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  1. Just a few weeks ago... I'm up to 2 without dropping them.. now I have to figure out how to do 3. If I can get that going I'll get my hubby to take a video
  2. My dogs... they were ruling the roost so I had to figure out a way to control them instead of them controlling me.... ha! This is the one I'm training... aka "Bolt". He hurt his foot running yesterday so he's pouting with his ball
  3. You have some amazing goals!!!! How cool would it be to juggle knives??? I've been trying to juggle balls and that's been a challenge so.......... WOW!!! Love your creativity
  4. I finally grew up enough and had an "oh crap" moment about my lack of savings so now that I'm saving... I've got to figure out what to do! The solar lamp I want to get is like this: https://bit.ly/3zadCgP I want to put it out on my back patio. I'm a superfreak over lighting
  5. I love your signature Happienumber... good stuff to remember. Furry player 3 is my 3rd out of 3 dogs that I'm trying to consistently train.
  6. Ha I love this gif! Furry player #3 is my mini-aussie... I'm trying to be consistent in training him. He's dog #3.
  7. Never been fantastic at forums and this is strangely making me nervous but I'm using my 20 seconds of courage and posting a thread! The Daily 5..actually turned into 6 Spanish Goal Spend at least 15 min/day, 5 days a week advancing in the lessons Furry Player Goal Work with furry player 3 on the training skills he's learned to ingrain them. Do this daily. Physical Goal Workout 6 days / week: walk, ride, or strength train with the academy plan Eat healthy every day or make a conscious break (but no more than 2 in a row) Financial Goal Spend 30 minutes/day learning more about investing Mindset Goal Leave work on time each day so I have time to work on other goals in my life and spend time with my family. Scoring: Each day a goal is completed = 1 point, 6points possible per day = 210 max points possible Goal: 168 points (80%) Reward: Solar Lamp
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