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  1. Good work Fade! I would add to Elasticgirl's list if you are looking for more things to do: - Jumping Lunges: after you lunge, explode upwards, and switch your legs in the air. - Overhead weighted Lunge: dumbbell, plate, sandbag, backpack straight over head while lunging.. lock those arms out! Not only adds weight to lunge but works your shoulders, activates your core, and helps train balance!
  2. WEEK TWO RECAP DAY 8: - Mobility work - Basketball, 2 hours DAY 9: - Mobility and Stretching DAY 10: - Diamond Pushup = 10, 10, 10 - Pullup = 6, 6, 6 - leg lifts off bed = 10, 10, 10 - Elevated Pike pushup = 10, 10, 10 - Chinup = 6, 6, 6 - Hollow body hold = 20, 20, 20 sec DAY 11: - Diamond Pushup = 10, 10, 10 - Pullup = 6, 6, 6 - leg lifts off bed = 10, 10, 10 - Elevated Pike pushup = 10, 10, 10 - Chinup = 6, 6, 6 - Hollow body hold = 20, 20, 20 sec DAY 12: - NONE DAY 13: - Movnat Class, 90 minutes QM movement, barefoot running, sprinting, fireman carry and drag - Stretching - Warmup Kipping
  3. Nice one on the sciatica! I "moved" up to the ol lacrosse ball, but it still hurts to use it.. hurts so good maybe? As far as last week goes.. just gotta dust yerself off and move on to this week! Looking forward to seein you go beast and crush..
  4. Nice one sir! Good start to your challenge.. nice work on the headstand! I need to put some work into that.. I'm going the wall facing handstand route to increase my shoulder strength for now.. as far as work "work out" stuff goes, you could always do some stretching or mobility work to increase your range of motion.. I try to do a round of stuff every 2 hours.. This is something I find really helpful for workouts, both for prevention of injuries and performance during my workouts..
  5. DAY 4: Basketball 2 hours, with a couple sets of pullups to grease the groove.. DAY 5: Active Recovery Took my kids to the park and played with them for an hour.. we did some parkour practice - safety vaults, lazy vaults, and underbar stuff. Did some QM stuff too.. crab walks and bear crawls, practiced jumping muscle-ups.. DAY 6: Strength - Mobility work - 0.5 mile run - Dumbbell Thrusters, 45lb. each = 7, 8, 10, 10 - Pullup = 8, 8 - Neutral Grip pullup = 8, 8 - Chin-up = 8, 8 - Uneven pushups (each side) = 10, 10 - Diamond pushup = 10 - Weighted parallette pushup (20lb med ball), legs elev
  6. Thanks bud. Gonna see tonight, (monday) when I go play.. gonna try to get that mini basketball down..
  7. Nice work on getting up early to work out! That's a tough schedule you got there with working so late.. Great job killing those burpees.. those are rough!
  8. If you want to do a conditioning type workout indoors, you could try some jump ropes, burpees, mountain climbers, etc. to get your heart rate up. I also do small, intense workouts that push you into your anaerobic capacity.. For example: - Pick 3 exercises that you are comfortable doing (i.e. things you can regularly do around 10-20 in a workout) - Use a rep scheme that is around 3-10 for each exercise (i.e. 3 pushup, 5 air squats, 7 situps) - Try to see how many rounds you can do during a 10 minute countdown timer, going as fast as you can safely, while maintaining form - You can test yo
  9. DAY 3: Met-Con - mobility work - 0.5 mile run - Warmup 2x 10 Assisted pullups 10 close hand pushups 10 air squats 10 push press 30# dumbbells 10 lunges - Pullups = 8 - Neutral grip pullup = 8 - Chin ups = 8 - Tucked l-sit on rings = 15, 15 - Ring dips = 5 - AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) for 7 minutes: Burpees Result = 85 Felt pretty good yesterday.. decided to retry a crossfit workout that was used by everyone trying out for the crossfit open.. simple but pretty brutal! Last time I tried it (3 months ago), I got 74, so it was an improvement! My elbow joints have been hurting.. My brothe
  10. Thanks! I usually don't have that problem, but I've been noticing that some days I have had less energy and it may be due to my diet changes (Primal, 50-100 carbs/day). I have read up on people experiencing a "low carb flu" and I think that has happened to me a few times now..
  11. Cool! I got some about a month ago as well.. I've been using them for pushups and l-sits so far, since I'm not really capable of doing anything fancy on them yet. Did you buy or make yours? Great application and focus! I'm like you, I have a SUPER sensitive gag relfex when I go to the dentist.. I will try that next time as well!
  12. Thanks for the article! That really helped explain things..
  13. I'm new around here and would also be down to help you out as well.. subscribed to yer thread. I'm around the same age and had a similar relationship with video games.. had to give them up.. but the reason why I think I am drawn to these challenges is the "real life leveling up" element that is reminiscent of video game rpgs.. I agree with ct2020.. if you have a concrete way of rewarding yerself through the rpg element of the challenge, I think you'll find more ways of keeping yerself in check.. Weekly sub-goals or check-ins that coordinate with some accumulation of points may help break your
  14. Thank you! I like it here I've been reading for awhile, but I guess my "zeroth" challenge was to join the boards and try to participate. Glad you were feeling the nerd definition.. like I said above, It's not mine, but I am a fan of Chris's comedy and podcast and that way of describing what a nerd is, really spoke to me.. Looking forward to seeing you crush a challenge soon!
  15. HA! I used to be into DnB back in the day.. but never dj'ed it.. I used to like folks like LTJ and London Elektricity and folks on the jazzier tip. I guess I am older now and like slower stuff
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