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  1. Day 2 (13th): Train wreck of a day haha. Kids were super intense at bedtime so took a long time to settle them and by the end I just needed to go to sleep myself. 1. No physical activity 2. I did meditate in the morning. 3. No te reo 4. Still waiting on job to be posted Day 3 (14th): 1. Did both chin up and flexibility workouts! 2. Meditate 3. Te reo worked out how to download episodes to my phone so I could listen on the drive home from work, yay. Also it is Māori language week so possibly opportunities to practice 4. No job yet
  2. Alright, reporting in on day 1! 1. Physical activity - aerial yoga for the first time in a long time! Was so much fun. 2. Meditation - just a few quiet minutes at the start of the day, but still counts! I'm going to try and do this first thing on waking up anytime I wake up early enough to do it. 3. Te reo - not today, but aiming for M-W-F on this, so that's all good. 4. Job not posted yet. Should be soon!
  3. Welcome! Also new, and we have a couple of similar goals - language - mine is Māori though - and consistently doing some exercise. Best of luck with the challenge! I like your points system too.
  4. I absolutely love this hierarchy for habits - I feel like you've just given me a tool I have needed for habit building for quite some time. Thanks!!
  5. Sounds like a great set of goals - flexible enough to work around what sounds like a busy schedule!
  6. Well now I need to think of an M word for the new job too, I hadn't noticed the theme!
  7. My first challenge. I've set myself four goals for this time. 1. Do a physical activity every day. This can be a run, or cycling to work, or climbing or aerial yoga. It can (and should) be the current NF workout in the app on days that's a goer. For rest days an on purpose walk or some gentle yoga. I know life, so I'm aiming for like a 90% hit rate here. 2. Meditate daily. This can be as little as a minute, but obviously I'd like to rack up a few decent wins here too. The challenge here will be that with all I've got going on, those two may often be competing for the same limited free time. So I need to think about that. Maybe some early morning meditation? 3. I'm learning te reo Māori, using these old but great TV episodes available online. I want to do at least 3 episodes a week. I can do this at work, so at least it's not in competition for that scarce free time. 4. Get this new job I want. A new job is likely to come up at my work that would be amazing. I want to put lots of effort into my application so I either get it or feel confident I wasn't meant to.
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