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  1. Running 1x15 minute rear delt work 15 mins running is a personal best. I will add a minute on each time then see where I am once I get to 20 mins
  2. Forgot to log sessions. last 2 weight sessions in Cabary Island hotel: Chest 60kg 4x6 lat pulldown 50kg 3x8 / band triceps 2x15 curls / band laterals 3x8 / 3x8 thrusters 14kg dbs 3x8 14kg is the highest db weight so using that
  3. Reverse pec Dec 3x15 babd rear delt rows 3x15 band rear delt raises 3x20 running 1x12 mins, 1x6 mins Need to keep at the running or I drop off fitness.. il keep on this week then I’ll be back home for Xmas so will be jan next
  4. Machine chest fly 1x20 landmine chest press bar+35kg 4x6 chin ups -40kg 3x8 thrusters 17.5kg dbs 3x8 band high pull 3x10
  5. Today: chest 55kg 4x6 back 75kg 3x8 Curls / band laterals 3x8 / 3x10 thrusters 17.5kg 3x6, 1x5 Band high pulls 3x10 Back to 60kg on chest next time. Band laterals were a killer on the side delts. My form is better now. Thrusters we’re really tough (a squat with dbs at shoulders then a press). Missed the last rep. Looks like I’m doing a few weeks crash course French in Jan
  6. I’ve been slack as was in Madrid last weekend but back to it today.
  7. Landmine chest press bar+35kg 4x6 back 75kg 3x8 thrusters 17.5kg dbs 4x6 Band high pull 3x10
  8. Chest fly 1x20 20kg chest landmine press bar+35kg 4x6 rows 65kg 3x8 hang clean and press 17.5kg 4x6 leg press 101kg 3x15 added weight on landmine press but last 2 reps had a slight leg push ill do hang clean and press but not with the squat. They were still a killer though. i added leg press and hcp took up a lot of energy
  9. Reverse pec Dec 3x10 bands: rear delt rows 3x15 rear delt raises 3x20 Ab bike crunch 3x15 running 2x11 minutes I did 3 rear delt exercises, remembered to do abs and added 1 minute on the running. good session! back to Vevey next weekend then in Madrid the one after. Never been to Madrid so looking forward to it.
  10. Chest 60kg 4x6 back 75kg 3x8 thrusters 17.5kg dbs 3x6, 1x4 curls / band laterals 3x8 / 2x10 band high pulls 3x10
  11. Hard work! Hamburg is great. finally back to the gym…
  12. Bands: rear delt rows 5x10 rear delt raises 5x10 running 2x10mins i forgot the abs. running was easier. I plan to add 1 minute each week for 5 weeks as a mini target.
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