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  1. I did in fact toss the Sylvia Plath aside. Oh the Bell Jar... we had some good times alone in the dark feeling like you were the only one who understood me..... alright I'm back. But I'm very positive about myself now and days. Great job Huntress on getting to the couch to 5k. Right now my goal is to run/exercise in some fashion 4 days a week until the end of April, then I plan on stepping it up to running so many miles etc etc... baby steps for success are still success.
  2. Running is cheaper than any therapy. At least that's how it is in my case. My name is legit. Kelly Elizabeth. I love my name, why come up with a different one? I'm 5'4, inheirted what I like to call the 1940s or 1950s shape. I love my body. I love myself a good 95% of the time. Then I have the other 5%, that's the dark and twisty side. She's no fun. She's full of bad juju. She's emo, and she's kind of sulky, in high school she was that girl who wore a lot of black and read a lot of Sylvia Plath. I don't like her. I keep her maintained by my running. I love to run. I love to challenge myself. I actually joined this site a few months ago at the encouraging of my best friend who has more will power and motivation than any person I have ever met. I give her a hard time but honestly she's fantastic and should be proud at all she has accomplished. I joined this site then my laptop exploded, and it was way too hard to update on my iphone and I got in a real big downer slump with school drama and stuff. Then I got a new lap top and after a month of having it the screen went kaput! Finally all is well and I have a working computer so I'm able to update and be more active online. There have been quite a few changes in my life since September, I started a new job about two months ago and I've gotten back into a routine where working out is easier to schedule and do. I'm not so bombarded with weird hours and long days. Woot. I don't need to be thinner, nor do I need to fit into a wedding dress anytime soon, however that may change in a few months, rather I need to be healthier. Not being healthy physically lead to not being healthy emotionally, and in other ways as well. If I can work at being healthy physically, then I believe the rest will come with time. I hope to use this as a way to challenge myself and not to allow myself to slide back. My long term goals are still the same. I do one day want to run the DisneyWorld Marathon. My short term goals have changed: I want to be able to run five miles every day. Right now I'm lucky to get about two. So I'm working on getting to my goal.
  3. When you question my grandmother she freaks out and tells the rest of the family you're mad at her and don't love her. Then she cuts you out of her will and calls you ungrateful. She likes to see us, and that's why we're pressured to see her. I didn't see her from age 8 to 18 and quite frankly I was fine with that. Then suddenly were back in her life and I have to perform accordingly. If you don't go see her and let her buy you things, give you things, and visit, then you're given the biggest guilt trip EVER. Ya know, the one about how she isn't going to be here much longer and she's old and that's just the way she is. She doesn't mean to be mean it's just how she is and how it was in her time. And now all I want to do is eat a ton of crappy food and gain ten pounds just to spite her. Blah. I tried going for a walk this morning and just couldn't do it. She sucks the life right out of ya. Blah.
  4. Day 5 Swam a few laps until the lightening came. Basically ate nothing. Day 6 Walked 10000 steps, and threw the nephews around. Oliver is basically a future football player, and it's fun to tackle him. Worked with my arm weights. And did a few laps in the pool. Day 6\ Yoga for an hour. Fought with my boyfriend, does crying burn calories? And had a severe panic attack in the middle of the night. OH and during my morning run/walk I was told by a very nice police officer I had to evacuate the neighborhood because there was some kind of maniac with a gun threatening to shoot people. Sunday was one of those days where I just should have stayed in bed. Day 7 Job hunting. Dance party with my three year old nephew in the living room. Ran up and down my stairs and did some squats, walked around my neighborhood as the sun set. That's it. I'm kind of not in any mood to keep updating this. I'm seriously considering quitting this challenge and gaining 10 pounds just to spite my grandmother. I know terrible. It's just been a bad two days. Hopefully it'll get better because I know this update is kind of lame and monotone.
  5. I read the first one, and have boycotted the rest thus far!!
  6. I did mean coiffed, apparently my iPhone doesn't view that as a word. My grandmother is strange. She plays favorites. Always has. My mom says she was like that to her, and my moms mom doesn't like nor speak to her mother, my great grandmother. She brags about us, tells us she is proud and all that jazz, but she attacks. I've been in a super downer since then. Everything is angering, and my mom is already pushing me to go back because dear old granny is pressuring her, ugh. If I reached her ridiculous standards then I'd be a failure for not having a family by now, you cannot win with this woman.
  7. She's just old and won't change ever. I just have to accept that. I just put off going to see her for as long as humanly possible. It's just depressing. Basically, one quarter of my school is equivalent to a semester. I have two quarters in a span of a semester Boom mauahaha.
  8. So I have a Grandmother who is 95. My brothers, my male cousins, and my cousin Marissa can show up in like cut offs and a Grateful dead t shirt and it's ooook. I on the other hand must be plucked, quaffed and formal EVERY time. Also she basically told me I was fat.... "You're much heavier than Marissa. Marissa is so thin." Anyone else have this issue?
