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  1. I bought Paleo Perfected by ATK a couple of weeks ago and have been really happy with all of the recipes that I have tried so far. I especially liked the chicken noodle soup, which I think should be named chicken zoodle soup, and the turkey breast with porcini gravy. I also tried the celery root puree, which was ok, but very expensive to make. Neither my husband nor I could resist the spiced nuts (they do have a small amount of maple sugar in them), and their method for making your own ghee is the easiest that I have seen so far. Anyway, just wanted to recommend it to anyone eating Paleo!
  2. I started back on Paleo right after the 4th of July. I am keeping a food log/log of symptoms, and it looks like I seriously struggled with my morning run for at least 4 days after switching. I wrote that my legs felt like lead. On a couple of days I had to walk a good deal of the last couple of miles. A little over a week into the diet I noted that I had woken up in the middle of the night a few nights. I'm not 100% sure that this is from the diet or not. I was also having issues with allergies at the time and that sometimes messes with my sleep. Hope that helps some.
  3. I recently started back on Paleo, but I have been eating way too many nuts. They are super convenient when I need a snack not to mention satisfying. Anybody have some suggestions of other convenient snacks that I could try? Thanks!
  4. This is anecdotal, but it is all I have to offer... Last night I had salmon, acorn squash, and zucchini for supper. I cooked the entire zucchini thinking I'd keep the leftovers for today, but I ended up eating the whole thing. Today at lunch I decided to have some crudite with my tuna. I cut up a bell pepper, half a cucumber, and a couple handfuls of snow peas. I ate them all. My point is that without dense foods like crackers and bread I can pack away a lot more veggies. Non-starchy veggies don't add a lot of calories either, so my advice would be to double (or even triple) your serving
  5. I wish I had your problem! That is - I wish I loved celery enough to think it was a great snack. Maybe I could try munching on bell peppers all day! I do like bell peppers. Do you think you can eat too many bell peppers? Here's how I would go about answering the question for bell peppers... First I google 'nutrition information red bell pepper' (because red is my favorite). I look at some of the things that are high - red bell peppers seem to be high in potassium, Vitamin A, vitamin B-6 and vitamin C. I assume the vitamin A is in the beta carotene form which is water soluble so I think
  6. I had a similar experience when I first tried Paleo. One of my closest friends has been dieting off and on for years. She usually does Weight Watchers. I thought of all the people in the world she would be most likely to be supportive of my new diet. I was wrong. She got really upset when I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to eat dessert at a function she and I were attending one weekend. She also noted emphatically how she would NEVER follow a diet that required you to give up legumes. I have never understood why people get so upset by what other people eat, but some do. I just told
  7. Hey! Are you all doing meet ups? I'm in Helotes and would love to join in!
  8. W1-Friday - I am disappointed in myself. I totally forgot to meditate on Friday. I usually meditate in the evening, and this Friday I had dinner at a friends house - with wine. The wine makes me very sleepy and I fell asleep before doing my meditation. I also ran 4 miles, but that isn't part of my challenge. Friday is my off day for weighted exercises - so nothing to report. W1-Saturday -I made sure to get my meditation in tonight! Negative chins are hard! Hopefully I will improve as the challenge goes on. My abs are actually a little sore from doing burpees yesterday. I had to go b
  9. If you succeed in not biting your nails anymore please tell me how you did it! I've tried several times. I think I've gone as long as 4 months, but I generally start again. Way to go on the burpees! You are killin' 'em!
  10. LOL - I could try for a total of 8 minutes of burpees by the end of the mini challenge.
  11. I have never done these before. These are hard!! Good job to those of you who are hitting 100+. I just did 5 and I realize I'm going to have to do a few, rest a while, then do a few more. I'll do my best to hit 100 before the end of the challenge. I hope I'm not hurting our average by participating.
  12. W1D3 and D4: I've been doing well with my meditation. I am also liking the 8 minutes of weight exercises. 8 minutes means no excuses. There's always time for 8 minutes of workout. Plus, I like the exercises that I picked - so far. They are all challenging and I like to feel the burn. Now I have to go figure out what a burpee is.
  13. W1D1: Good start. I ran 3 miles in 29:05 with my first mile only taking me 9:15. I did my good mornings and squats and I meditated. Yay me. W1D2: Today I ran 3 miles in my neighborhood. I wasn't trying to go very fast, but I ended up averaging a 10:30 mile which made me very happy. I did my pull-ups and my V-ups. V-ups are way harder than I remember. Still have to meditate. I'll do that right now.
  14. Thanks everybody! Here is my plan for my 8 minutes in the morning - feel free to make suggestions. I'm going to stick to the big muscle groups - Quads, hams, lats, pecs, delts, and core. I plan to work each one twice during the week. Mondays - Good mornings and squats (any variation) Tuesdays - Assisted pull-ups and V-ups Wednesdays - Overhead press and incline push-ups Thursdays - lunges and invisible chair (wall sits) Friday - OFF Saturday - Negative chin-ups and Hip-ups Sunday - Hip Raisers and push-ups Most of these come from You are Your Own Gym.
  15. The month of October is a busy one for me. I have a 10 mile race on October 7th. I also have a huge exam that I have to take for work on October 30th. (Any other actuaries out there taking part 8?) This leaves little room to work on other things. I still want to participate, but I'm going to keep my goals to small time commitments so that it doesn't gouge my study time too much. For those who don't know - the actuary exams are grueling. I will be spending my evenings and weekends studying - yes, I will turn down offers to go out with friends and I will feel guilty for doing anything oth
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