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  1. Wednesday was good. Definitely slept well Tuesday night! I was hoping for a bit of a restful day getting some things done, but a friend came over and I spent time with her instead. It was nice to hang out but I was pretty worn out by the end of the day. Doing pretty well with my goals this week. I've gotten to the point where my hands and feet have started to swell. Can't believe we only have about 2 months till we meet our little sweetheart though. Made a strawberry/banana smoothie. Could have used more strawberries but had to make do with what I had. I think I should make fruit smoothies more often!
  2. Monday was good. Not much to say about it. lol. Today has been good but tiring. Altogether, cleaned about 13,000 sq ft. of house. (not just me. lol) Definitely will sleep well tonight!
  3. Week Three: > Parsley/other only - Tuesday > AM only - Thursday, Saturday
  4. Did pretty well for week two. Did better than I thought I would for goals while traveling. I think counting out my vitamins ahead of time and having something I have to check off every day (using habitica) has helped quite a bit for my goals. I'm not overly happy with the amount of N/A days I've had for cleaning/packing the past two weeks, but I'm hoping to be at the apartment a bit this week and as much as I'm able to next week. So ready to have it all packed up and moved!
  5. The weekend was nice. Didn't sleep real well Saturday night but definitely did last night! So nice to (basically) be back in my own bed! The drive back home Sunday felt long, but it was nice and the sun was out; which made the drive a lot more enjoyable. Traveling does make me miss lower gas prices more than I already did though. Was able to spend Sunday evening with my family and everyone was home, which doesn't happen very often anymore with differing work schedules. I'm hoping to be able to get a decent amount done packing wise this week. I really only have two days this week to work on it though, so I guess we'll see how much actually gets done/packed. So ready to have everything moved and to be able to organize our space.
  6. Yeah, honestly! Sometimes it feels like it makes so much more of a mess than it needs to. lol. Part of that could probably be solved if people would stop cutting stuff inside the house, but oh well. --- Friday was good but tiring. Drove for about 7.5-8 hours for a cousin's wedding reception. It was fun but I was definitely tired when all was said and done. D took me down a backroad he likes driving down. It's a beautiful drive. Didn't sleep real well and couldn't sleep once I was up in the morning. Today has been a good day, but really long and I'm kinda ready to be home. Like, I'm enjoying time with extended family, but I've been super stressed this trip for whatever reason and felt really panicy last night. Tiny rant in spoiler:
  7. Honestly!!! It's not terrible, but with all the drywall dust everywhere it definitely makes for a long day and plenty of dry skin! I feel like it also depends on the contractor crews you get, cause some of them are a lot messier than others.
  8. Tuesday was good. Cleaned the two big houses and also went back to finish the post-construction from the day before. Another long day...... Made it half way through the week and thankful for a day to rest a bit before the remainder of my busy week.
  9. Monday was good but SOOOOO long and tiring. Cleaned a post-construction house for about 8 hours. Between that and carrying a tiny human, my body was ready for a break and I was definitely ready for bed. Was very happy to take D up on his request to go to bed early. lol. Slept pretty well, but my hand was a bit swollen when I woke up and hurt quite a bit when I tried to stretch it. Thankfully it seems to be back to normal now.
  10. Week Two: > Folic acid only - Friday
  11. Did pretty well for week one. I've been using Habitica for my stretching goal and that seems to be helping. Happy with how this went and hoping the rest of the challenge looks as good or better. Kinda bummed that cleaning wasn't a thing, cause I really want to get things ready for the move, but it's been nice to be with the fam. ----- This past weekend was nice and chill. Didn't go to small group Sunday evening, but it was nice to spend the evening in and ended up going to bed at a decent hour, which was nice.
  12. Friday was good. Hung out with my sister a bit and got some yoga in. Boy did I need that WAY more than I thought I did! Apparently having someone tell you how to stretch means stretching things I forget about when I just do small stretches. Spent a little of the evening with my grandparents. It was nice, but I had too much sugar and was definitely ready for bed when we got home. lol. Slept decently well last night and finally got to sleep in a little bit today. Sleeping in isn't what it used to be. lol
  13. It's alright. Being around my sister's puppy this week has helped with that I think. Not yet..... hoping to make a decision sometime today. And yeah, that's about where I'm at. Just trying to figure out if it's worth the timing stress. lol
  14. Today has been good. Hung out most of today. Been watching my sister's puppy today. Wishing I could have just a small ounce of her energy. lol. I have to decide soon whether or not I say yes to doing my friend's hair for her wedding. Normally, I'd be fine with it, but I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding and I'm not sure what it'll look like time-wise with having to get ready myself. I also can't do a run-through on her hair to see what adjustments need made, unless we did so the day before, because she's about 10 hours or so from where I live. So yay....
  15. Personally haven't looked into anything outside of prenatal/postpartum yoga yet (started after I was pregnant), but did a quick search on YouTube and this is what came up.
  16. Wednesday was good. Went and got some stuff from the apartment in the morning (which basically feels like an overpriced storage rental at this point....). Thankful for no bills. lol. Welcome to adulting! Spent the afternoon with my sister. We took her new puppy to meet the grandparents. She had lots of fun, especially with the dog she met, but was definitely tired afterwards. Went to church in the evening. They started a new series that will be interesting. It's different than how they do their normal classes, with a Q&A time at the end instead of just the class time. I enjoy being able to hear the thoughts and questions others have on whatever the topic is. Makes me miss being in school. lol.
  17. Trying it out and not sure how to join a party, but would love to! Yay!!!! This is great!
  18. Thank you. They definitely are! I wouldn't mind getting another one at some point, but it'll probably be sometime after Baby comes.
  19. The past couple days have been pretty good. Cleaning/organizing has been on pause for now with being at my fam's place. Trying out Habitica with my stretching goal and it seems to be helping, at least for now. lol. Ran out of the vitamins I had pre-counted, so had to run back to the apartment today. Marvin (our betta fish) wasn't doing too well again over the weekend. [I think he was overfed, but I don't think it was realized by those feeding him till it was too late. ] I tried to help him as best I could, but he didn't make it. Last night was not a fun night, but it's okay..... I've needed a nap today, but not sure that's going to happen.
  20. This past weekend was full of fun and fellowship. Our small group from church had a weekend retreat and it was nice to get away for a weekend and just hang out with others. D and I watched the Superbowl with my fam. It was enjoyable and I ate more than I probably should have , but I definitely was ready for bed once everything ended. Slept relatively well last night; which was really nice and much needed.
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