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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for the positive outlook! Evening update: Today was nearly as bad as yesterday despite having our missing person back from their vacation. The machine is still down, and that'd be tolerable except the effort of manning the station for IT to try fixing it means losing a person to the back room. Today was worsened by the fact that I got my black Xero shoes yesterday and decided to wear them. When I put them on they were snug, but they're leather so they can relax and shape up a bit. I took out the cushion insert so I'd have as much foot room as they could give me. And then I spent the whole day with my toes cramping up against the front and top of the toe box because the shoe hasn't had a chance to relax and recognize my foot shape. It was a little frustrating because I got so used to the other pair's condition. Not to mention it makes them feel like a different size shoe even though it is in fact the same size I got last time. Anyway, my toes have finally recovered, but my heels are smarting now. Gonna wash up and get ready for CR Four-Sided Dive though it means betraying Zemi who is adorable curled up between my legs. Cid made dinner for me and gave me cocoa while we finished the previous CR episode and while I continued to finish sorting through my collections of things in my ACNL game (I'm trying to get my town in order before setting the game aside). Edit: My feet have finally stopped hurting, and Laura Bailey having to pull jenga blocks from a precarious tower made my day so much better.
  2. Yeah, I remember you setting your goals as the Nerd Fitness mechanism of "Not Twice in a Row", and I can see why it'd be frustrating to know you're not meeting that goal perfectly. I do still think it's great that you wanted to make room for the holiday festivities with an assumption that the FOMO could lead to a worse crash than the half-on-half-off approach would risk. I believe in you.
  3. I have different sorts of limbo. Cid hangs his pants on the back of my computer chair (which bothers me when I do actually want to sit at the computer). My own clothes cycle quickly next to the bed, very slowly atop the laundry bins, and nigh infinitely on a shelf in the closet depending on what exactly the item is. Shirts rarely get re-worn.
  4. We have very diverse/eclectic taste in movies, but there's enough overlap of movies we both like. Today's exercise was 15 minutes of light exercise sandwiched between petting Zemi after turning off my alarm, and snuggling with Cid because it felt nice to go back to bed for a bit. Yesterday was... a lot. Work was overwhelming due to being short on people, losing use of a machine, and being short another person in attempts to fix it by call with IT... By the end of the day I wanted to make myself feel better with food (body demanding frozen sugar milk, and me reinterpreting that into seeking sweet nutritious and diverse flavors), and I said as much to Cid, but my first choice of a sweet and veggie-packed chicken stir fry at our favorite restaurant could not be done because they don't open on Mondays. So I chose our favorite burger place for onion rings and saucy burger with plenty of veggies sandwiched in. Our waitress had a d20 necklace, so we got to nerd out a bit, too! That and the yummy food helped me recover. Also jokes between Cid and me, including one about undead whales being associated with banshees because they've got "wails from the grave" as a feature. We watched Cinema Therapy's latest episode, and we watched the start of the fight in Critical Role's episode from last week. I got my cross-stitch work done in all colors but white, so I have all the white and all the backstitching to do. And we went to bed shortly after 10 so that today can be more manageable. I'd better get myself out of bed now since it's time for me to get ready for work. Hopefully today goes better. Thanks for stopping by! Sincerely, Maerad
  5. Thank you Thank you I wish you a good morning. Mine isn't too impressive. I stayed up til 11 again, and it really takes the energy out of me trying to wake up the next morning. I started my exercises after a careful warm-up, but only did one set. I carefully stretched out afterward, and don't regret choosing to stop. Yesterday was good, though. Cidran and I watched several movies, including some he'd bought on black Friday. Train to Busan, Belle, Burn After Reading, and Muppet Christmas Carol. I cross-stitched more of the project for my mom's gift. I'm saving the white thread for last so I don't accidentally get it dirty, but I have 2/3 of the other colors done. We ate four cookies each throughout the day (a testament that he likes them, too), but that's why I made them. We made tater tot hot dish for dinner, so that'll make for good left overs. Anyway, I'm wrapping up here. Hope you have a good day. Sincerely, Maerad
  6. Sounds like that's getting you in the right direction. I've also been thinking about obstacle courses because I've done a couple in years past and want to do more. I'm not interested in the running parts, but I like the obstacles. I felt the same way. Cid found a video of a therapist discussing how moving goal posts can create disappointment because you never have the satisfaction of being where you were trying to get. Because of that, I stopped increasing my maximum output expectations, and only recently increased my minimum from 5 to 7 (previously I'd made it too much harder by pushing it to 10). If it helps, at least you can know you're not the only one who's struggling with it.
  7. https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/maple-brown-sugar-cookies/ I was trying something new because I have an extra bag of brown sugar that I thought I needed for Thanksgiving. So I looked up cookies that use brown sugar. I bought the maple syrup, and already had pecans handy, and everything else was normal baking ingredients. Update after icing (Zemi pouting in the background): Oh, and they're very tasty! Glad you like it! Long stripes were my second attempt, but I was dissatisfied with it, so I changed to a texture stitch called the Alpine crochet stitch. I had to re-do it because it curled up, but the picture above is where I left off, and I expect it will turn out nice for what it is. The pattern I wanted the yarn to accomplish needs the colors to change fast enough so it can look like this: At least now I know what feature I'll need to look for when I search again.
  8. I haven't made the icing yet, but after grocery shopping and lunch, I turned on The Santa Clause and made some pecan maple cookie dough. I refrigerated it for two hours (watched Gremlins for the first time), and have been baking half-dozen batches with Labyrinth in the background. Progress shot: As I'm finishing up the baking, it's time to make the maple icing as well. ☺ Feel free to share the cookies you're making! Maerad
  9. You've got perfect balance! I love it! You got more badges than me! *standing ovation* I didn't get that one because I came to my conclusion a few days early.
