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  1. Ahhhh, good to know! Still learning the app. I'm back on schedule now, but I'll keep that in mind for future. I swore I had checked it off, but I was very busy and likely just THOUGHT about checking it off, but didn't actually physically do so. Oops!
  2. Nutrition: Not terrible! I had leftover stuffed pepper soup for lunch (paleo win!) and catfish tacos for dinner since we ate out. It had the most veggies in it out of all my (limited) choices, so I went with it. They're delicious, too. Workout: I failed. I apparently didn't check off "resting" on Thursday so yesterday was "Rest Day" in the app. Instead, I packed the daughter's room while BF packed the boys' room ('cause they're both quite messy) between meetings. Lots of heavy lifting and moving around so it balanced out, I think. Workout as soon as I post this before getting ready for the estate sale! Budget: Whew, the check for escrow finally cleared (which I sent a document with that info in to finalize our underwriting! It was the last thing needed to finalize). All I have left to wait on is to pay for our well and septic inspection (Tuesday). All else is good, BF has been paying for our meals out Thurday and yesterday so that I can focus on keeping inspection savings intact and continue saving for paint and whatever else for moving. We got this all figured out now.
  3. Thank you! Will see blood stuff in about 2 weeks when I meet with doc. Inspection went well, only one critical and it's something we planned on removing as soon as we moved in anyway so not a huge deal! So the owner's passed away. A daughter wrote us a looooovely email and said that she's so happy veterans are moving in. Her dad was a disabled veteran with a Purple Heart and served in the Korean War. BF and I are disabled and he's also a Purple Heart recipient. Our personal letter we sent with the offer really did wonders connecting us! She also told us her sister, who lives local, is hosting an estate sale today so we are going to check it out.
  4. Nutrition: Not ideal. We went out to lunch (BF needed out of the house after 3 weeks not being able to leave due to work) and I had nachos (best option I could come up with). Dinner was an unexpected invite to Fam's house (chosen family) and they made scallop and shrimp alfredo pasta. I DID skip my favorite part, the garlic bread, though. Workout: Rest day yesterday. I need to go get blood drawn before I get my heartrate up or food in belly. Will head out here in a few once I get ready so I can knock out the workout early so as not to miss it entirely. Budget: So far, so good. Keeping on track. General inspection and termite inspection funds cleared. Waiting for escrow and option fee check to clear, but at least I know the amount of it. Also waiting on phone bill to clear (also know that amount). I can calculate how much I have left to work with, at least. Septic/well inspection scheduled for Tuesday. Not sure the amount, but should have some leftover from that savings if estimates are close. I'll put that back into the savings account for painting supplies once I get a final price and it clears.
  5. We get them over spring break for a week (3rd week in March) and then summer (day after school ends and week before next school year starts to give mom time to get them school supplies, clothes, pick up scheduled, etc). Thinking we'll pack it all and have them unpack/purge when they get here for spring break (assuming we've started the move in by then). I'm going to work on kitchen, then, I think.
  6. Nutrition: Good! Leftover chicken & dumplings (the last of it) for lunch. Steak, air fryer "baked" potato, and green beans for dinner. Was super hungry so I actually ate a breakfast as well which was over easy eggs, ham slices, and banana. Workout: All complete! I didn't progress but I'm still struggling with the reps/sets I'm at so I kept them until it's a tad easier (meaning no 10 second pause between every rep on the last set). My booty is still sore from Monday's split squats (that was new to me in NF) so RDLs yesterday were more challenging. Today I'll likely pack. Not sure if I should go with the less-used kitchen stuff or kids. Our dilemma is whether to purge their stuff for them (teenagers, could be bad) or pack it all and make them purge as they unpack at new house (more work for us to pack it all). Decisions decisions. Leaving it up to BF, they're his kids anyway. Budget: Payday finally arrived so I can see what new paycheck actually looks like. Things are looking rather good despite the tight budget. Now hopefully Murphy doesn't come looking for us with all this bad news!
  7. It's perfect. Seriously. But I DID move my budget to Excel so I could plug in my paycheck and it'll auto-calculate for me. Paychecks this year are different due to electing company health insurance and my pension finally coming out (it's mandatory, I've set it to the lowest possible amount it'll let me and still meet employment minimums. Don't need HR yelling at me!) And I found out this morning (today is payday) I still bring home more than I anticipated despite this. I think it's because they pretty much all come out pre-tax and I estimated it using post-tax numbers. Woohoo! At least now I can plug and play instead of having to hand calculate it all (though the engineer in me will still find a way to mess around. I'm obsessed with numbers. It's a problem)
  8. Nutrition: Had a late breakfast and no lunch (breakfast was kind of lunch). Dinner was a very much paleo stuffed pepper soup. I have some for leftovers (as well as the chicken & dumplings) so I'll have one of those two for lunch. Workout: Didn't really get to pack, work blew up. Did, though, go on a lot of errands which upped my steps a bit more simply walking back and forth to my Jeep multiple times and then to various places. Budget: I rebudgeted. Again. I'll probably do it a million times over between now and June 1st, too. Oh well. We have to make this work!
  9. Thank you! This is a very difficult challenge as is, and adding the stress of buying a house isn't helping. But I'm not giving in! I figure either way, I'm super busy and a tad stressed but if I'm healthy, I won't feel as bad!
