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  1. First Week Update So far this week, I've been able to lift at the gym three days this week. My program has four days of lifting with a break on Wednesday. I wasn't able to lift on Friday because my arm was sore that entire day, which hasn't happened a lot before, but I was able to make it up by doing the exercises with some 5lb weights at my house. My arm hasn't been continuously sore, but it gets sore at night which is annoying. I'm going to the doctor this week for a check up anyway, so I'll ask about it then, but any advice for dealing with soreness would be great. I didn't do too well on getting my veggies in because I usually get them in through my morning smoothies and I have not had the energy to make smoothies this past week. Hoping to do better on my veggies this week and add some more dynamic stretching before my workouts to hopefully warm me up more to lessen the soreness. This is probably thee part of the montage were I'm struggling before it starts looking more natural.
  2. I'll take a nice hot cup of early gray tea and am super excited to joining and taking part in a challenge this time!
  3. Good luck with your sleeping. I know how hard it can be to get back into a sleeping schedule once you get out it so this is such a great goal!
  4. A montage soundtrack and the absolutely gorgeous Micheal B. Jordan, this is wonderful. Currently my in gym montage is set to early 2000s pop cause that's my workout playlist, which means I tend to do little dance moves in between sets if no one in the gym is looking at me.
  5. Thanks! I'm really excited and am slowly noticing difference in my body, even though I'm still weaker than I was previously.
  6. I've been following a workout plan from Superherojacked, but doing a lot of dumbbell alternatives because I don't currently have a gym buddy to spot me and the idea of dropping a bar on me is slightly terrifying. I think my favorite things to do are any types of rows and using the lat pulldown machine.
  7. Since the pandemic, I've noticed myself gaining enough weight that my body is currently at a place I'm not comfortable at. While in my undergraduate program, I starting working out at the campus gym and gained a lot of muscle and lost fat. In the next five weeks, I'd like to work on starting my training montage and slowly getting back to a place were I feel comfortable and able to do what I want to in my body. My goals are to: Go to the gym at least 3x a week Increase the amount I'm able to lift Eat some a serving of veggies in at least one meal a day This is my first challenge and so I'm looking forward to support and talking to everyone else!
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