  9. Wait... no tacos.... what is that? Can those two words be used in a sentence together?! Day 3 Sliced my mile time by 15 seconds. That was pretty swell. I also met a man and his dog Jasper on this run. Also swell. Oh and I guess this is cool, no big deal really but I'll have my Masters degree in 13 months... BOOM! I've discovered how much I love pico de gallo in a salad. Mmmmmm. I also drove myself insane getting ready to visit my 95 year old grand mother.... lets go on to how that went.... Day 4 In short.. completely depressing My Grandmother is not the most tactful person in the world. Basically thinks it's a huge mistake to not go back to San Diego where I got sick because it's a "step down." Yes... lets take a step up, who cares about the crippling depression right? Oy. Not even my Masters degree news was helpful. She's IMPOSSIBLE to please. I detest having to go visit her, but I do it anyways. It's not very helpful because you're NEVER thin enough. You must be THIN. Not healthy but THIN. Everything is up to be picked apart, your smile, your hair, your eyebrows. Then she handed me a ton of jewelry and said she loved me. I found a Panera and ate Mac and Cheese...mmmm Then I ran up and down my stairs. Today I plan to swim a few laps in the pool.
  10. It was only because I love you and I also told you your doctor was a quack until you got the doctor who actually listened to you lol.
  11. Yes but even if you feel fine there could be something going on that is an easy fix now. I know, it's a crappy thing but better safe than sorry.
  12. Well since you're not pregnant other than that go see your OBGYN if possible or get into a women's clinic. It could be something simple, but it could be something else and you want to be sure.I use to tell my best friend this all the time, (her name is PrincessHeather...) but the Internet is not a doctor and can give you ideas of what it can be but it can also freak you out! It's a useful tool but try and see a doctor and do not let them tell you it's nothing, be loud and annoying and make them give you answers. I hope everything is okay.
  13. Couch to 5K is awesome, I use Nike+ app for IOS and I want Zombie run so bad! ha ha, sounds like a lot of fun. When I started super small, I stretched ran for 30 secs, then break, then 30 secs, and eventually I just got into a rhythm!
  14. Day 1 of Challenge Grr... Day one was a bit rocky lol. I did great until my sister in law fed me delicious chicken tacos---fried with rice and all---, then the boyfriend made me try his newest beer brew. It was okay though, I had a great day. I didn't get a workout in but was basically on my feet all day. Day 2 of Challenge My day started at 4 am. I hate 4 am. Then I woke up and went for a run in the blazing heat. 3.19 miles. Felt so good to be outside again!! I also tried Greek yogurt for the first time. I think I'm in love! It's so delicious especially with my fresh cut strawberries. Yummy!! Then I made some pretty awesome chicken salad with jalapenos and cumin. Tasted delicious. I have an obsession with spicy food. I have an orange in the freezer (I like my cold oranges), and I'm waiting for delicious tacos once again. Not fried this time.
  15. Hey I've been to Colorado Springs! Ha ha, I've even been on that base to visit that weird looking church. That was fun. My best friend's husband was stationed there. It was beautiful. Welcome! Have fun!
  16. Haha, alright I won't be jealous. It's still exciting though!!
  17. YAY! It's my first challenge too! Congrats on getting engaged and congrats on going back to school. I'm going back to school as well in about 2.5 weeks. LoL I'm getting ready to do my Masters. Reading before bed is an awesome idea, I try to do it as often as possible. Good luck!!!
  18. Wow. I applaud her for coming out with her story because eating disorders are not to be messed with. I have to be super careful when I change my eating habits and I'm not suppose to go on "diets." I have a cousin who is Anorexic, (she's been healthy and in recovery for years and years but tells me that every day is a constant struggle,) and another cousin who is a binge eater when she's depressed, and basically all the females have some kind of image issue, so my parents and family were kind of on crazy high alert with me which sucked. I love food, I love to eat. But when I get sad or stressed I forget to eat. I just don't think about it. And then I lose weight that is not healthy, and my blood sugar gets all out of whack and I get sick and slippery slope to bad things. I think she's awesome for wanting to be a beautiful badass. It may be something I want to try out.
  19. Good job! Excuses are the biggest deterrent because honestly there are always a lot of them. Good luck and congrats on your second little one!
  20. Organizee? Organizer-er?? I like yours better! LoL Organizing is always a good goal.
  21. Dissertation?! I'm envious somewhat.. I'm getting ready to start my masters. What is your Dissertation on??
  22. Just to clarify your goal after this six weeks is to lose 19 pounds? And to be able to run five days in a row? I think that's a great goal. Mine is to hopefully run a 5k four times a week! Good luck!!! it's my first challenge
  23. What do we do we swim SWWWWIIIIIMMMMMM!!!
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