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  1. It's better to ask your doctor about this but I think eating healthy food would suffice. Focus on small frequent meals as usual, lean protein, vegetables, food rich in fiber, and of course, water. Hope this helps.
  2. better ask the engineer who constructed the house, man. But I don't think it's safe to place it in the attic area. Maybe 2nd floor is possible
  3. I don't think this is possible. too extreme
  4. Welcome! Good luck on your fitness journey!
  5. Try HabitShare? Haven't tried it but it seems like a perfect platform you're looking for.
  6. The key to healthy weight gain is watching the quality of food intake and making sure that there is sufficient time for exercise. Of course, doing so will make it easier not only to put on weight but also to maintain that weight as well. It has been found that people who are overweight tend to consume more dietary fat than those with a normal BMI, so it would be wise to focus on building lean muscle mass instead of simply packing on pounds. By getting a good dose of protein each day, paying attention to food portions (particularly when dealing with junk foods), and investing in 30 minutes or m
  7. The natural way to gain weight is by increasing or maintaining your caloric intake and balancing it with exercise from a variety of cardio activities. The key here, as opposed to trying to lose weight, is eating enough calories. In order for anyone's body composition (total amount of fat vs. muscle mass) to change, there needs to be either an increase in caloric intake or decrease in the number of calories burned per day. Combine all this with some sort of cardio and your only problem will be what you're going to do with all those delicious cookies! 🙂
  8. It's not uncommon that people find it hard to be disciplined in working out because they love the idea of physical activity more than actually engaging in it. The initial feeling from exercising will quickly dissipate, and so if someone got the kick-start to begin with, they may lose motivation as their original motivation wears off. Camping for an entire day can be fun when you first start, but if a person doesn't bring provisions or basic necessities like food and water, eventually he or she will get too hungry and thirsty and give up on camping. The same thing happens during exercise:
  9. Yes, to get the most out of a bodyweight routine one must change between exercises in order to maintain intensity levels. One reason this is good for you, as studies have shown that switching up exercises prevents neural adaptations which happen when doing the same movement repeatedly and allows your muscles longer time frames for recovery between sessions. Therefore changing up routines will not only ensure that your muscles are getting enough stimulus but also protect them against stagnation by allowing for proper recovery. As well as making sure you're always working at
  10. Same here, but the thing is I try to squeeze in an hour of workout at least 5 times a week. It's hard and there are days I don't even want to or that my work gets in the way. It's the good feeling I get after I workout that I'm going for.
  11. There is evidence that suggests that CBD helps patients lose weight, but the research behind it is not conclusive. It's possible that high doses of CBD could inhibit your appetite and as a result cause you to eat less. On the other hand, the natural way is still the best option. Control your calorie intake and exercise.
  12. Some research in the process of yogic movements has shown that hatha, ashtanga, and jivamukti are among the most beneficial yoga types for increasing flexibility and improving overall health. The best type of yoga is often determined by a few factors such as personality type, physical abilities, health goals, and so on. There's no one correct answer to which is "best" because each person will have a different response to what they find challenging and difficult. Consult with your doctor or registered nurse before attempting any form of exercise. From there you may be able to figure
  13. The most common answer to this is that nutritionists and dietitians serve different roles. Dieticians are generally individuals who specialize in the delivery of food as treatment, whereas professionals in the field of "nutrition" may not have specific qualifications in this area. So maybe, a dietician is the right choice for you.
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