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  1. Mission Report 5/10: The SS Katammers has been docked for emergency repairs prior to departure. I started feeling under the weather at work last Thursday and yesterday tested positive for COVID. Needless to say I am....very sick. My husband has also developed a fever. Caffeine reset is on target, cannabis reset is not because it eases the constant nausea and headache. I'm either sleeping a ton or can't sleep at all so the bedtime routine and regular sleep schedule has been postponed. For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath for my review of the nutrition cubes meal delivery - you'll have to wait. I can't smell or taste anything and have zero appetite.
  2. Here it is! it's a portrait of one of my dogs. As you could maybe tell, I'm having trouble with the flowers.
  3. Thank for your your support! I am going to neeeeed it.
  4. Welcome to the world! I'm also pursuing my creative endeavors alongside trying to get my shit together. If you write fast enough, does it count as cardio?
  5. Thanks! I think this is going to be the most important thing for me. Historically, the times I've been the most successful have been when I have a structured and thought out plan so I don't have to do any on -the-fly thinking at the gym or at mealtime.
  6. I'm a personal injury paralegal at a really great firm. I love it. I'll take a picture of my painting next time I'm working on it!
  7. I don't know anything about kids, but I have a feeling you'll have TONS of things to distract you from your phone. Just remember you don't have to be productive 100% of the time. Sometimes it's okay to just give your brain a break and veg out. Good luck!
  8. The type-A brain in my skull appreciates how thorough your roadmap is! I believe in your plan, Orc man.
  9. Thanks! I've definitely discovered that I'm more likely to stay on track if I have a solid plan. As soon as I don't know what to do at the gym or eat for the day I fall apaaaart.
  10. Hey everyone! I'm new to the rebellion and hope this journey will get me out of the funk I'm in and back into all my pants that fit. Here's a little bit about me: I'm a Marine Corps veteran and finished almost nine years of service with two deployments in 2016. At my peak I was working out twice a day. Then in 2016 I ended my last tour with a level-two spinal fusion and that was...well, kind of where things ground to a halt. Getting your discs scrambled like tuna salad (surgeon's words, not mine) will do that to you. Cue a few years of recovery, pain, and generally feeling sorry for myself most of the time. As you can imagine, I packed on some weight and got to my heaviest in my life at 210. In 2018-2019 I lost around 45 pounds. Then the magic of COVID swept across the land and here we are. I've been steadily gaining since then and I really, really do NOT want to start back at square one. I feel physically uncomfortable in my body and my clothes. So I've got a lot of exercise experience but now have to deal with significant physical limitations - so most of what I used to enjoy is out. Except cereal. I can pack away some cereal. I've also got a whack case of garbage brain so most of my obstacles are mental. So that's what my starting goals for this first challenge are going to focus on - getting into a healthier mindset where I feel confident about making healthier decisions. 1. Set a consistent sleep routine & schedule. I am tired. all. of. the. time. If I have a consistent sleep schedule, and track my sleep quality, I'm hoping to nail down my source of exhaustion. It's possible just being alive is the source of my exhaustion. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. 2. I'm doing a caffeine & cannabis break. I drink so much coffee I can't even feel it anymore. I want to reset back to a baseline. 3. Every evening I am going to set aside some time to assess the day and plan out tomorrow. Record my mood for the day, plan out my menu for the next day, plan out my gym break and exercise goals. I bought a fitness log from Darebee and I'm going to make that my home base for data collection. Fail to plan - plan to fail! I'm not worried about fixing everything all at once. That would be impossible. But I want to get to a neutral place where I can start hopefully building success from again. But I promise I'm fun sometimes too! I like to write and perform sketch comedy and have a few personal writing projects going on the side. I'm also learning the drums and working on a painting. And I genuinely LOVE my day job in between bouts of diarrhea . I also have irritable bowl syndrome. Here we go!
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