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  1. I decided to do weekly logs instead of daily logs to give more thorough updates on my challenge.
  2. 3 week summary So let's analyze a bit how I managed to accomplish my goals. Consume at least 80g of protein per day: I missed only one day because I didn't feel well, other than that, I managed to complete this goal nicely. My diet is kind of boring (loads of chicken, dairy products, tuna), but still, it's better than nothing.Work out 3 times a week: this went nicely as well. I noticed that I'm a bit weaker than I was in spring, but it's no biggie. I managed to make some gains already. The only problem is that I missed one workout out of the supposed 9. Well actually I didn't miss it, but
  3. Week 3 Day 5 Foodz breakfast: 4 eggs + bacon + a can of beans = ~50g lunch: chicken + stir fry veggiess = 50g snack: chocolate flavored cottage cheese = 30g dinner: bbq @ friend's place, had some sausages and meat = dunno the amount --------------- at least 130g of protein Week 3 Day 6 breakfast: chocolate flavored cottage cheese = 30g lunch: leftover chicken and veggies = 50g -----------------
  4. Week 3 Day 4 Workout results: Squat: first set with an empty bar, then 10x50kg, and after that with 60kg and did the squats successfully. The sets were 8 reps, then, and the last two were 8 again. Really happy with this one. Deadlift: 3 sets of 8x60kg. Didn't feel good at all, form sucked. Calf raises: 4 sets of 8x100kg Lying hamstrings curl: 4 sets of 8x25kg Leg press: 4 sets of 8x140kg -- will try 12 reps per set next time Plank: 2 minutes Foodz: breakfast: 4 eggs + bacon + veggies = 40g lunch: 2 cans of tuna + rice = 60g snack: chocolate flavored cottage cheese = 30
  5. Week 3 Day 3 breakfast: leftover chicken and potatoes = 50g lunch: a can of tuna with rice = 30g dinner: cottage cheese with jelly = 32g --------------------- 112g of protein Tomorrow I'll go the gym again. Hope to do squats with 60kg and do the leg press with 140kg.
  6. Week 3 Day 2 Bench press: 4 sets of 8x45kg (yeey, did it, next time I'll do either 12 reps or up the weight to 50kg) Triceps pushdown:-- couldn't do this one today since the handle for that cable machine was missing. I used a rope handle or something like that instead, but it's not the same exercise. Dumbbell shoulder press: 4 sets of 8x 12.5kg Dumbbell lateral raises: 4 sets of 8x 7,5kg Biceps curls with dumbbells: 4 sets of 8x 10kg (next week I might do 10 reps per set or add some weight, we'll see) Isolated biceps curls with a barbell: 4 sets of 6x 2.5kg (dunno the exact weight s
  7. Well, I didn't have time for anything more since I was travelling from one city to another. Thanks! --------------------- Forgot the food log for yesterday: Week 2 Day 7 breakfast: chicken with vegetables = 50g lunch: pork with rice = dunno snack: a watermelon dinner: a can of tuna with vegetables = 30g -------------- at least 80g of protein Week 3 Day 1 breakfast: 4 eggs with cheese and vegetables = 24g snack: chocolate flavored cottage cheese = 30g lunch: pizza
  8. Week 2 Day 7 Did 3 circuits of beginner's bodyweight exercises: Squats: 30/30/30 Push ups: 15/15/15 Walking lunges: 26/26/26 Dumbbell rows: 20/20/20 Plank: 1:15/1:15/0:50 Jumping Jacks: 30/30/30 Did so much better than last week, when I was barely able to complete 2 circuits. This time the only problem was that I couldn't do my final plank for 1:15 as I had planned, I quit at 0:50. But still, it was a really good workout. Will update my food log once the day is over.
  9. Week 2 Day 6 food log breakfast: 4 eggs with cheese and veggies = 24g snack: beef jerky = 25g lunch: chicken sausages with potatoes = no idea how much protein dinner: cottage cheese with homemade strawberry jam = 32g _______________ at least 81g of protein Tomorrow's exercise day. Since I don't have access to a gym tomorrow, I'll do bodyweight exercises just like last week.
  10. Thanks. Well I've been trying to take up weightlifting for a while now. I've tried going regularly to the gym several times, but until now it didn't turn out that well.
  11. Week 2 Day 5 Nothing important happened today. breakfast: leftover chicken + peas = 60g lunch: potatoes chips (yikes) snack: a watermelon dinner: a can of tuna with some bread = 30g ------------ 90g of protein
  12. Ok, thanks for the advice. Here's the food log for today. breakfast: 4 eggs + 130g of bacon + a can of beans = 50g lunch: chicken breast + peas = 30g dinner: chick breast + peas = 30g ______ 110g of protein Might make a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and blue cheese later on. I'm amazed that I managed to eat the required amount and go to the gym today. Over here it's so hot, as I'm writing it's 8 pm and still 32 degrees Celsius.
  13. Hmm, I don't think so. And yeah, form vids are great, I already posted one. I'll try to do an improved one next week or something.
  14. Week 2 Day 4 Workout results: Squat: first set with an empty bar, then 8x40kg, then 4 sets of 8x50kg - felt really good doing the squats and 50kg seemed really easy this time. Next week I'll do it with 55 or 60. Deadlift: 4 sets of 6x60kg - I think my form was better than last time, but still chasing the perfect form kind of got me confused. But I noticed that when I use my legs more (which I'm supposed to do with this exercise, right? ), I get tired more quickly. Also, I don't feel any pain in my back. Calf raises: 4 sets of 8x80kg Lying hamstrings curl: 4 sets of 8x25kg (damn, the weig
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