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  1. I have the power of super-pessimism. I'm usually a decently optimistic person, but whenever I make a negative prediction, it will be right far more often than chance should dictate. The accuracy of my prediction increases when people say I'm being negative. My mental filter is basically preposterous. You know how it's often said that "Don't picture a pink elephant" is an impossible command? Well, that's not true for me. My brain stops the imaging process before it's complete. This would be a much more useful power if I were squeamish, but I can look at pictures of gaping wounds while eating chili, so it's basically just weird.
  2. Yeah, I haven't done rolls in months. I've done them a lot (I have taken a few forms of martial arts, and even got a black belt in one), but I bet I need the practice. I should make a roll routine for myself!
  3. Hello, Assassins! I thought I would pop in and make my membership in the Assassin's Guild a public thing. I'm sure I'll be using these boards a lot. Right now, I'm working my way up to the point where I can reasonably perform parkour. I am training to be able to do pull-ups and run for longer amounts of time (right now, the lowest rung of Couch to 5k is reasonably challenging for me). Current workout: Rebel Fitness Training Program Couch to 5k (replacing the interval training of above) Basic yoga What do you guys think would be good to add to that to make myself more suited to parkour?
  4. I was definitely considering yoga! I'm not stiff as a board, but I often find myself wishing I had more flexibility and range of motion, so I'll be looking into it. And you can bet I've already got interval training on my workout schedule. Thanks!
  5. Hello, rebels! My name is Mike, and I am delighted to announce that I am throwing myself into your ranks with reckless abandon! Okay, enthusiastic education, same thing. Throughout my life I've tried so many things in the avenues of physical fitness, but I've never been fit. Ever since I can remember, I've been fairly weak (even my lazy friends could arm-wrestle me easily), and I've had a big chunk of fat hanging off my belly. And, honestly, I've just been procrastinating on fitness and everything else important in my life. Well, no more. After some of my friends started getting on a health kick, I decided to let myself get swept up. That was the push I needed. That bit of momentum has gotten me striding towards new goals in personal health. I've gone ahead and started myself on the Rebel Fitness workout, and I'm transitioning to a mostly-paleo diet. I'm really enjoying it so far, actually. I have missed the burn of a good workout, the sweetness of fresh fruits and vegetables. It's work, sure, but it's worth postponing a few time-wasting activities to get that wonderful feeling. Anyway, I know it's hard to get fit without a few goals, so here are some goals, short term and long term. You can bet this list will be expanded once I have a better idea of where I'm going. -Lose the gut. Since I've never known life without it, I don't know how thin I actually am under there, but I would bet this thing adds 4, maybe 6 inches. I'll be putting pictures up here sometime (I need a real mirror...) -Be able to do muscle-ups. Right now, I don't think I can even do a solid pull-up. Well, I have every intention of becoming a traceur and taking levels in Assassin, so that has to change! This is my biggest problem area as far as body-weight lifts, so I need to aim for this. -Make a travel fitness plan. I'm going to Japan in September, where I'll be living in a hostel and doing volunteer work, with virtually no income. I need to figure out how to eat right and exercise on pocket change without upsetting the locals. I also have to brush up on my Japanese. I start my rebel fitness workout in earnest on Tuesday (I think I heard you should take one day minimum of non-intensive exercise between intensive workouts?). I'm really looking forward to this!
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