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  1. Here we are a couple of months later and laziness is winning. The bastard. Time to kick his arse. Weight: 179 Yesterday's workout: BP 1x5 @ 115 5x5@ 135 Sq 1x5 @ 135 5x5@ 225 DL 1x5@ 135 5x5@ 155 Not as sore as I expected. The goal is to get down to 170 again by the end of May.
  2. Soda wise: 1 on the week - Monday at Cheesecake factory. Today's food: Salad (letuce, black olive, mushroom, cucumber, tomato, carrot, sunflower seeds, cheese) no dressing 2 cookies bottle water can of Monster: Rehab on the drive to work. Dinner will be a piece of steak and veggies TBD. Today's workout: CF - WoD to be determined. Will edit for WoD later today after work and add weight tomorrow morning.
  3. So despite the cool title, laziness did in fact set in. So we are going to attempt to reverse all of the negative habits I have been building!! So my goals for the next couple of months are: 1) Attend Cross Fit 3-5 days a week. 2) Fast from roughly 7pm to 1130am. 3) Limit myself to 3 or less sodas (of any size) per week. 4) Work on reducing the amount of grains I am eating. 5) Work on eliminating snacking. Expected results from keeping these goals: 1) Lose weight (I am back up to 175-177ish. Will weigh in the AM) 2) Drop body fat % - sitting somewhere around 23% and I would like to get to 15% Fun things that I am doing: 1) Golf lessons! 2) Shooting lessons/league! 3) Magic: The Gathering 4) Softball league this Spring/Summer. I know how to do it, I just have to set my mind to it and go for it!
  4. Tuesday: Off - was rather sore. Wednesday: Walked around the zoo for 5 hours Thursday: Turkey day. I slacked. Friday: BP 1x5 @145 3x5@165 1x5@145 (no gloves, hard on my hands) Sq 1x5@225 4x5@275 1x5@295 DL 1x5@135 4x5@165 1x5@185 No OHBP as my shoulder was a little sore and that particular exercise is rough on my shoulder. Today I am also going to go walk for several hours at the Renaissance Fair. Woot!
  5. Sunday: Ran 1.2 miles and felt pretty good. Sprinted the last 40 yards. Today: Hooray! Was able to lift today without pain! BP 1x5 @135 5x5@155 Sq 1x5@135 4x5@225 1x5@275 OHBP 5x5@95 DL 1x5@135 3x5@185 Felt good and looking forward to getting back into the groove!
  6. Nice job on the challenge and the 100 pounds!! Keep it up. As for the reading, we do have a book club for each challenge
  7. I cut the sodas out complete when I did 6 weeks of strict paleo. I find that they are my weakness out here as they are readily available at meal times and free to boot. It is difficult to resist them most days. When I get back home and we don't have them in the house I am hoping its much easier. As for what I drink, well 5-6 liters of water a day.
  8. Thanks Chair. It made me laugh. After I got over the WTF moment. The Ambercrombie models can suck my hairy left toe. I like the big 3 and plan on continuing to do them. Stupid models and their skinny fat selves.
  9. Nice intro. Every time I hear "Drink water" I want to blurt out "Beat the Heat Drill SGT. Beat the heat". Having been in Afghanistan for the last 18 months I have drank approximately 5,240 liters of water (I drink about 6 liters a day). Fortunately I have drank much less in the way of sodas and teas. Enjoy the golf course. When I was at Bragg (only duty station that had organized PT. Go Pentagon and PACOM) we didn't do any running around the golf course. Mostly just the pavement. And hooray for lifting heavy stuff. I am taking a (involuntary) break from lifting. But tomorrow is run day.
  10. And I am back on the no lifting train. Don't like it here! Bastards
  11. According to the calculations derived (and I know they are just estimates) from http://www.builtlean.com/2010/03/14/how-to-calculate-your-calorie-burn/ My BMR looks like: 5'7 171 20%BF Katch & McArdle Method BMR (Men + Women) = 370 + (21.6 * Lean Mass in kg) Lean Mass = weight in kg – (weight in kg * body fat %) 1 kg = 2.2 pounds, so divide your weight by 2.2 to get your weight in kg 77.7 - 15.54 = 62.16 lean mass 21.6*62.16=1342.66 + 370 = 1712 for BMR 1712*1.55(exercise 3-5 x a week) = 2654 calories needed to maintain. To calculate the deficit if I recall correctly, you multiply the 2654 * 35% and the will give the range for your deficit (in this case 1700 calories) Math out of the way, if I am only coming in between 1300-1500 calories, this could be bad yes? And is this something that could explain why I am losing weight but not BF%? At the beginning of the challenge I was 178 and 17.5% BF and I have lost 7 pounds but gained 2.5% BF (I did lose 1 week to illness and 2 weeks to injury) Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Goal is to get to about 10% BF then add muscle and cut again. I have also been running low carb/in keto for most of the last 3 months. I haven't seen anything speaking on time frames to remain in keto. Thoughts on that too?
  12. You might find this article helpful as well. http://robbwolf.com/2012/10/24/shades-paleo/
  13. I know where you are coming from on that one. Ironically, soda (Dr. Pepper is my favorite) is still my kryptonite when it comes to not eating paleo. I could probably work it into my cheats once or twice a week, but I think that is something I will save for when i hit my BF% goal of 10% (still at like 18% right now. ). When I was in pain from my back injury it was like, look junk food! Must eat. No will power what so ever! Keep it up the good work. Glad you are enjoying CF! Looking forward to trying it out.
  14. I would look at couch25k for the treadmill program. Its a program that slowly progresses you from not running to running 3.2 miles in one go over the course of 9 weeks. I am in week 6 (before I got sidelined with a weightlifting injury) and will be looking to pick up on it again tomorrow. http://www.c25k.com/c25k_treadmill.html
  15. I am most excited to just get back to lifting (back issue last week. Will likely pick up lifting again at the beginning of November). That being said, my goals are: Bench: 200lbs Squat: 400lbs Dead: 400lbs OHBPR: dunno. Stuck at 115lbs at the moment. Being at 175lbs both the Sq and DL are more than 2x my body weight. Once I get to thoses weights, it might change though.
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