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  1. 6/24/22 update Karate (3/3) Steps (yes every day) Vitamins and nutrition: missed vitamins yesterday but I've been on point the other days. Nothing too notable for healthier recipes at the moment. Going back to basics during my work week. I have been digging into the research on how to properly periodize my training into high and low intensity days so that my recovery is a bit more fine tuned results and my program currently pending.
  2. 6/21/22 First update. -Steps (yes) last 2 days got my steps and I even went on a run on Sunday. - Karate (1/3) made it to kickboxing class last night and I plan to go for a double class tonight. -vitimins (mostly) missed my Creatine yesterday but I got the others. Feeling pretty good my nutrition has been mostly on point I've even been playing with healthier versions of favorites which is fun.
  3. American Kenpo karate, and karate kickboxing. The competition team I'm training with is big in the naska and wako organizations.
  4. First challenge since probably 2019 so I'm a bit rusty. My goals long term are to get into good enough shape to have a competition session in karate which I haven't been able to do since 2018 because of injury and we'll... a plague. For the short term my goals are based on consistency. Just building in the daily habits that will take me where I want to go. The specific measure able goals I have for this training is. Karate training: 3 days per week. I'm training with a very experienced sensai and I want to prioritize that. Some general movement every day: 10k steps and some kind of strength/mobility/conditioning every non karate day. Take my dang vitamins: I know through testing that I'm deficient in vitamin D and magnesium and it shows on the days I skip. I'm not in a place where I need to worry about weight classes or anything at this time so I'm really trying to build in the sense of structure and consistency I've had during past competition sessions.
  5. Kind of a niche book for me but this is the current non fiction book I'm thumbing through. It's an old martial arts manual from.the late 60s I also have a long fiction list but I didn't get any pictures of those
  6. Hey folks, I'm back in the rebellion after I fell off in 2019. This is a new account (forgot my username lol) but I was pretty active here in the monk forum from 2016 to 2019 I haven't really stopped training since I fell off here although my kenpo school went virtual there for a minute. Either way I'm coming back to the challenges because I like the community and y'all help keep me honest with nutrition and all that.
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