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  1. Goals for this Weekend Sorry it's been a while since I posted an update on my progress. It's been a pretty big week at the wireless kiosk. I'm number one in the district right one, I'm overpowering the whole Northwest as far as sales go. I'm looking at the last 5 days left at the end of the month to see how many goals I can accomplish before June. I know the current challenge doesn't end until June 11, but I'm trying to finish up at least some of the things I started. So, I did slip up once on smoking when I got drunk and mad because I was kicked out of a bar [because my ex is friends with the bar owner and doesn't like me]. I ended up chain smoking 3-4 cigarettes. I didn't give up and I didn't start up again the next morning when I got home. At 7:30am when I had to work at 12:00pm. I'm back on track now. Thursday Smoking Cessation Appointment Eye Exam Appointment Email HEN About Application Fee and Security Deposit Contact Provider About Referrals Get a Court Petition for a Legal Name Change Schedule Physical Therapy Appointment Schedule Dermatology Appointment Take a Shower Use New Acne Wash Use Hemp Face Mask Use Acne Spot Treatment Remove Hair Color Clean the House and Finish Chores Friday Switch My Phone Service Provider Bleach and Re-Color Hair Blonde Get a Haircut Finish Reading Rise by Patty Azzarello Watch Morbius Watch Season 1 of Moon Knight
  2. Drawing/art, RPG video games, tabletops (D&D/Pathfinder), and writing. I'd like to learn some new creative skills. I'm not sure. I'm not motivated right now. I started on the moleskin journal. Well, it's not really moleskin. But it's a journal, and I'm writing in it. It's mostly just a daily notebook, and I'm just writing about goals at work, things I'm doing, transitioning/gender dysphoria. I guess the point is that I'm trying to write in the new perspective of myself, as my new name that I plan to change to.
  3. Yes it is my first challenge. Thanks for telling me that. - - - Yes, those are possible big future goals. I was reading a book and I thought it had a lot of goals in it that applied to what I actually want to do in the next year, next few years. The 100 books in a year... that would be totally feasible if it was the start of the year. Mostly I read self-help books, but I thought about actually getting back into fictional books. I've been depressed and it's hard to motivate myself to partake in things I really enjoy - fictional books, movies, and video games being those things, and also creative hobbies. I'm kind of stuck.
  4. Book Notes Finish by Jon Acuff "Run a marathon." Or, start with running a mile consistently without stopping. "Read the entire library." Or, read 100 books this year, 50 fiction, 50 non-fiction. Or, read the rest of the books that I checked out from the library. Finish the P90X at-home workout program. I want to. "Get a black belt in karate." Or, take an introductory course in Krav Maga. Finish writing in a moleskin notebook. Finish coloring my adult coloring book. "Write my first novel." Or, create the outline for my novel. Go to the gym 3-5 days a week and do a full-body workout. Take swimming lessons and learn/perfect some swimming strokes. Re-learn how to ride a bike (I know it's impossible, but I actually forgot). Lose 15lb. of bodyweight to get to a normal BMI. Create a website/blog and write a 300-word blog post once a day. Complete the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home challenge. Complete all 100 30-Day Challenges on Hackerella. Watch all the TV series that I've been trying to finish. Or, finish season 1 of Moon Knight, the Morbius movie, and pick an anime to watch. "Get to Level 100 on New World." Or, actually play the video game that I bought.
  5. May 12th Update I went to the dentist today, and I'm working on getting my teeth fixed up. I got the cleaning done, and next week I'm getting started on cavity fillings. There's five cavities... to start with. The enamel is basically ruined from having old-school braces, so unfortunately the glue wore off the enamel and the gumline cavities just keep growing where there are already fillings in place. I was kind of excited to get the goodie back from the dentist, surprisingly enough I actually like the dentist (I don't know if that's weird or not). I got prescription toothpaste and a sample of the whitening kit they sell at the dentist office. I also picked up the whitening version of the mouthwash I use. I also need gum surgery and that's expensive, it's like $1,000 and it's not covered by insurance because it's considered "superficial" (even though I have three teeth that will fall out if I don't get a gum graft on them, and my gums hurt). I picked up a coffee and a pizza after this. I don't know if this is a "safe" forum quote on quote but I'm planning, or wanting, to come out as trans in June. I'm nervous about it, I doubt my family would be that accepting, and I also don't know who is safe to come out to. I'm also planning to get all of my medical care done this year, so I don't plan on seriously transitioning for about 6 months to about a year or so. Maybe sooner, if everything works out well.. I've actually been in the closet for a really long time, and I don't know who knows aside from a select few people that I've been thinking this way. I'm very unsocial so I don't know who would or wouldn't be surprised, or who on social media I need to keep private from or halt contact with if there are any. I also don't spend a lot of money on clothes or superficial things, so this might start showing up in my physical appearance pretty slowly. And I don't know if I mentioned, I'm super nervous. After the dentist and the food & drink I had my second smoking cessation appointment, and I got my step 2 nicotine patches ordered to come to the pharmacy tomorrow. I'm cutting down from 21 mg patches to 14 mg patches, and reducing the nicotine lozenges to 2-3 a day. I'm on day 25 and I'm pretty hyped that I'm almost at day 30 on the 17th.
