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  1. My long runs are almost always done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach; short runs are right after work and before dinner so 4-5 hours after lunch usually. I prefer running on empty rather than the sloshy feeling after having eaten. Sometimes it makes me run faster so I can hurry up to get home and make dinner. I do agree though that so long as your overall nutrition is good the timing of your meals is a relatively insignificant part of it!
  2. I'm going to a dog show where they are having a costume contest so we're doing group costume and it's alternate Justice League. I'm Supergirl, I have convinced my mom to be Wonder Woman, her dog will be Batgirl and mine will be The Flash and Green Lantern. I've totally been spending the better part of two months trying to rip out my shoulders and biceps to be swoll Supergirl.
  3. Is the IUD Mirena? Because that's a side-effect I had on Mirena too, one of the contributing factors to having it removed. Another person said "it's like my vagina has a runny nose all the time" and that was IMO a very fitting description for what I experienced as well.
  4. Kyle Orton is horrible and would be a huge mistake for anybody to pick up in the opinion of this Bears/Cowboys fan. I'm done with Alex Smith to cover for Peyton's bye week if anybody is up to trade for him. I could use a good RB in exchange. Freaking Larry Donnell sitting on my bench. How was I supposed to know Eli was going to have a bangin' game?! You ruin EVERYTHING ELI.
  5. I actually looked at the NB minimus ones and was really drawn to them... the problem is I hear they are great for being outside (because they are waterproof) but if you're indoors, your feet are basically wrapped up in a sauna and get really hot. A majority of trials are indoors and I'm not down for hot, sweaty feet. Maybe the ones I was looking at aren't the same? A friend of mine suggested the shoes she wears for mud runs but they have the same problem. Obviously for a mud run you are ALWAYS outdoors so that's not an issue. =P The Inov8 shoes definitely look intriguing, they have reall
  6. I asked on another forum I belong to but thought I would ask here too. Last week I stopped by the local running store to ask for a suggestion on some new shoes. Right now I do my actual running in Brooks PureFlows and I love them. My old PureFlows have become the shoes I take to my dog agility trials. The last few trials I have been at, I have been feeling like they are really just getting beat to hell and aren't working super great anymore. For many years my "agility shoes" have been my retired running shoes, but I have been thinking it's time to buy some actual shoes and devote them to
  7. I jokingly told my mom I was going to try and switch defenses every week to "Whoever Is Playing The Giants" and reap those INTs. She feels bad for poor Eli and didn't think that was very funny.
  8. Woot woot!!! When I saw this thread title I hoped so. CONGRATS!
  9. When I am sick these days, my go-to is egg drop soup... chicken stock with eggs drizzled into it. You can add seasonings too but you don't have to. I also like boiled rice in chicken stock. basically chicken stock. then put things in it. A stew or soup in the crockpot maybe? IMHO, when you're sick and having difficulty eating much, you should probably just eat what you are craving rather than worrying too much about if it's technically paleo or not. I know I was raised believing in the BRAT diet when you are sick, and rice is still something I go to often when I am sick. Bananas or
  10. If you head to "draft central" and then "pre-draft rankings" you'll see a nice list down the middle with Yahoo's rankings of all players. To the left you have a DO NOT DRAFT list (click the red left arrow by a player's name to add them there) and to the right your "preferred players" list (click the green right arrow to add them there.) I should make the live draft but I did pre-rank a few people I want more than I want Oreo cookies just in case.
  11. Fairly easy, if you track for a few weeks/month and you don't lose or gain pounds or inches, you know the number you're currently at is maintenance. So you start by whacking down calories from there. If you're gaining, you're eating a surplus. Losing and yay! You're losing! So you know that's a deficit. You can start with calculators that factor in your activity and such to get a starting point, but it's very individual and you'll have to figure out from real life numbers what the "real" number is anyway.
  12. Like Disil said, I don't think you should feel you need to "eat clean" or "eat paleo" or "count calories" and it can only be one of these things. There are sure an awful lot of people out there throwing around the whole I ONLY EAT CLEAN SO I DON'T HAVE TO COUNT CALORIES and while it's probably fine for a lot of people who want to be average, if you want something like visible abs, you need to be above average here. There's zero reason you cannot maintain whatever kind of diet you're on right now and not also count calories. You won't be going all-out IIFYM eating whateeeever you want if it
  13. Yep, Galloway believes in it big time! For him it's not a method to use to train to where you stop having walk breaks, you just flat out run-walk... forever. I have his half-marathon book and read it. Maybe if the winter is horrible again this year, I'll actually give it a shot for next year and see what happens. Personally I really just love the feeling of running without stopping for, you know, long... periods of time... I enjoy it. So even though I have his book and I can dig it, I've never put it through a race. I trained it for a few weeks and was like NOPE and stopped. And yeah,
  14. The entire concept seems to be "people who don't know what they're doing tell other people what to do." Which is... interesting.
  15. Chart! http://beanieart.blogspot.com/2008/11/space-invaders-chart.html
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