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  1. Hi everyone! Im sure this is an extremely late post. I came across this discussion when searching “social anxiety with CrossFit” The first time I went to a CrossFit gym I truly fell in love, I didn’t feel any social anxiety, felt really welcomed, etc. unfortunately it closed down and I had to move. My partner gifted me a membership for my birthday knowing I missed it. I noticed I’ve been feeling much more anxiety lately. Everyone is super nice, very motivating. Especially one person, always saying hi and “just gotta keep coming!” Or when I miss a day or two “haven’t seen you in a while!” “When was the last day you came again?” I understand where he’s coming from, he genuinely just cares and is being nice. Although this has heightened my stress or anxiety about going 😂 My business at home requires a lot of 10-12 hour work days where I may sleep at 4am. For two weeks I couldn’t go to my normal 6am class because I was so so drained. I kept telling myself “well if I can’t go at that hour, then I can’t fit in any other class, my day is just too busy” I get this anxiety about the fact I haven’t gone in two full weeks so my crazy brain thinks people will judge me 😔 especially that one guy or couple that says “haven’t seen you in awhile!” I just get stuck in the thought of feeling ashamed of not going every single day or being consistent.
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