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  1. The Big Why When I see myself in the mirror I want to feel attractive and I want the energy and motivation to be able to do all the adventures I want to do because I have wasted too much time wishing I was doing these things or planning to do them 'in the future' or mourning not having done them while I was younger instead of doing them.
  2. Week One Update This wasn't one of my goals for this challenge period as it was near completion, but I completed the Halloween 5K Group Challenge last night! I weighed myself at the beginning of the Challenge and will do so again today at the gym for Week 2. I got a bit stuck on the Big Why and so I decided to leave it until this week when I'm back and go through it slowly, one level deeper a day over the last three days of this week. The productivity journey is going well though I have taken off a few days for my mini-vacation.
  3. Hello There! I'm new to the challenges so I guess I'm Team Rookie for the next 5 weeks.
  4. Hi. This is my first 5 week challenge. Apart from my goals, I'm hoping to spend the next 5 weeks exploring longer term goals and hopefully the Nerd Fitness Academy part of my challenge will help with that. I've tried too many times to do challenges or improvement journeys alone and always resisted more group stuff but now I am hoping the accountability and fellowship of these challenges will help me to succeed where I have failed int he past. My Goals: Weigh myself each week: I have been logging my food for the past seven days for the Academy Mission. However, I think this makes me a bit too focused on the numbers and not focused enough on the actual eating. As an experiment I want to see if just weighing myself every week without judgement or deliberate reaction to the numbers inspires me to put on weight. Re-start Nerd Fitness Academy 12-week Email Series. I've already done a few from Week one in the last week so I wont do those again. Productivity Journey: Restart and complete the Productivity Journey on the Fabulous App.
  5. *Creeps back in and whispers* I'm respawning. Sorry I missed this when you posted. I saw this as an an update when I was going through older emails and it brought me back. So, thanks very much! I'll set up a challenge thread for the upcoming challenge!
  6. *creeps in and pretends never left* How strange, I need to unblock that drain again. How do leaves even get in there it is covered! Oh I found a tape measure. It's been a difficult several months but in terms of my goals for the year, I got myself to the other side of the country to go to that festival I was terranxious of going to, I chose to continue with the Integrated Masters in Environmental Science, still not bought anything from Amazon this year and I have a Halloween 5k race on... well.... Halloween, I also have an allotment now. Like.... what? They rang at 7am and said I need to get back to them within the hour! Good job I was up..... It's a total state and I have so much clearing and digging and fixing to do. But wow. Oh goodie, I'm just in time for Week zero of the next Challenge.... Ok so in some ways I am at the exact same place I was in May and will be carrying on from there but in other ways, priorities have changed. I guess I can use Week zero to explore where I want to be at the end of this challenge.
  7. Daily Log - 19/05/22 Morning Routine ✅ | Exercise ✅ | Calories: 3,000 ✅ Small Win: Unblocked the drain like a real adult 12 Days of Self-Care Challenge: ✅ Drunk that water like a pro. (I already have 'drink water' as first thing on my Morning Routine but no-one needs to know that), 5-Day Deep Work Challenge: ✅ Worked so Deep and it paid off. I thought I would be up late finishing it but... nope. Done for the day at a reasonable hour. Exercise Log: Completed Legs and Flexibility Plan - Day 3 Academy Quests: Oops! ❌ I need to find a tape measure. Most important thing to do tomorrow: Find a tape measure.
  8. Daily Log - 18/05/22 Morning Routine ✅ | Exercise ✅ | Calories: 3,000 ✅ Small Win: Booked MOT and actually spoke on the phone 🤮 12 Days of Self-Care Challenge: ✅ Self-care, done. The Time-Slicer is mine! Exercise Log - Completed the Bodyweight Benchmark Test (I did both Journey and Academy tests, They recommended Academy Level 3 and Journey Level 17. I'll decide which I'll do today). Academy Quests: 'Before Photos' taken ✅ Today (19/05/22) Notes: I'm starting the 5 Day Deep Work Challenge today after morning routine is done. I'm pretty confident that this is going to be okay along-side the Self-Care challenge. Today I will add reading a chapter to my morning routine. However, some of the chapters in this book are too long for me to sit down for in one go. If they are long they can be split up and read throughout the day. I think I'll write these up in the evening going forward. Most Important thing to do today: Clean.
  9. Thanks very much Yes, it is something I don't want to try and rush.
  10. Prologue Challenge! Continue Morning Routine until the next 5 Week Challenge begins. Continue the Huel+1000 Diet until the end of the 28 days (but will incorporate Academy Nutrition principles when I come to those Modules). Keep Up Bodyweight Fitness now that Push-Up Challenge is complete. Plus: The 12 days of Self-Care (May have to take a break from this while away depending on what the challenges are for those days).
  11. Hello there.... Welcome to the logs of my journey for a better today, every day. ---------------- This page a work in progress----------------- Life Goals (no fixed end date at present): Buy a campervan. Financial Stability. Become a Hadzi like granddad Forgive my parents. Complete the Athens Marathon 2022 Aims: Go to DTRH Festival (July) ✅ Decide whether to continue with Environmental Science or move over to the Master of Engineering (By July) ✅ Complete at least one event - running or swimming... or both. Continue 'No Amazon Deliveries Pact' for whole year .........
  12. Hello there. I have been using Nerd Fitness Prime for a bit under a year now but I am new to the forum. I've always majorly struggled to keep to any kind of plan or routine, let alone an exercise routine. I don't think my chaotic childhood or ADHD set me up for sticking to things. However, for the first time ever I have actually finished a six week exercise plan -the Prime Press-Up Challenge that just finished. I decided to look at the Academy and then noticed there is a forum, which I like the idea of much more than facebook which I don't use much. I'm hoping finally finishing a six week exercise plan after years of failing to do so will provide some momentum to continue and perhaps improve in other parts of life too. My main goals at the moment are to reconnect with myself to discover what I should be doing with my life after wasting so many years.
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