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  1. Great job! Its not about the weight really! It's about how hard you work and how hard you can go!
  2. I'm a newbie in yoga as well and I'm not that familiar with types of yoga. I'm just following yoga for beginners on YouTube. It's been helping with my flexibility as well as fat burning. Not sure though if that's the best option to do. I'm kinda shy attending yoga classes.
  3. Who here has been doing some self defense training? I've recently been into krav maga and have been training at 360 Krav Maga. I've been enjoying it so much. Not only have I been learning about self defense and preparedness but plus points for helping with my fitness journey as I've been losing a bit of weight. My son has also been training in their kids classes and has an upcoming summer camp with them. Its a great bonding experience for us since we get to talk about our classes at home and we compare notes. What do you guys think of Krav Maga? And what other self defense classes are there that we can explore?
  4. 360 Krav Maga has been effective for me. Not only did it help with my weight loss but also taught me a lot about self defense. My kids enjoyed it too that I enrolled them in their upcoming summer camp
  5. I think it would also help to find different activities that give your workout variations. For example, aside from my usual routine, I got into 360 Krav Maga and it has been helping with my weight loss and I seem to have lost a bit of fat from my body. I think our body needs to have constant changes in terms of activities to not make it plateau or whatever.
  6. I joined 360 Krav Maga in LA several months ago and have enjoyed not only learning about self-defense but also it helps with managing my weight. I got so into it that I even enrolled my kids in their summer camp! It's been amazing!
  7. Maybe finding a sport/ activity that you would enjoy would be a good routine as well. It maybe something like martial arts or playing volleyball or something. I've recently been into 360 Krav Maga. Not only does it help with my fitness journey but it also educates me on self defense.
  8. What would be the best fitness activities for kids aside from usual sports programs?
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