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  1. I prefer Chucks as well especially when lifting.
  2. For my case, I've tried different pull up exercises first before I added some weights in my routine. The important question I asked myself before is, could I support my whole weight if I added some variations to a regular pull up? As it turns out, my reps lower when I tried different versions of it. It's actually relatively simple though. Add weight to your pull ups when you are able to and when you're going to be able to maintain performance and technical positions. There's no benefit to rushing weighted pull ups and, if you're not able to do them strictly, there's no point adding weight.
  3. Recognizing and holding yourself accountable for all of these is already a big step. It just means that you are now motivated enough to grind. Kudos!
  4. Haven't tried this. Although, I'm getting curious 'cause I'm on a desk job as well.
  5. Welcome! I hope joining this forum motivates you. You've took the first step already. good luck on this journey!
  6. I say, start the training gradually. If you feel that your body is still stiff, do less intense training for at least a week or two until your body adjust to that early hour. Just my two cents.
  7. It's better to ask your doctor about this but I think eating healthy food would suffice. Focus on small frequent meals as usual, lean protein, vegetables, food rich in fiber, and of course, water. Hope this helps.
  8. better ask the engineer who constructed the house, man. But I don't think it's safe to place it in the attic area. Maybe 2nd floor is possible
  9. I don't think this is possible. too extreme
  10. Welcome! Good luck on your fitness journey!
  11. Try HabitShare? Haven't tried it but it seems like a perfect platform you're looking for.
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