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  1. Long Term Goal: Lose 10 pounds. Looking to shed some weight so I can compete in mma/Jui jitsu/kickboxing competitions. I will need to loose more then 10 pounds to get down to where I need to be, but I want to start with 10. My weight is currently holding me back from competing against other females. Our weight classes are much lighter then mens and this is my main motivation for getting back on the weight loss train 3 SMART Goals 1. Track and stay under calorie goals on myfitness pal for 6 out of 8 days a week. I work a 4 on 4 off scheduale so my week is a bit different. 2. Cut out pop and replace with tea or water until the end of the challenge. I drink diet pop, but I know it is still bad for me. Plus tea and water will hydrate me, which is good. 3. Pack my lunch 3 out 4 of my days off. I am great at packing my lunch for when I work, but days off I get lazy and buy food. Packing will save me money and will help me stay under my calorie goal. Now for a bit about me. As I touched on earlier I want to be a badass ninja monk, and train up to do some fights. I especially love jui jitsu, but I am getting into kickboxing as well. I'm a big nerd, I've played world of warcraft sense I was a teen, a love the lore of warcraft. I'm hoping to use these challenges to focus my efforts and keep me accountable. Thanks for reading. For the horde!
  2. Sorry about the delay in updates! It's been a hell of a busy week and by far my worst in terms of goals! Forced myself to update though and not give up!
  3. Halfway through the challenge! Alright!
  4. Lots of green on my quest log this week and I'm loving it! And MAN today did I just want to bananas! But will powered my way through it!
  5. Thought I would stop in and give you some love on your thread! Quite the plan you have there! I love the ambition, and looks like you're rocking it! We are week three already WOOOO! Keep up the hard work, and keep pumping it!
  6. Ran this morning! Mostly thanks to the fact that I new I'd have to post if I did or didn't on this thread! Thanks for the waking up motivation rebels!
  7. Heck yea! And I think we level up this week to eh? Which is pretty exciting!
  8. This Week is a little more rockie then the first, but I'm freaking positive about it! Me and my workout buddy just hit 8 weeks for our original body building program and now we are swapping it up! We discussed it over some delicious baked goods..that had banana in it! So that goal didn't happen, but overall I feel great about everything!
  9. Good tip! Yea I don't mind if I eat a ton of vegetables (Id prefer it actually)..its that moment when you realize you ate like half a chicken breast! lol Maybe I'll tweak my challenge a bit with a 'vegetable only' snacking rule next time round!
  10. And...ate some chicken when I was making dinner! Wasn't even thinking about it, just popped some into my mouth! Ah well every day can't be perfect!
  11. My pre-cooking for the week went awesome today! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pre workout meals all made and not once did I snack! When I did get hungry I stepped aside from cooking, sat down and had a proper snack.
  12. Thats awesome! Good on you, next time I travel I might invest in a pair! Perfect for Australia...just have to make sure nothing bites my foot! xD
  13. Thanks a ton! Good amount of reading material there, that'll set me on the right path!
  14. Haha! Well I -technically- wouldn't be buying vibrams! A perfect loophole! Those things look gnarly, you ever tried them nutter?
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