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  1. L8D1 - 20 rounds Curls Jog and walk Tiring dehydrated and hot day. Makes a difference!
  2. What I've always found really useful is to structure the workouts with a baseline - the minimum you want to do each session. Something that is the 'heart' of the programming towards your goals. After this, if you have time and recovery levels, you can add 'assistance' or work towards a secondary goal,or whatever you want. This is a bit like the idea of 531. Personally I do 10-30 minutes bodyweight work as my baseline. Afterwards I sometimes run or hit up arm work. I find it allows felexibility while keeping you consistent in some way. Hope that helps!
  3. Nah not my site. Think its some crossfit guy's site. No one posts there anymore.
  4. L8D3 - 11.08 Bis and Tris Absolutely shattering. Good to know where I stand on this level now...
  5. Yeah agreed once I thought about it. Might be possible in 10 minutes though, ehich is a challenge I've set myself now.
  6. Yeah agreed once I thought about it. Might be possible in 10 minutes though, ehich is a challenge I've set myself now.
  7. L8D1 - 21 Curls and tris 5 sets 10 min run
  8. Onwards with SF! I've invested so much time now in this program, with a whole belief system alongside it, that I HAVE to continue. At least up to the new year and through the early months of twin parenting. After that I may 're-brand' with WaLRUS type training and goals, and/or looking at Stew Smith type workouts. It's all good. Beyond that,maybe even basic calisthenics or ring work. But one step at a time. For now I remain training with SF but will use a 10 minute progression method rather than 5 minutes, which is impossible for the normal huma
  9. I've done some further thinking and calculating on my log, and discovered that actually that workout is probably impossible.
  10. Just doing some quick calculations so see if my goals are even possible. The master level being level 8 day 3 in 5 mins. 50 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 squats = 250 reps 250 reps at 3s average pace = 12.5 mins 250 reps at 2s average pace = 8.3 mins 250 reps at 1s average pace = 4.1 mins Looks to me like that end goal is pretty much impossible and maybe I now have to re-evaluate everything! My goals and methods. I've been looking at Wendler's WALRUS training so maybe thats the avenue to explore.. Or perhaps keep SF as my base
  11. Yes the goal is the achieve the level 3 day in 5 minutes, then you move up a level. If you can do level 8 in 5 minutes then you've completed the program! Thats how I read it. I'm on level 7 now, though form was probably a bit dodgy getting to this point, when you're working at a fast speed!
  12. L7D3 - 07m23s Long way to go but thats a new PR. Superset plate curls/triceps. Good pump. Quick jog.
  13. Did you see the link in my first post? This program was very popular some years ago. As far as I know only 1 or 2 guys have got to level 8, but no one has completed it.
  14. In the workout above it's ok to do the pulluos in multiple sets, but you have to complete all the reps on one exercise before noving to the next. E.g 20, 10, 5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2 pullups, then onto pushups etc
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