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  1. Must...not...say...anything...
  2. Step-ladder Dustbuster Mixer (Yeah, we don't have any other words for that...) Paring knives (probably what you want: small knife ideal for peeling and detail work, 6-10 cm) The last one might be difficult. Money can't buy knives. I should make a wish-list...except I don't really want people to spend money on me. Ever. Yeah, you could say I'm not a holiday person. Hope yours go well, though.
  3. !!! I will be in a couple weeks! There's a cool climbing gym in the North end (which I live close to) called Vertical Adventures. You'd have to get a belay lesson, but I would love to have a climbing partner for once. The auto-belay courses are only fun for so long, and I'm not good enough for the bouldering wall yet. Well, that's one idea. There's plenty of cool fitness stuff to do around C-bus. Yoga studios, martial arts dojos, gyms, playgrounds, random objects of particular sizes and compositions...you get the idea.
  4. I think I hurt my...hm. I appear to have lost count. My extremities are all responding negatively to heavy work, thanks to me overdoing it while lumberjacking today (okay, splitting firewood, but still). And sometimes just hurting randomly. I'm hoping this will be better by tomorrow so I can at least TRY to do a workout, but I have to take it easy. Seriously, this week and next week are pretty awful. I only hope I can recover from the routine-wrecking diet-destroying awfulness that I've been suffering and will be suffering for the first third of this challenge. Well, by "only hope I can" I mean "will definitely". Setbacks are setbacks, not game-overs.
  5. Honestly, to avoid soreness, you should be stretching. Not just after workouts. Stretching every day will reduce your muscle soreness. Heck, once I started doing yoga daily, I never had issues being sore the day after.
  6. Welcome! You should assign stat points to your goals for when you finish them. It's fun! Welcome to Club Pull-Up. The club where you think it will be awesome to do a pull-up and then you finally do one and it's as totally awesome as you thought it would be.
  7. +5 WIS +5 CHA +5 DEX All trolling aside, my calculations say that you have to do somewhere around 20 pull-ups per day. Given that I can do a little over 10 per day on my best days, I wish you luck. Also that you get up and do them now if you don't have an appointed time set.
  8. Check out C25K to help you reach your ribeye (here it is in Danish) Welcome to the pull-up club! I promise, it's totally awesome once you hit that first one. You think it will be awesome, and then it totally is.
  9. On the score of jeans, I acknowledge that it sucks, but I think you could alleviate your sucky situation by altering jeans when you buy them. I hear it's not hard for basic stuff like taking in the waist. And, if it is hard and I'm just stupid, then having a tailor alter them might be possible. Simple alterations are certainly inexpensive if you go to the right place. I don't really have room to talk, given that I keep putting off altering clothes that I need altered, but it's an idea. Anyway, I have to go. Apparently, Mix-A-Lot's in trouble.I am so sorry please don't fly to Japan and hit me
  10. Stats: you get 15 stat points to distribute among your goals, towards any stats you feel are appropriate. Strength: Basically, anything that involves lots of weight or force. Any kind of workout or feat-of-strength-based goal works for this Dexerity: Flexibility and agility fit here, as well as balance and speed. Yoga, gymnastics, and parkour almost invariably count towards dexterity a little Stamina: Exercising for a long amount of time. Your long distance runs, hikes, swims, rowing excursions, et cetera, as well as your ability to deal with more difficult workouts. A workout that targets a lot of things will probably include stamina. Constitution: Your bodily health. Diet stuff counts towards this, generally, but anything towards beefing up your systems is good, like medication, physical therapy, tea-drinking, etc. Wisdom: Intelligence, insight, perception, peace of mind, ability to deal with life. Probably the most broad stat. If it involves braining, it's probably valid for wisdom Charisma: Confidence, sociability, and looking fan-freaking-tastic. Weight loss, muscle gain, overcoming fear, social activities, and performance skills all work here So, for you: Goal 1 is mostly Strength and Stamina, with a regular strength workout, so maybe STR +2 STA +2 Goal 2 is flexibility and balance, but also some peace of mind, so maybe +3 DEX +1 WIS Goal 3 is dieting! +3 CON +1 CHA Goal 4 is business. Maybe +2 WIS +1 CHA Haha you're gonna wanna change all that to suit you. But that's an idea. Excuse zones for diets can be good for you or bad for you. It's bad to say "well, it won't hurt THAT much", because it will. It's also bad to say "well, I've been doing badly, so trying to recover won't be good enough", because it will. I like 80/20 for paleo, personally, especially if you still try to eat healthy when you're not paleo. The trick is to ALWAYS be conscious of what you're eating. Eat that bar of chocolate, and remember exactly what it does to you. No more, and no less. Don't blow it out of proportion, don't ignore it. Honestly, that mindset applies to more than just dieting anyway.
  11. I'm going to weigh in on this. On my first challenge, I did this sort of thing, giving myself almost no wiggle room. I bombed HARD at the end. Giving yourself some extra wiggle room encourages forgiving yourself and forging ahead. And that's important.
  12. The thread title gives me this weird feeling like it's a mystery-action movie one-liner. Like a detective is squatting over a crime scene while the idiot police investigators loudly draw out their incorrect conclusions, and suddenly he interrupts: "puppies don't wear dentures", then he pulls out a pistol and points it at a guy who was concealed behind some nearby trash cans. Sorry. I'm weird. Good luck with waking up. I know I've tried many methods of attack with it and not managed consistency.
  13. Oh, man, I'd seen that website and lost it. Thank you! I always think "man, I wish I was in college again". Well, now I can be. I just need to get someplace where I can realistically take courses (sharing 2 internet cables between 5 people and having only one 30+ minute block of free time per day is not conducive to proper studying). It's not a solution, but it's helpful. I really appreciate all the support, guys. Whether or not I succeed at this challenge, I promise at the very least to not disappoint. I'd type more but I have to go work.
