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  1. I understand I was purely adding more context to my question.
  2. I've been doing some breathing excursuses letting my mind go blank but I've not got a clue on what to search for when it comes to names of techniques. SEND HELP. (FYI I just need to relax and try bring down my anxiety)
  3. I've been looking at getting my boss to purchase gym management software for a while and I'm not quite sure on how to pitch it with all the benefits. I've already found the company I want to get the equipment from (removed link ) I just need a little help from you lovey fitnessnerds on how I can get him on board?
  4. Please don't take this seriously
  5. It sounds like you've over done it, like your doctor said relax no point rushing your fitness as that's how accidents happen
  6. Hello Nerd Fitness Members, I'm new to NF and wish everyone a healthy day and hope you all have a fine Wednesday afternoon. You'll be sure to see me asking questions and trying to help you sweet pees out All the best, Jack Penny
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