  6. May 2022: Drink 9 Glasses 72 oz. of Water a Day I've been working on this challenge since May 1st, and so far it's been easy. I ordered a 36 oz. Brita bottle and extra filters from Amazon. 5/1: Completed 5/2: Completed 5/3: Completed 5/4: Completed 5/5: Completed 5/6: Completed 5/7: Completed 5/8: Completed 5/9: Completed 5/10: Completed 5/11: Completed 5/12: Completed 5/13: Completed 5/14: Completed 5/15: Completed 5/16: Completed 5/17: Completed 5/18: Completed 5/19: Completed 5/20: Completed 5/21: Completed 5/22: 50% - Incomplete 5/23: 89% - Incomplete 5/24: Completed 5/25: 54% - Incomplete Challenge Reward: Waterdrop Microdrinks
  7. 30 Day Challenges April 2022: Quit Smoking Cigarettes (April 17th) May 2022: Drink 9 Glasses (72 oz.) of Water a Day Badges
  8. Jax's Trinket Ball: The Center Sphere The Trinket Ball Shifters carry what's called a Trinket, a locket or item of some sort that contains the energy of their soul. If another takes the Trinket, that person has control over the Shifter - they can command them to do their bidding. When Jax was taken to the otherworld, his Soul Energy was destroyed, and what remains of his Soul Energy had trickled from a fire into a tiny flame. His cup, now empty, had to be filled. For many years he wandered on lost, filling his emptiness with whatever he could find, and yet nothing satisfied him. After these many years of searching, he had finally had enough. He couldn't take the feelings of loss and loneliness anymore. With the spring air outside welcoming into the warmer weather, flowers blossoming and life returning to the barren ground after the cold of winter, he decided that now was the time to heal himself. First, it would start with his Soul Energy. He needed to get the flame higher, to form the round Energy Ball that would be sealed and carried around his neck. 1. Health & Fitness A Shattered Soul While Jax heals much faster than a human, his body isn't invincible and during his battles he does get injured. Many of his injuries have failed to heal properly, leaving him with unseen scars and pain that he struggles with every day. His body, although young, is damaged from his trials and tribulations. Of course, being forced into the World Between is a nightmare in itself. Although his memory is fragmented, it haunts him with experiences that he can't fully remember, but can't fully forget. The light extinguished in his eyes indicates the torment of his shattered Soul Energy. Back in the Living Realm, he needs to get his strengths back together before he can unravel the mystery of what happened to him in the Otherworld, and how to bring the rest of his pieces back home with him. Goal: Schedule all medical appointments needed for the year to take care of existing health problems. Upcoming Appointments May 2022 Physical Exam (May 5th @ 10:45am) Routine Blood Test (Fasting Required) Dental Exam & Cleaning (May 12th @ 12:00pm) Smoking Cessation (May 12th @ 3:30pm) Chiropractor (May 17th @ 10:00am) Cavity Fillings (May 19th @ 11:00am) Obs. Consultation (May 20th @ 8:30am) Chiropractor (May 23rd @ 10:15am) Chiropractor (May 25th @ 10:00am) Smoking Cessation (May 26th @ 11:00am) Eye Exam (May 26th @ 12:45pm) Counseling (May 27th @ 11:00am) Podiatrist (May 31st @ 9:30am) June 2022 Periodontist Consultation (June 2nd @ 1:50pm) Counseling (June 3rd @ 1:00pm) Nutritionist (June 9th @ 9:30am) Food Intolerance Test Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT) Intake (June 9th @ ---) Chiropractic Massage (June 16th @ 1:00pm) Sleep Medicine (June 23rd @ 10:30am) Physical Therapy (June 23rd @ 1:15pm) Physical Therapy (June 30rd @ 1:15pm) July 2022 COVID Booster 2 (July 1st @ Anytime) Pulmonary Test (July 6th @ 10:00am) Physical Therapy (July 7th @ 12:45pm) Physical Therapy (July 14th @ 12:45pm) Dermatologist (July 18th @ 1:30pm) Unscheduled Appointments Mental Health Diagnostic Reevaluation (---) Chiropractor (--) Order New Glasses (---) Next Goals Couch to 5k: Should You Do a Couch to 5k? ; Zombies, Run! 5k Training Note: I have a broken toe, so I won't be making any fitness goals for now until the boot comes off on May 31st. 2. Career & Work Goal: Exceed my budget and reign as the top salesperson in NW1. Goal: Resolve all of the technical issues that have affected customers this month. [Insert Storyline.] Update: I am the #1 salesman in the NW1 district for this month. I am killing it! Work a minimum of 40 scheduled hours a week. Clean and organize the Wireless Kiosk, and ask manager to order supplies. Complete the Daily Checklist every