family vacation coming up!
  8. I was shocked about this as well! My family visited Tennessee last summer for vacation and I went barefoot outside till we read a welcome paper that mentioned scorpions. lol. We're actually going back this summer.
  9. Week One: S - T - V - ----- Today has been a good day. D got to celebrate his first Father's Day! Went to church in the morning. BabyG did really well and only fussed a little bit while she was feeding. We went to my dad's parents' for lunch and ended up being there a good chunk of the day. Glad to spend the evening at home. Looking forward to the rest of this week.
  10. If you want to take the time, it would be much appreciated, but if not no worries!
  11. Just went back in your battle log to see what card set you've been using. How long have you had the set and where did you get it? Would love to get a set, but from what I'm finding in a brief search online, the only place I'm seeing them is ebay. (and for amounts I'm not currently willing to put out. lol)
  12. Ah! That's something I'm actually trying to figure out. In theory, I could, but I've also been trying to interact with her a bit more during her tummy time instead of just setting her there on her stomach and letting her just chill and move. I mean, she does just chill and move, but I think she tolerates not being held more if I'm interacting with her vs just being there near her. And yeah, tummy time is floor time.
  13. I have officially finished The Silmarillion! Having said that, I'm now deciding whether or not to replace that goal for this challenge. Maybe I'll start another book. We'll see.
  14. My word, yes! The big pills are never fun! Good to know! I wouldn't have thought about that with the gummies, though it makes sense. Light stretching for baby? I suppose so. Though, as much as she moves around while on her tummy, she basically stretches herself. lol. She also tends to do a big stretch pretty much any time she wakes up, which happens many times throughout the day and some at night.
  15. After two crazy years, I have finally finished reading The Silmarillion! I enjoyed it and if I didn't think it would take me forever again, I'd reread it. Definitely one I'd go back to at some point, if not solely for middle-earth history stuff.
  16. Awww. Thankfully BabyG hasn't been too upset about tummy time. She tends to push herself off her mat though. Thanks! I started reading it about 2 years ago and life got crazy and time to read was less than I anticipated when I started the book. Hopefully this won't discourage my friend from letting me borrow books in the future. Definitely recommend the read. It can be a difficult one to continue sometimes, cause Tolkien, but it's been a good read. That's a great idea! I might look into finding one once I run out of the ones I currently have.
  17. Zero Week To Do - Clean for work Tuesday - Figure out goals - Finish laundry -
  18. Decided I need to find a way to be more consistent with my goals, especially my vitamins and finishing The Silmarillion. Goals Reading As mentioned above, it's been my goal for some time to finish reading The Silmarillion. Last challenge, I got pretty close to finishing it and I'm hoping it won't take me long into this challenge to finish the book. - I need to start setting the book in more visible spaces so I remember it more often than I have been with it out of sight. > Finished The Silmarillion during Zero Week. Stretching Now that BabyG is here and we've established somewhat of a routine, I'd like to get back to stretching. (Really I'd like to get back to working out, but want to ease into it because of healing and stuff.) Tummy BabyG needs her tummy time, but sometimes I forget it during the day (not that she doesn't get it during snuggles sometimes, but that's not exactly the same. lol) - The goal is 5 min each day when possible Vitamins Also mentioned above, I would like to be more consistent with taking my vitamins. - The plan is to count them out over the weekend and place the vitamin holder in a visible spot so I don't forget about them. ----- Maybe I should put my vitamins and The Silmarillion in the same visible spot. lol.
  19. Overall, this challenge hasn't gone terribly. Being present with Baby and rest wise, things have gone really well. It's been such a blessing to have her sleeping well at night. Vitamins wise, I didn't do as great as I'd have hoped. I didn't count them out at all, which I'm sure played into forgetting them as much as I did. Silmarillion wise, I've still got a bit left to finish. Was hoping to finish before the end of Week 5, but between taking care of BabyG and trying to get some things done at home, I've not really taken much time for reading. ----- Level - 2 Points needed for next level - 26
  20. Thank you! I agree ----- Week Five: - 3/7 pts - 7/7 pts (+5) - 7/7 pts (+5) - 0/1 pt Weekly points: 27 Total points: 123 It was a nice weekend. Saturday we had a graduation open house for one of my cousins and then an open house event at a local camp. It was nice to see people we hadn't seen in a bit and let family meet BabyG who hadn't met her yet. It felt kind of weird being up at the camp walking around knowing that neither of us are working there this summer. (D has worked there the past 3 summers and I've been there the past 2, plus some of the off seasons in between.)
  21. Week Five: - 2/7 pts - 5/7 pts - 5/7 pts - 0/1 pt The past few days have been more full than "normal", but it's been good. Tuesday I took BabyG to go visit one of the ladies I helped clean for on Tuesdays before I stopped working. She was excited to see BabyG and gave her a super soft bunny stuffie. I had to feed her while we were there and it was a little awkward cause I don't know her super well. Wednesday we had a ladies meet-up, which was mostly moms and their kids. It was nice to get out of the house and be around other moms. It was rainy and a bit cold tho, so that wasn't the greatest. Thursday BabyG and I went to visit my Great-Grandmother. It was so nice to see her again. Her memory isn't what it used to be and that's sad to see, but the visit was still nice. We were able to get a 5 generation photo while we were there, and that was such a blessing and will always be a treasure.
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