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  1. I think I will get one month's coaching after I return from vacation & save funds. I need someone to set me up with a workout & nutrition plan that will last me a while, until I can afford more coaching. I managed to communicate with one of the coaches, who not only confirmed the three days weekly contact that the salesperson stated, but that it's actually up to 5 days.
  2. Hi KayLou, Thanks for your thoughts & suggestiions regarding coaching--I am in complete agreement that open communication is key. My main issue is always money; at this point I really feel I would benefit from coaching as I need to work hard on body recomposition and especially on nutrition/food issues. I know a little about Aikido, enough that I would suggest you try it. I have always been fascinated by martial arts. I have a brief background in the hard, external Chinese arts of Hsing-I and two different styles of Kung Fu, as well as the soft, internal arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. Okinawan Karate was something I fell in love with because of the 80s films, but I had foot issues that didn't let me train in bare feet. In the last few years, my feet had been recovering, so I tried Karate and was doing well at the beginning level which doesn't start with kicking or bouncing around on the feet, until my lower back & right hip were going out on a regular basis. I has a great sad, but it has convinced me to work Nerd Fitness, so that it might be possible to try again later.
  3. Glad to meet someone my age, Elastigirl! I just wish I had been keeping in some kind of shape. But I intend to get there as soon as possible.
  4. Hi all! Just hit my 56th birthday, and after an abortive attempt at taking karate, I realize the downhill slide from couch-potato age and the lockdown has really taken its toll. Need to get moving in a productive fashion, need to start strengthening, getting more flexible, and doing all the nutrition things to lose a lot of weight. I am learning to cook so I can take control of what I eat. My bane is soda (cola), as after 45 years of the habit, it is messing with my health, so I want to kick that. I want to be able to enjoy my life now & into my old age, and I would love to come back to a martial art without throwing out my back or a hip--ugh. Are there any older folks here who can tell me about their coaching experience--coaches specializing perhaps in functional mobility, especially understanding & empathetic for we seniors? I don't have a lot of extra funds, but am considering going this route to be most efficient & keeping as physically safe as I can. Thanks for your help with this! I tend to hang with folks much younger than I, so I am truly glad to meet all of you, not just nerds closer to my age. Excelsior! Val in real life Quentyn Poe is my character & NB name
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