day and file at the end of the week. Complete all required and optional LINK training. Print out the Badges and Certificates to include in my portfolio. Get approval for paid training time. Download and print the Manager Self-Assessment and GROW Program Guide. Check the status of all Sales Escalations being processed and resubmit forms if needed. Build a more professional work wardrobe: Black, Fitted Blazer White Button-Down Shirts Leather Belt Arch-Support Shoes Orthopedic Inserts Nice-Looking Backpack 3. Money & Finances Goal: Pay off all my school and medical debts. Goal: Find an affordable apartment. Goal: Apply for an online college degree program. Goal: Create an effective budget. Goal: Cut lunch and travel expenses at work. Goal: Save money in a high-interest savings account. Goal: Rebalance my retirement fund. [Insert Storyline.] Transfer my cell phone from AT&T to my T-Mobile Corporate account. Apply to The Gates apartments in Redmond on Monday. Have HEN pay the $42 application fee and $200 security deposit. Call Evergreen to have them reprocess bills with secondary health insurance. Wait for Evergreen to process the Charity Care application before paying the remaining balance. Pay off the remaining bill from dropped college classes ($890). Apply for the Associates Degree program at Bellevue University Online. Create a budget on Intuit Mint that includes all income, savings, and expenses. Bring lunch to work instead of purchasing food at the employee marketplace. Take the bus to and from work everyday, instead of taking an Uber home. Send my forms for HEN (Housing and Essential Needs) for $1000/month in rental payments. Save $5,000 in an Emergency Fund. Create a Savings Fund for the following expenses: Driver's Ed ($2,075) Gum Graft Surgery (---) LASIK Eye Surgery (---) Pay off my medical bills from Evergreen Health ($72). Get my Tax Returns for 2021 ($2075). Increase my Roth 401k Retirement Fund to 15% of income on January 1st. Rebalance my Roth 401k based on age (70% stocks, 30% bonds) on January 1st. 30 Day Challenge Drink 9 Glasses (72 oz.) of Water Each Day (Jax Attax: Daily Battle Log) "In the end the shape and form don't matter at all, it's only the soul that matters right? Nothing else." - Soul Eater Evans
  9. Shapeshifters hide amongst people in their everyday lives. You'd never know, of course, unless you saw them shift. Jax, absorbed in his private world and detached from the city life that no longer interests him, has all but secluded from the regular world and the rest of the Shapeshifters who would no longer accept him as he is. He is a Runikai, a Shapeshifter cursed and pulled into the demon world. He survived, unlike many Shapeshifters who lost their souls to the the Otherworld and became empty, violent, and hungry Shadowlings. He fought his way through the masses of Shadowlings hungry to take his soul, and returned back to the Human World. Although, it not without consequences. Part of his being was trapped inside the World-Between, and he has lost part of what makes him whole. He was left without his ability to Bond, to form a psychic connection only found when a Shapeshifter finds its mate. He is lost, unable to understand how he feels and unable to fully use (or control) his Magic Powers. He works a regular job in the Human World in Sales and goes about his day unfettered by the bustle of city life. At night, he walks cautiously in the light of the street lamps, careful to avoid the Darkness where Shadowlings may be lingering, waiting to pull him back. He is strong enough to fight them now, but he always lives with the fear of being taken back to the Otherworld. Knowing that his life, and his soul, are in danger of being pulled into the Darkness, he may seem to wander aimlessly through life, but his mission is on the horizon. He must reclaim the part of him that is trapped in the World-Between, and maybe then he would have a chance to live a normal life again. He studies through endless tombs of research: history, artifacts, science, magic, and myth, to find some answer. And he needs to control himself, and to grow stronger. The balance of strength and self-control are of vital importance to his Being, as he risks losing control of his powers and hurting the people around him. But to gain Power - Physical, Magical, and Mental - is the object of his focus, and he's become reclusive, as people become so much of a distraction that he limits interaction with them except when necessary, or out of courtesy.
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