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  1. Hm. I think tomorrow I will try to tape my parkour drills, too. There's a neat idea behind them that I want to share. Sorry I'm always slow about uploading anything, though.

    Squeezed in a strength training workout today, despite having to wait about 4 hours before I could use the gym after I was done with work. Worth the wait. Set a pull-up PR and actually managed to do a negative 1-handed push-up, which I could never do before. My hollow holds still suck, but that's what practice is for.

  2. Agh, I FINALLY finished that goddamn short story. It only counts for a couple thousand words for the week, since I did the first two thirds of it last week. Blargh.

    I had to wait for hours to do my parkour workout today. It was a pretty mediocre practice session. I'm getting better at sidling on ledges. My QM balance is also getting better. I took a video of me doing cartwheels, which I will upload later, when I'm not feeling the urge to choke people.

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only person who does yoga in their underwear. But I'm pretty sure the NF forum allows underwear photos because, well, seriously, it's a forum about bodies. You gotta be able to see 'em. Still, no need to put those sorts of pics up if you don't want people looking at you in your underwear. I know I'm shy like that.

  4. I'M BACK, BABY.

    I got dragged off on vacation.

    I got a few hours of cycling in, which I'm counting towards my running goal. Not because I'm lazy, but because it really was good for the things that I need. And also it hurt my butt a lot, but that's neither here nor there.

    I'm behind on my writing. And so, I will catch up.

    I missed the internet.

  5. I'm still working on getting rid of my gut (and I'm doing damn well at it, having gone down over an inch a month around the belly consistently since I started). A six pack is far off. However, I will happily stare at pictures of abs. :P

    Yeeeessss...take pictures of your bellies for meeeeee...

    (Guys I'm really tired so I can't tell the difference between absolutely hilarious and creepy as hell, but rest assured that I intend this all in a wholeheartedly humorous fashion. You go, guys)

  6. Man, parkour just sounds effing fun. Like, seriously. I can't imagine what it's like to throw myself at the ground and miss.

    You can't imagine it.

    But you can live it.

    Little personal story: when I was a teenager, I got big into mysticism. Not like "I would cast curses on the guys who shoved me into lockers" big (and, no, I never even got shoved into lockers), but I ate up the knowledge. At an awesome summer camp, I took a course on lucid dreams. You can induce them with practice. About halfway through the course, I managed it. The first thing I did was try to fly.

    I don't remember if it was a conscious decision or not, but in that instant, glorious wings, each longer than a man is tall, sprouted from my back, and began to beat the air as I ran. Shortly, my feet no longer pushed at the ground, but waved uselessly as I lifted into the sky. For an instant, I felt myself fly, not under some magic spell or some quirk of fate, not by machine or happenstance, but by my own power and will.

    Then I woke up.

    I've never really been able to shake it, I guess.

    I really do need to get back into lucid dreaming. It's a very interesting way to explore your mind. But there will never be a waking moment where I don't want to fly. And so, I train. I train for that far off year where I can really do it.

    And, hey, you can train too. There's a big community out there.

  7. Blech.

    So, even though I wrote over 5600 words (over 7200 actually), I didn't finish anything. So, uh, nothing counts for me this past week. That legitimately sucks.

    Strength training starts back up today! Can't wait to beast it out.

  8. Some of the poses were practically effortless. Others were so difficult I couldn't do them at all. Did this happen to anyone else starting out with yoga?

    This happened to every single person starting yoga ever.

    Seriously, it's a skill. Look up an "intermediate" yoga pose that you can't get into. Maybe something like pigeon pose, or lotus pose, or crow pose. Do you want to know your time frame to those if you work on whatever difficult pose you're working on every day?

    Anywhere between a month to half a year.

    It takes time. Lots of time and work. Just be patient, and enjoy the ride. Yoga is very rewarding and relaxing.

    But, hey, working out is a great idea, so do it.

  9. Ohw, I like what you are doing, finding new places and doing parkour in them!

    Downsides: close encounters with snakes on rock walls, climbing into thorn bushes, dropping electronics in the water, being scared for 30 minutes straight

    Upsides: learning to motherf**king fly

    Yeah, it's pretty cool, I guess.


    Did an indoor parkour practice today. I felt dog-tired, so I filled some gaps with kick practice, cartwheels, and handstand practice (probably 5 minutes worth, all told). I know that's more like gymnastics than parkour, but it all gets me towards my general goal of turning my body into a work of deadly performance art, so I'd say it's rather in the spirit of things.

    Also, totally nailed a vault at full sprint speed. And another. And then one on my bad side too (I don't know why but I can tell my brain favors using my left as my outside leg). Felt pretty awesome. Had to mess a few up to get there, but even an instant or two of bucking my fear and soaring through the air is worth every bit of training. The obstacle I use is only maybe a meter high (maybe more), so it's not super-duper, but it's pretty cool. Plus, my quadrupedal balance is getting better. Managed to move like 2 whole meters on a line without falling over. Couldn't do that two weeks ago!

    Will do mobility later. But it's been a good day for fitness today.

  10. Confirm second day.

    It was a lot easier this time! I had a good idea of what I was doing going into it. So here's what I did!

    Split squats x10 each leg, horizontal, then each diagonal (so, a total of 60 squat movements)

    10 shoulder raises

    3 sun salutations each side

    1 vinyasa-style standing poses sequence each side

    1 RBW's vinyasa-style back sequence each side

    3 RBW's vinyasa-style hips sequence each side

    Takes almost exactly 20 minutes! But I'm probably gonna shake it up. Complacency and mobility don't mix.

  11. Plyo* push-ups are good, and, if you work for it, plyo one-arm push-ups will make your punches break gods. Box jumps (and, to an extent, plyo squats and plyo one-leg squats) get your explosive leg work, which is great for jumps and kicks. But that's strength training, which you might not be as interested in.

    From what I've seen, something great to do for practice is to spar, mock-spar, or just go at a punching bag like a starved dog for long periods of time. Even when I was testing for my black belt, as little as a couple minutes of sparring was heavy work. So, basically, try to do sparring/practice HIIT** style. It's a lot easier to fight when you're not tired.

    *Plyometric, or explosive. Basically, think jumping and punching. Super-fast, rather than just moving a lot of weight.

    **High-intensity interval training. I can't explain it correctly, but it's in multiple places around this site.

  12. It's actually not that painful, but it's quite strenuous. Or maybe I'm not doing it right? Or maybe I am. I know when I started yoga, it was kinda painful, but now, it's mostly relaxing, even when I'm doing the deeper (read: burning with the fire of a supernova) stretches. So, it might just be a matter of practice!

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