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  1. Did pretty well this week. Didn't get reading in, which is annoying, but it is what it is I guess.... ----- This weekend was SO nice and really relaxing. Friday was good. Got some stuff done in the room and D surprised me when he got home from work and said that we were going away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. (Celebrated early since Baby comes before our anniversary.) D took me to the hotel we stayed in at the start of our honeymoon. We spent the evening just chilling and thinking about all that's happened over this past year. Saturday he took me to a garden/sculpture park which was beautiful and a lot of fun! I'm so glad that we took the time to just relax and celebrate our anniversary. Sunday we celebrated D's birthday with the fam.
  2. It's alright. I've just been learning to take naps better. Thank you! Days have been good, which helps with a lack of sleep. lol ----- Thursday was good. Can definitely tell that my small amount of stretching hasn't been enough. Probably need to just take the time to do more than I have been. Was able to get quite a bit done in our room and it's really starting to actually look like a room instead of just a bunch of boxes. Even got Baby's bed set up in its place. Things are really starting to feel real!
  3. Wednesday was good. Rested a bit in the morning and then went and joined D for lunch. It was so nice to be able to have lunch together. Was able to finish the thank-you cards I needed to and brought them to church in the evening. (Then realized I accidentally missed one. ) I've been having a rough time sleeping. In the evening, my legs swelled more than they have before. I'm so ready for this little girl to be here!
  4. Tuesday was good. Felt weird not cleaning the houses. Pretty sure I'm officially done with that for now. Had a dentist appointment and it went well, but felt really fast. Officially turned in our keys for the apartment and other keys we had for different places around the grounds. D and I had a nice visit with the landlord and his wife before turning in the keys.
  5. Sunday was good. Went to church in the morning and was able to connect with people I haven't seen in a bit. Spent the evening with D. It was really nice. We went to Dairy Queen and got ice cream and then just hung out the rest of the evening. Definitely needed that! Starting to not sleep as well at night, so this might be a longer month than I was thinking it would be. Today has been good. Got some organizing done in our room and put some baby stuff away. I'm hoping to have our room organized by the end of this week.
  6. Many thanks! ----- Week One To-Do: Renew vehicle tags Mail out finished thank-you cards Write more thank-you cards >bring them to church wednesday Pay storage bill Laundry Count out vitamins Organize room/baby stuff
  7. Yes! Mostly....lol. Our personal space is kinda small right now, so a bunch of our stuff is needing unpacked and organized. So it's not just baby stuff I'm wanting to put away/get ready. lol I know! I was surprised how many were also in the transition of moving. lol! It's definitely nothing to be jealous of! We finally got everything out of the apartment and cleaned it. I'm SO ready to have everything unpacked and in it's place!
  8. I know!!! Not quite sure where the time went. Feels like we were just telling people about being pregnant! We are SO excited!
  9. As we continue to get closer to Baby's birth I'll be keeping some of the same goals from last challenge, which will hopefully help with making labor easier. (I say that as if it's easy to begin with. ) I can't believe that we only have about 1.5 months till she's here!!! Goals: S - Stretch every day. My goal will be to also include at least one yoga session each week. = Completed = Yoga day = Skipped V - Take vitamins every day. I'll be counting this the same way I did last challenge, so if I miss my AM or PM ones, then it doesn't count. = Completed = Skipped > Planning to count my vitamins out every weekend to help with making sure I'm taking them. (will also help with tracking. lol) R - Read The Silmarillion at least twice a week. My goal will be to finish the book by the end of the challenge. > Currently would need to read about 2 pages/day to make that goal < = Read Another goal I'll have this challenge will be to finish watching the birthing class videos with D. I didn't really have a great way to track that and don't currently have a need or desire to set a specific timing on that, but will still probs at least note when we watch one of the videos. --------------- Finally starting to get settled into our new space. Worked on packing up some more things in the apartment today and hoping to get that finished tomorrow if I'm able to. Otherwise, I'm thinking I'll work on more unpacking and organizing instead. Can't wait to have everything out of the apartment and hand in the keys.
  10. Lavender honey tea for me please!
  11. My challenge summary: Successes: Only missed one day for stretching and got the furniture moved out of the apartment and either into storage or our room. Stumbles: Did not do well with vitamins. I think a lot of that was having them at the apartment and spending most of my time with my family instead of at the apartment. Set Ups: Planning to actually fill my vitamin container for the week sometime over the weekend so it's ready for the week.