  10. Unfortunately, we cannot break early, our contract says "until lease term is complete or a new renter takes over payments" with 2 months, I doubt a new one will take over. We are going to live here a little bit so we can paint the new house without furniture and stuff in it. As for decluttering, I'm glad I'm not the only one! Like how did I accumulate SO MUCH STUFF?! The one thing the Army taught me about moving frequently? Plenty of opportunity to purge. Staying in this house for almost 2 years (longest I've ever stayed in one place since I turned 18, I'm now 30), I'm surprised so much stuff fit in this tiny house (currently living in a 1200 sqft house with 2 adults, 3 teenagers, and a dog. We barely fit, seriously, how did so much STUFF fit?!)
  11. Nutrition: Good! Leftover wings and steamable veggies for lunch with a banana. Dinner was homemade chicken&dumplings (with homemade dumplings) Workout: Completed groundwork (Pushups, planks) before work and finished the split squats (new exercise) and doorway rows at work in the afternoon to help battle the afternoon slump Budget: It's tight now! They said they were going with our offer!!!! Waiting on paperwork and to submit escrow to get under contract. Our agent said with the seller concession, we might even get money back at closing. Until then, we are fronting costs for the inspections. They want to close as soon as possible and our contract states no later than March 4th. That means at least April and May we will be paying mortgage AND rent until our rent contract runs out end of May. Unless something crazy has happened without me knowing, I should get some money back with taxes which should help but I've budgeted a few months out and should be okay even without it. Guess I know what I'm doing for "active rest" --- Packing! Non essentials, of course, but after the last 2 houses getting beat out by cash offers, I didn't want to pack thinking we wouldn't ever win in this market. Time to get this butt moving during work breaks to clean and organize. I have a feeling, despite moving into a larger house, we still will toss a TON of stuff.
  12. Nutrition: last of the chowder for lunch. Homemade wings and fries for dinner, though salty seasonings were plenty! Workout: Rest Day yesterday. Despite waking up late (slept through my first 4 alarms which I've NEVER done in my life before) I rushed getting ready so I could knock out ground work before leaving this morning. My final alarm (that woke me up) is my "if you don't get up right this minute you'll be late." Planks and pushups completed. Upgraded to side planks, 20sec each side from knees. Those should progress to full side lunges quickly before increasing time. Waiting until the after lunch slump to knock out the lunges (new exercise) and rows to complete today's workout. Hoping the activity will keep the blood flowing enough to avoid dozing off or zoning out at work. Budget: Still looking good. Shouldn't need gas again until Wednesday morning so doing better than expected. Waiting for credit card balances to move from pending to active so I can pay them off.
  13. Thank you!!! Unfortunately our lease is up end of May and the house is so unmaintained we both fear it's going to be unlivable soon. Owners don't care since they inherited and just rent it out for more income. We are fortunate that we have the VA loan (both disabled veterans) so we only have to concern ourselves with closing and inspection costs and no down payment. Which have gone up significantly since I last checked (hence why we are scrambling to set aside more) I wish you luck in saving! That's a HUGE deal and I'm super proud of you for taking good, healthy steps rather than jumping in unprepared.
  14. Nutrition: all good and dandy with a couple wings and leftover chowder. Then dinner got all messed up because Fam invited us over. Smothered pork chops, smothered rice, and collard greens. It was delicious but not paleo by any means. And heavy. Workout: did workout yesterday so rest day today. Budget: Just need to pay off my grocery credit card once last Friday's visit hits (still in pending status) and then gas for commuting this week. Payday is Thursday and I have all my bill set up to automatically come out on payday so I know exactly how much I have leftover to work with for a) the remainder of the month b) to put aside for house buying costs/emergency fund. Based on estimates from our agent, we have enough (with a buffer) for escrow, inspection, etc. with the seller concession. If we don't get accepted, I'll split my savings (likely 60-40% house and e-fund respectively) in February to help with a smaller seller concession on next offers. BF has put more money towards the house, but he's not a great saver so I'm trying to keep some e-fund available since it usually falls on me, financially, to deal with emergencies. Plus, these past 2 months, I've been paying the truck payment on my own, when we normally split it, to accommodate him sending me extra towards the house fund (I keep the savings 'cause he'll spend it without thinking about it until it's too late). Next month will be better for me because he'll resume the split truck payment. I also get to start looking at taxes, too, which hopefully means a return to pay off the loan we got to help raise his credit score (divorce did him in. I joke he's only with me because I'm good with money (not that I make more) and have gotten him back on his feet and helped him take the appropriate steps to raise his score back up). Hopefully the return will pay off that loan and save us a nice chunk from our monthly income to put towards the house (declined offer: put more in house buying, accepted offer: updating the house to make our own such as paint, kitchen appliances, etc. The dishwasher is ancient teehee. But at least it has one unlike our house right now!) For the most recent house: our offer is in. It's "heirs" to the owners who passed away (sad) we are working with. We wrote a personal letter to go with our offer. Apparently there's one additional offer and as of yesterday afternoon, they were reviewing both. The anxiousness in this household over having to wait is killing us. Trying not to get hopes up too much. Will keep chugging along as if we've already been declined for the other offer. Keeping an eye out for new postings as well.
  15. Here's what he used. NOTE: The recipe is for "leftovers" so cook it longer than it says if yours is fresh. Our potatoes weren't hard, but they weren't soft. Think he had it on high for 6 hours when we ate. Left it on for 2 more hours to cook before saving it and next day it was perfectly cooked! We used 1lb sliced corned beef and a full head of cabbage. Only 1 very large potato (but he's not a potato person. It was still enough for me, the potato lover). I'm sure you'll figure it out well.
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