  14. (you have no idea how hard it was for me to find one of those with a view image that wasn't...yeah)Anyway, good luck on your thesass. Thesis. Whatever.
  15. Madam, I do not snowboard. I ski. The problem is, I've already invested a lot of time and money (other peoples' money, at that) into a direction. I feel like I'd basically be the scum of the Earth if I didn't do my best to stick with it. But I've been presented with evidence that it just might not be a good idea. And, unfortunately, I'm not far enough along any other avenues for them to make good options at this time. All of this is as far as I can tell. I'm really hoping that I can gain some new insight on the matter. Really really hoping. Because I don't want to be stuck working for $8 an hour with no tips and a family that justifiably hates me for the rest of my life. Also, I care about too many things. I like writing. I like drawing. I like guitar. I like language (my current direction). I like linguistics. I like parkour. I like acting. I'm rediscovering my passion for the hard sciences. If I were some polymath who was actually GOOD at all of them, hey, no problem. But I'm not. I'm mediocre, and mediocre does not pay the bills. Or contribute much to humanity. Blah blah blah angst blah blah blah problems that I'm sure everyone has blah blah blah, you get the idea. I just feel like I've been coasting and accepting that I'm going nowhere instead of trying to do something about it. I've gotta switch that around. P.S. you should update your signature. You're level 2!
  16. F@#K YES OKAMI! Sorry. Six days a week of training is awesome. I hope I someday get back to that level. Don't let yourself slip! The climb back up is hard.
  17. You have 15 points to distribute. Do it how you think is appropriate. Do you consider tin-whistling to be more of a focus on your mental acuity or your social acumen? If the former, maybe do it +2 WIS, +1 CHA. If the latter, +1 WIS, +2 CHA. Basically, tell us (and yourself) what's improving what! Recommendations: Goal 1 should be strength and stamina Goal 2 can have strength, dexterity, and stamina, but should probably lean towards dexterity Goal 3 is constitution, maybe a little wisdom if you like Goal 4 is wisdom and charisma. Maybe only one or the other. Those are only recommendations. Do what your heart tells you.
  18. If it's slate grey, I don't know you anymore. For realsies. Anyway, good luck with all the stuff, especially housework. Housework is the bane of my existence.
  19. Crow pose: bonking your head from that height doesn't hurt. You'll be fine! My advice is to practice it every day. It only takes one or two minutes to do a couple tries with rests in between. Because it's as much about balance as it is about strength, practicing it specifically is important. Good luck!
  20. AH! F$#K! KILL THE KENDER! KILL IT WITH FIRE! *ahem* Sorry. I've played D&D. Remember that whole grains are not a free pass to eat a ton of breads. It's better than refined grains, but it's still grains. You should consider assigning your stat gains to individual goals. Anyway, with Kishi cheering you on, you'll kick ass. He was my biggest supporter last challenge, so you're in good hands.
  21. Sweeeets...those are hard to turn down during this sort of season. Make sure those "two times" aren't unlimited tickets. If "one time" is eating a doughnut, that's okay. If "one time" is eating half a dozen doughnuts in one sitting, you're looking at an issue. Yes, I can do that. There's a reason I have trouble dieting. Anyway, good luck!
  22. Hsssst...cleeeeaaniiiiiiing...we haaatesssss it... Priorities are good. I often find myself not knowing what's most important in my goals.
  23. Honestly, that's the most important qualification. You'll do well here.
  24. What are you aiming for with your yoga poses? "Mastery" means some different things. I mean, some would argue that "mastering" downward dog means getting your heels on the ground, but that takes WAY longer than six weeks. Anyway, good luck, and work hard!
  25. Well, with only ten days left in my rural retreat, it's time to think about what I'm doing when I go back. Short version: beasting it out. Long version: uhhhhh... So, here is where I make some goals. I kind of don't know what I want to shoot for. Right now I'm barely managing to work out at all, so I'm starting to lose track of what kind of gains I should be expecting. Thus, the following is entirely a crapshoot. GOAL 1: Retire the belt. I've been using a belt to measure my progress as far as my fat loss goes. I was doing very well, but I hit a plateau almost a month ago. I've been struggling just to maintain my loss at all, due to stress and lack of ability to decide WHAT I'm eating (I can only decide how much, and that's hard to restrain yourself on). However, that excuse is, one, an excuse, and two, about to go away. I am currently on the last pre-installed notch of my belt, and it's a little snug. In six weeks, I want it to be too loose at this tightness. I know for a FACT that this is realistic. REWARD: +3 CON, +1 CHA GOAL 2: Kip-up Yeah, I wanna do a kip-up. That's hard. I need to practice. I think I'm fit enough (though absolutely nobody has given me any good idea of how fit you should be to try this), but it's a skill. And practice hurts. I think anyone in the medical profession would smack me upside the head for doing this, but they don't need to know, eh? Unless I go to the ER. I'll fess up then. REWARD: +1 STR, +2 DEX GOAL 3: Group training I have made great progress training by myself, but everyone knows that training with others is a good idea. Period. Thus, I need to engage myself in regular group exercise. This might be a martial arts class, a climbing group, or even hunting down the university's parkour club. It might be MULTIPLE of these. I'd add yoga class to the list, but I know I don't want to pay to do group yoga regularly. It's just not as high on my goals list. REWARD: +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 STA, +1 WIS, +1 CHA LIFE GOAL: Direction I have no idea what I'm doing. I need a real plan. Or something. I don't even know how I'll grade this, but I'll try. REWARD: +3 WIS Yeaaaahhhh...I'm pretty worried about this challenge. But as long as I keep working, I'm going somewhere good, even if it's not as fast as I'd like.
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