  12. This challenge went well. I had way more days away from the apartment than I had anticipated, but we got the furniture and some other things out, so I can't complain. Did better than I guessed I would have for stretching. I only missed one day, which is pretty great! Vitamins didn't go so well.....I think I need to plan out filling my weekly container better next time. Points Total: 90 Needed to LVL Up: 102 Next Level: 2
  13. Welp...... Vitamins were clearly not a thing for week 5, but did well with stretching, so yay. Thank you! It was a lot of fun, but definitely tiring. ----- Thursday was a travel day. My mom came with me and I enjoyed having her with me for the weekend. Friday was rehearsal for the wedding and we decorated the church in the morning. I was able to do a run through on my friend's hair in the afternoon, which was really nice cause I was a little stressed about how things were going to go with her hair. Things went well! Saturday was the wedding and it was beautiful! Afterwards I was able to go out for supper with a friend I haven't seen for almost a year. It was so nice to finally be able to catch up on life and just chat.
  14. This week has been pretty good but definitely tiring. Didn't do much on Sunday. Mostly hung out after church and rested from the day before. Monday was an unpacking day. Unfortunately, I didn't get as much done as I was hoping to because of having to run back to the apartment and some other things that made unpacking difficult. Tuesday was kind of long. Had the two houses to clean and then went shopping. Found shoes I needed for the wedding this weekend. Chilled the rest of the evening since my feet were killing me! Hoping this weekend goes okay with my feet, but not expecting much. lol. Today will be spent working on getting things ready for the weekend and maybe unpacking some more if I'm able to.
  15. Last week went pretty good for packing/cleaning and for stretching. Vitamins.....not so much. A lot of that was due to not having them counted out past Tuesday. Maybe it'll be better this week.
  16. That's fair. lol ------ Friday was good for packing. Was more stressful than it needed to be, but D took me out on a date in the evening and that helped a lot with the stress. Felt a little weird knowing that it was our last night in the apartment. Saturday was a busy day, but it was good. We were able to get all the furniture moved out and either moved into our new space or the storage unit. I felt so useless just watching everyone else move stuff and being told not to lift things. Ah well... I appreciate the help. Went and helped my dad clean at his office building after we finished with getting everything where it needed to be. Made for a long night, especially with the time change, but it wasn't terrible. Hoping we can finish getting the rest of our stuff out of the apartment soon. Unfortunately, this week is a short one for me for doing anything productive because of the wedding this coming weekend in MO.
  17. Some of the recent ones I've looked at and been like "that looks like a nice stretch....oh wait....my belly is bigger than I'm used to. Better not crush Baby." Just a couple more months though!
  18. Such a great idea for an amusement park! I love it! Glad Little Bit had fun and did well in the store.
  19. Wednesday was good. Had an appointment for Baby. Everything is looking good. Next appointment will be over the phone, so that'll be nice but different. Can't believe how close we're getting to Baby's arrival! Went shopping afterwards and also made progress on The Silmarillion. Getting so close to finishing! Finally!!! lol. Not that I haven't enjoyed it; it's just taking longer than I anticipated when I first started reading it. Have approx. 60 pages left. Today has been going well. Checked on storage unit rental things and got laundry finished. Had a small half-fight with a couple of my siblings. Probs got too upset over little things, but idk.... I've been so stressed about this move recently cause I haven't started packing anything. Hopefully some of that can get done soon. Preferably before Saturday, but we'll see what happens.
  20. Monday and Tuesday were good. Pretty much just chilled on Monday and worked on baby registry quite a bit. Had the normal house cleaning on Tuesday. Definitely can tell we're getting towards the end of my pregnancy cause that amount of cleaning is getting more and more tiring. Despite that, didn't really sleep well last night. Ah well. Maybe a nap will happen today. Procrastinating heading over to the apartment to pack things for the move this weekend, but it'll happen at some point. lol.
  21. Week Four: > Morning only - Tuesday > Evening only - Wednesday > Folic acid only - Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  22. Week three was pretty decent. Vitamins were a bit more of an afterthought this week than I would've liked. Part of that was not having them filled because of not being at the apartment.
  23. I know right!!!? Time has flown by so fast! I don't even want to think about how fast they grow up! --- Friday and Saturday were good, but oh so busy! Friday we drove down for the wedding which was on Saturday. We were able to spend time with D's family again, which was nice. The wedding was beautiful! D and I left the reception early because of our long drive home, but wish we could have been there to send them off. The drive home felt so long and it was around midnight when we finally got home. It was nice to be able to just crash and sleep in a bit. Sunday was good and it was nice to have a chill day after a crazy couple weeks. Stayed home from church, but watched online. Pretty much just chilled the rest of the day and hung out with family. Have quite a bit of work to do with packing and getting everything ready for the move on Saturday. Looking forward to finally being moved out of the apartment, but also kinda sad to be leaving our first place together.
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