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  1. I was wondering what kind of meals are ideal to eat before and after workout? Specific nutrients I should be focusing on as well as just ideas of some meals that you guys eat in these situations. Thanks.
  2. Hey. I started here about a year ago, and at the time everything was going well. I had my diet going right, I worked out regularly, I was getting healthy. Then life happened and about 6 months ago I just flat stopped worrying about my health and fitness. I eat whatever is delicious and convenient and I don't get any kind of exercise except for walking at work. I am unhealthy! It is time to turn that around. I have a lot of things to work on, so for now I'm just gonna focus on one or two things at a time, and I think getting back involved with this community will give me some motivation.
  3. In reality I don't mind plain water. I was just thinking of it as an occasional thing when I'm craving something sweet.
  4. So I am sure everybody has heard of these new water flavor enhancers they have been selling for the past year or so. I tried one the other night for the first time (Mio Bluberry Lemonade) and it was DELICIOUS! Which brings me to my question. It has zero calories, so where are those flavors coming from and what are they doing inside my body? More importantly, is this an acceptably healthy way to add some literal flavor to the most important, frequent part of my diet?
  5. Sorry I havent been checking in on many of your challenges, has been quite a hectic week. I will rectify this matter ASAP (tomorrow). Forgive me? Core: Today I upped my rolling planks by 15 seconds, making each hold (left, center, right) last for 1 minute each. Although this seemed like a small change, it kicked my butt! But, that's the beauty of it. I'm sure if I keep doing it, it will be easier next week and so on, and I may even be increasing it beyond that before too long. Leveling up my core! Side note: was laying down on my floor after handstand work and reached up while simulta
  6. Get Rich!: Week 2 was about optimizing your checking accounts. My checking account was good the way I had it set up, but I switched my savings account to an online bank (ING) that offers a much higher interest rate. I found a few checking accounts that I will keep my eye on as my financial needs continue to evolve, and may eventually switch over. But for now, I think my basic bank accounts are set up for success! Not a bad way to end week 2! Tomorrow is week 3, so time to start kicking ass all over again!
  7. yeah, the yoga is really helping. I need to make it a little more regular though, but I have even started implementing some thing I have learned during my regular stretching sessions. Core: I finished the week with 27.25 minutes of total core work, which puts me at 51.75 so far for the challenge. Also, that is an increase of almost 3 minutes from the first week. I want to set another secondary goal of increasing my total each week, so next week at least 28, but more likely 30ish. Flexibility: Back on track with this. Did a great yoga session last night and a solid 20 minutes of stretch
  8. Hows everybody doing? So i have realized thus far that my goal of doing a handstand and handstand pushups is going to need a lot more work than I am giving it... Which is in truth, very little. So I need to step that up. As far as my other 3 goals, I am pretty on point! Planks are up to par, as is my financial life goal. My stretching goal had a few days of slacking, but I am back on track. Bkeller, I am jealous! I am trying to hit the slopes next weekend, I havent been at all this year and I got the itch! You every check out the snowboarding "Quests" on Fitocracy? They sound chall
  9. Welcome! I wanted to come to the intro's board and check in on a few people, and then I saw your thread name. It grabbed me, because that is so true. So many people will say they want to get more fit and healthier, but you can sit there talking about it, or you can take that first step! Then its just one foot in front of the other from there on out. An idea for your online RPing. Maybe every once in a while, tie some kind of fitness into your RP activities. Like if you do a certain action, do X pushups. Or X blah blah blahs. It's like a game within a game. Couldnt hurt, right? Be
  10. I've been wanting to start the obstacle races as well! They sound like just my flavor of crazy! I think I am gonna start with Warrior Dash and Run For Your Lives! though. Tough Mudder, Go RUCK, and the Spartan Trifecta are goals for a little while longer down the road. Best of luck to you man, you definitely have come to the right place!
  11. Welcome! This is a great place to be if you need that extra push to get yourself on the road to recovery (of confidence and self esteem) . Main thing you can do is just start making small changes and keep building on them. Make sure every day you are a little bit healthier than you were the day before, and happiness will surely follow. As for the diet thing, portion control and accountability can go a LONG way. And while Weight Watchers may not be the ideal plan, its what works for you right now. So go in there, knock it out of the park, and when it is time to move onward and upward, yo
  12. Ok, been a busy week so haven't been able to update yet. But here goes: Core: Been working my core as usual. Began implementing a little hollow body and some Superman to get the muscles I may be neglecting. Monday: 3 sets of rolling plank (45 sec. ea. left, front, side) for 2:15 per set. Total: 6:45 Wednesday: 4 sets of rolling plank for 2:15 per set. Also 2 sets of Superman (0:40, 0:50). Total: 10:30 This puts me at 41:45 so far for the duration of the challenge, a little bit less than 28%. So I am on the right track! And I will probably include some hollow body tonight, which I wa
  13. you just use muffin pans for those? That is quite a novel idea, and very inspirational! Carry on.
  14. thats a good idea, and very inventive. Thanks, I'll try that. Actually I did some beginners yoga last night and felt good this morning without decreasing workout intensity or anything. So between those two things, I think I will be on my way back to 100%.
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