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  1. Update No. 3 The part of my challenge i am doing the worst at is updating haha. I have been pulling overtime shifts and work and actually just got a hefty promotion this week, so i have been pretty busy lately, but still working on my goals. Goal 1: In a direct contradiction to the last sentence i typed I am not doing well at this goal. I have an old puncture wound on my knee and it has been bothering me as i have been running more. I am back to biking and have been doing 7 to 8 mile rides during the weekends. I have not been doing it during the week because i would have to slate out almost an
  2. good job chipping away at your goals, im glad you got a little yoga in, I have found that it helps me in my other workouts
  3. Update No. 2 I think i am doing pretty well, I also think i may have aimed a little low with my goals. Goal 1: I mapped out a 2 mile run and have been attempting it this week. The first time i did the whole course but had to stop and walk twice. I tried again two days later and succumbed to shin splints at about a mile, I pushed a little further but my will to not be limping at work won out. I am really hoping to be able to run the course comfortable by the end of the challenge. Goal 2: I am hovering pretty consistently at 198 this week. My goal is 195 by the end of the challenge so I am hopi
  4. I love them, but yeah it does take some time to increase your distance with them. When i first started wearing them i ran a mile and a half right off the bat and wound up with awful shin splints
  5. Almost a week in and I am going strong. The "You are your own gym" workouts have been really doing something for me. When I finished the first one I felt like i didn't workout as hard as i could have but I was as sore as I have ever been the next morning. I have weighed solidly weighed 198 pound for the last two days, so if i keep this up i may have to amend my goal of 195 and go further. I have run 1.2 miles twice this week. I have a pre existing knee injury so i am taking this very slow, i only need to get to 2 miles before the end of the challenge. And i get three paychecks this month so i
  6. Hey Nerfitness people. I started checking out the forums here about a month ago, about halfway through the last challenge. I loved the idea and wanted to jump straight in but decided to take the rest of the time to just focus on getting into a solid enough routine to know what i wanted my goals to be. I am 23 and live in western Kentucky for right now (that may be changing soon). In high school (about 4-8 years ago) i was in great shape. I played on the soccer team, lifted weights before school and gennerally led an active lifestyle. The cam college where i majored in beer and pizza (and some
  7. So I am about a month in to regular working out and eating paleo. I was in great shape a long time ago but college and starting off in my field took its toll, and now I'm trying to get it back. This may just be inexperience but I own a pair of vibrams so I have been giving barefoot running a shot and today I got the worst shin splints of my life. I only ran a little more than a mile. It hurt when i started but i pushed through the pain, and now i regret it. Are shin splints common for barefoot runners? Should I just give running a break until I am in better shape or just until my shins start f
  8. Best of luck and welcome. In my experience you have to give paleo a little time. For me it didn't feel right at first either, but after a few weeks with regular workouts it has been treating me great. I have been dropping weight like a beast too.
  9. I am with you Mediaflare. I quit for a few months, started back, stopped, started ect for several months now, and now i am 2 months smoke free again. In the end what helped me was kind of scheduling my bad habit. Every Saturday I would go to the bar with some co-workers (who all smoke) so i would allow myself to smoke at the bar on Saturdays. I did that for a month and didn't slip up so I pushed it to every other Saturday. At this point i was smoking 1 day every two weeks and on the other Saturday i was sitting in a booth with three people who were smoking and was able to say "nope not this we
  10. kudos on the 21 pound lost, that is what i am aiming for. Good luck getting back into the swing of the challenge
  11. I really like your goals. I am starting out as a ranger too and I love the idea of establishing rewards for each goal. Btw if you ever get the chance, vibrams are amazing.
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