  10. I forgot to keep an eye open for your challenge! Glad to join follow along. And what a delightful plan! *cheers in the stands for your perseverance toward the goal*
  11. That sounds like a great use of reward mechanisms, and plenty of content to look forward to. Interesting thoughts. Hope you get answers that help. Ooh! Good shape study! Hope your weekend goes well!
  12. If it makes you feel any better, I also have to do warm ups or I'll suffer, and I still have a while to go until my age answers any and all questions of life and the universe.
  13. Well, grocery shopping needs to happen. I hope to put some time into my two new crafty things with some Christmas movies playing, or maybe make some cookies with Christmas music in the background.
  14. Yayy!!! The atmosphere of your posts is so warm, the temperatures you list put in the contrast. I remember the layers of wool and down needed to walk around in -25C. The mild winters in Oklahoma pale in comparison, but I keep a hat, scarf, and gloves handy to resist the biting winds we get. Sounds tasty!! ❤
  15. Map making hasn't made it into my obsessions yet, but I'm intrigued enough by it that I did doodle one for the story I wrote. XD I'm definitely not an expert, but I'd love to listen in to the discussions they have to pick up tips.
  16. That is brilliant both in the use of decor and in having festive decor until the time comes to consume it. XD Also, that sounds super tasty!!! Great!
  17. I've heard them called resistance bands. I don't have any, but I suppose I could get some. The hot shower was nice. Thank you. Based on my loss of energy levels by today (part of which would be from being up 'til 11 for the break point of the CR episode), I think this is my body screaming at me for doing a solid week after a month of inactivity. I did two sets today instead of three, but I did keep my reps at 7+. So I got a nearly perfect set this week, and it's fine that I didn't get the missing shoe since (like I said on Tuesday) I was doing a set of exercises I'm not entirely familiar with. Also by not hitting it perfectly I don't have half a pair of shoes. One of the pairs is mismatched, but that puts me at 6 pairs of shoes. Speaking of which, I decided to order a second pair of the Xero shoes. Not because they're perfect, and definitely not for the reason that my feet miraculously don't hurt anymore (because they still do...), but mostly because I'm still just as comfortable with them on as off, unlike my other shoes that I take off to reduce my misery. The real reason I got them is because the only black shoes I own are heeled, and I have a loathing for that pair at this point. I did want to try Lem's Nine2Five shoes instead, but neither of their colors are available in my size. I'll have to see if that changes in time. I bought a rainbow yarn while out with my mom on Wednesday. I was hoping to do an argyle pattern I've done in the past with rainbow yarn, but it turns out this skein changes colors way too slow. I tried to use it anyway, and was just getting upset at how slowly it changed. By the time I went to bed last night, I'd tried a pattern and then also re-done it to make the resulting scarf portion lay flat instead of curling up like a taquito. I probably will leave it alone for a bit because I'd rather get a cross stitch project done for my mom. We saw some cute patterns, and I bought the one she liked best, but my mom has enough projects on her hands that it'd be far better if I gave it to her already completed. I started on that this morning, and the power went out while I was in the middle of my second color. I used my flashlight to finish it up and have put it away. Now I have to get ready for work real fast. Oh, and I did refill my coolant. The maintenance light stayed on, so I reset it because all fluids were topped off (including oil last month), so there's no reason for it to be visually screaming at me. (I'm glad I managed to get it to turn off by myself) Thanks for stopping by! Sincerely, Maerad
  18. 1. That's awesome 2. You're what?! YOU'RE AWESOME!!! An Admin for Fantasy Map and Worldbuilding!? So awesome!!!
  19. Need to read I've read a couple of these I think I've read half of these? They're some of my favorites, though. This is where I started. Tiffany Aching and the Nac MacFeegles have a special place in my heart. I plan on reading these I don't have muuuch interest in these. I second this far more experienced vouching of quality. XD
  20. He's such a cool eldritch being. This is a well thought out content warning label. There are a couple things in there that I am very uncomfortable with, but the conclusion does help with perspective.
  21. I love Critical Role. Cidran introduced it to me when he was teaching me how to play. He also introduced me to Matt Colville, who has had a big impact on how I run the game as a DM. I did the GMB hip exercises. I did 10 reps of all eight exercises. My body is lethargic as some form of revenge, and my shoulders need more stretching. I might use a shower to improve both. I already want a nap. Oof Maerad
  22. Thanks! Thanks! We had fun! We set up the tree before we left for lunch. After lunch, we went to the craft store and Mardel's, where I spent more than I meant to... But I'll have fun making a rainbow scarf. We grabbed frozen custard, stopped at my home (I shared my custard with Cid because he'd wanted to get some the other day, but we did not), and then we went back to her house to finish the tree. shinyyyy I stopped at WM on my way home because my car is showing a maintenance alert, and the only thing noticeably low is coolant. So I'll try refilling that tomorrow... Honestly, it's amazing that we had a game last that long in the first place. The primary trouble was that our arcs just kept getting more risk and less reward, with very little fun and very little relief. I prefer D&D to be fun and games, so I tend to prefer one shots for approving of gimmicks and tropes. However, I'm considering setting aside a weeknight for running D&D sessions more locally/publicly to form a new group... Cidran is less inclined and his reluctance has delayed my decision for over a year. I need to head to bed now that I've caught up with most threads. I'll be back tomorrow to report further progress on Week 0 exercises. Thanks for stopping by! Sincerely, Maerad
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