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  1. Hi there, fret not! The body looks at calories on a weekly basis. You overdo today, cut back tomorrow! Budget your cravings, then YOU are in control. (I'd lose my mind if I had to totally abstain from a weekend bourbon, or cold dark beer in the summer!!!) Over budget yesterday? Cut back today! You can also remove the "baddies" from your pantry. Now, if you're having a craving, YOU must get up, go out and bring it back!! Sometimes, it just ain't worth the effort. I hope this helps!
  2. As previously said, YOU NEED MORE SLEEP! You can't recover and grow if you don't get enough sleep. ( I know your challenge..I raised 5 kids, 2 sets of toddlers at a time!) And you need to up your protein. To gain you can do that on .8-1.5 gr/ pound of body weight. Stick to 1 training routine for at least 12 weeks, or until it stops working for you. (The "old " great bodybuilders did a 3 day a week, whole body workout...Steve Reeves..ect). That may get you a bit more time to recover. Good luck, don't stop, you're doing great! We all hit the occasional plateau!
  3. First things first: The ONLY dumb question is the one you didn't ask! "Ask and you shall receive" Your exercises are targeting muscles that "push or pull". And, excepting certain isolation exercises, bicep curl and tricep kickbacks- specifically for the front and back of the upper arm- lifts work groups of push/pull muscles. Bench press hits the chest (pecs), shoulders, (front deltoid), and the back of the upper arm(triceps). The shoulder press primarily works the side shoulder (lateral delt), the front delt and the tricep. But you are also working almost EVERY other muscle if you do them standing up! Your Renegade Row is another 'over all' exercise. In the start position, like a plank, your using just about all your body to maintain good form. THEN, you do a one armed row! Muscles of the back are activated, along with the rear delt and bicep of the side you're doing the movement with..AND your activating your core to maintain your position, as well as the chest and front delt of the side you're NOT doing the exercise with. One arm DB row does the bicep, rear delt and back. And the rear delt raise primarily does just that, with some extra involvement of the trapezoid. Sorry for the long winded, detailed explanations..but this IS Nerd fitness...
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