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  1. Stolly

    Stolly's 3rd

    I just finished my first run in nearly 3 weeks. Im feeling better for it now, but ouch those hills!! 1) Bedtime - I was only late to bed one night this week, this goal has been almost completely spot on so far. 2) Consistancy - not so awesome, but there is no time like the present to get back into it 3) Bonus - Ive had a few walks this week which have been nice 4) Knitting - Ive nearly finished the back. Just have to shape the top bit then its on to the front section!
  2. Stolly

    Stolly's 3rd

    1) Bedtime - Ive been asleep by 9:30 the last 2 nights. Makes for a nice change of pace and I am feeling better for it today 2) Consistancy - the consistency is not going well at all. I did a weights session 2 days ago (first active thing in 2 weeks), yesterday was a rest day, today I went for a swim and managed to get motion sickness about 500m in. I was very close to hurling at the 750m mark so I hopped out. Right now my body kinda sucks. 3) bonus - walked 2 days ago and will be walking again tomorrow. 4) knitting - the knitting is going surprisingly well. I might actually have this jumper
  3. As someone who has never made it across the monkey bars, I am SO impressed!!! Good on you!
  4. Stolly

    Stolly's 3rd

    Thanks for the encouragement guys, it is much appreciated! So the knitting and the bed timing are going swimmingly....AND I went back to the gym today!! Felt a little faint in my warm up, but then powered through my weights session with only a little coughing up of the lungs. I also left the car at home for the kinder pick up this afternoon. Its about a 30min round trip, getting there sans little peeps is a bit quicker than the coming home part.
  5. Stolly

    Stolly's 3rd

    Still not 100% but I have started the jumper (the second attempt is much better than my first go ) and I have been in bed by 10pm. Going for a walk today. Tomorrow (Monday) I will be back to the gym regardless of my health even if its just for a walk on the treadmill. Im officially sick of being sick.
  6. Stolly

    Stolly's 3rd

    Ok, this is getting really silly now. Why why why am I still sick??? Hay fever on top of the cold is like a double whammy of cough-and-snot.
  7. What is the recipe you use for the goat cheese soup??? That sounds amazing! With the chopped tomatoes, if you pop a piece of bread into a container before you put the tomatoes in they will last longer. The bread soaks up the extra juice.
  8. I feel like I have found my people I am shocking with the sweet stuff! If it is in my house I eat it straight away, if I manage to exert some self control I just obsess about the sweet stuff till I finally cave and eat it. Its ridiculous and not something I am proud of. I try really hard to not keep lollies and chocolate in my house, and I try really hard not to make eye contact with the stuff in the supermarket. What does help is going cold turkey. Instead of ice cream I have a chopped up banana and a few spoonfuls of yoghurt, instead of lollies or chocolate I have either a sweet herbal tea
  9. Stolly

    Stolly's 3rd

    Still manfluy but I think I am starting to get a smidge better. My bedtimes have all been at 10pm this week and I even managed to get out for a walk with the small peeps today. Starting the jumper on Friday
  10. Stolly

    Stolly's 3rd

    Bah stupid manflu. I cant believe I am still sick
  11. Welcome back!! Your goals are solid, no luck will be needed
  12. I love how detailed your goals are!
  13. The hat is awesome! Yeah my knitting is MUCH more basic than that.
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