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  1. been a good weekend so far. friday was pretty average, i think. i honestly don't remember what i ate... for saturday, i had some eggs in the morning and brought the parent's and younger sister over and made some dinner. we had fruit salad (just fruit. mangoes, pineapples, apples, and oranges), sauteed asparagus (pepper, garlic, and olive oil), and top sirloin. SOOOOO good workout, did a couple hours of weeding on saturday and nothing on friday. does anyone else count weeding to be a workout? i do because i get sore and start sweating a lot... but if no one else does, i won't either... just want some input on that
  2. pretty normal day yesterday. breakfast was eggbeaters and grapefruit. lunch was flank steak and more grapefruit. for dinner, i had a lean burger patty with some broccoli. workout was a half an hour run around the neighborhood again. no rain this time. for the weigh in, last week i weighed in at 249 i believe. i weighed in this morning and dropped 5.7lbs and am down to 243.3
  3. breakfast yesterday was the normal eggbeaters and grapefruit. for lunch, i had some rotisserie chicken (without skin) and corn. dinner was a nice steak with some baked asparagus. really good workout was a quick 25 minute run around my neighborhood while raining. i actually kind of like running in the rain. reminds me of when i was a kid playing soccer.
  4. not a good day yesterday... forgot my wallet at home and couldn't get any food until dinner... it's really kind of amazing how much energy you won't have if you haven't eaten food all day... for dinner though, i had a ceaser salad wrap with light dressing and a spinach wrap. pretty good... no workout though...
  5. weekend wasn't as bad! i don't really remember what i had for food on friday and saturday but sunday and monday were pretty good. sunday, for lunch i had these strips of some steak... not sure exactly what kind it was though because someone else ordered it for me for dinner, it was the normal chicken and veggies. monday, i missed breakfast like i did on sunday (seriously though, home is the worst place for me to remember to eat breakfast) but for lunch i had some of the leftover chicken from the previous night. dinner, ok. i don't remember if i ate dinner or not... if i do, i'll just edit it in... anyways, workout... it was kind of a pseudo workout this weekend. it was pretty nice outside and our backyard is overgrown with weeds... (no lawn yet, just straight up weeds) so i went and pulled a bunch of weeds for about an hour and a half on sunday and then on monday, spread some weed killer and used one of those garden rakes to try to get out a bunch of the rocks... i'm SORE! back, legs and arms... so i'm counting those two...
  6. hrm... i really have to go check this out.. i've heard people talk about this a LOT and have never seen it... anyways, Welcome!
  7. welcome to the Rebellion, Dan! Good luck on turning your life around! here's a great place to start because everyone is so supportive!
  8. my week was pretty bad... had a hard time actually getting out and doing the workouts this week... in fact, the last two days were skipped... i've also been forgetting to post, which doesn't help any... i'm down a pound from last week when i weighed in on saturday (woke up late for work on friday so didn't have enough time to weigh)... but at least it's a pound...
  9. i think this is probably one of the best goals that i've seen on here! i'm rooting for all of you that are attempting to do this. i really do hope that it works out for all of you. i'm crossing my fingers that it does!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  10. awesome! glad you're doing this again! i was actually planning on keeping up my log if there wasn't going to be another one. i did like having to tell people what i was doing because i definitely felt a little more motivated than if i was just doing it by myself. Thanks Steve!
  11. yesterday was bad... food wise... i had the normal eggs and grapefruit in the morning, chicken and veggies in the afternoon. but my brother's future best man's family wanted us over for dinner. EVERYTHING they made was against the Paleo diet... so i ate a little bit of everything because i didn't want to offend her and i feel really fat today... workout was an hour of kempo (kenpo? i don't remember) no after pics though yet... maybe soon. as for the grade that Steve talked about in his blog post yesterday, i'd probably only give myself a C-. missed a few workouts, didn't get down that far... i weighed in at 251 on friday... i did post almost every day (missed yesterday)...
  12. eating was pretty good. for lunch i had teriyaki chicken (no rice) and a salad. dinner was some halibut and veggies for dinner. didn't workout today...
  13. today, i wasn't even paying attention and then i realized that it was 3:30 and decided to eat something. so i had some halibut that i had sitting in the freezer. then for dinner, i warmed up some veggies and just had those. haven't been too hungry today... workout, i did a little bit of yoga... didn't do the entire thing because i had to go to an appointment and then went out with my mom for the afternoon... so just an hour instead of the hour and a half...
  14. so. breakfast was the same... lunch, the same... and for dinner i had some salmon and some fruit... today was arms and shoulders... yay
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