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  1. Loving the standing desk. So much fidgeting that I can do! Including standing on one leg. My lower back wasn't too happy with the set-up and is more grumpy again - if nothing else, at least now I know that not starting working out again was the right call. The strange thing is that ever since I got back to work after injuring my back, my lats do not like this sitting thing. The further the day goes, the tighter (and more painful) they become. And it feels like keeping good posture makes it become worse - maybe it's just and adjustment to good posture and muscles that are used to bad posture protesting at having to change? I hope so. I try to be conscious of moving and doing some stretches as I stand/walk. but so far it doesn't feel like it is helping much. I'm feeling satisfied with m walking for the week - started with a goal of 1600 steps on Monday and managed more than 2300 - here, I do however have a suspicion that my watch may have counted cutting chicken and veggies as steps. Yesterday I upped my goal to 1800 and since it was sunny, supplemented with walks in my back yard around the trampoline - again just over 2100 steps. Found an interesting-ish way to keep myself motivated/on tack with steps using a Google Sheet and the current time - taking the time from 6am to 6pm and dividing the number of steps needed by 12. This tells me how many steps to aim for per hour and also tells me for each top of the hour how many steps I should have completed. It's fun for now. I'm a little unsure what I will do today with the rain. Something else that seems so silly, but has had such a huge impact - I tend to wear my slippers all day since they're nice and warm - wonderful benefit of working from home. Of course, I don't really want to go outside in them. So, starting this week, I'm putting proper shoes on first thing in the morning. Suddenly I walk more.
  2. Gosh, I absolutely love how you structured your goals and how detailed/extensive they are - amazing!
  3. Complete rest days are a good thing Wish I knew of some special cure for blisters, but unfortunately not - not to sound like a broken record, but could chalk help? At least with smoothing over any friction and reducing moisture. On another note - any plans to work your way up to the heaviest kb? Maybe not for daily sets, but just for funsies.
  4. Have you checked Pedometer++? Granted, I'm not 100% if it is available on Android since I have iOS, but I don't remember it asking me for weight and age etc. - though, even if it did, I can't see that information now and it doesn't report on it in any way. I can see how many steps I have walked and what distance it was. I originally got it to have something display my step count on my watch and love how simple it is. You can set a step goal if you would like, but it isn't necessary (or just set a fake one that is very low). If the app doesn't use GPS, it would need at least your height to be able to determine distance from number of steps, so don't be too worried about entering that - I think it might ask gender for similar reasons.
  5. Haven't gotten too far with reboot plans. Did spend some time on introspection and thinking through various areas and that will form the basis of what I am doing. I have a standing desk arriving today which will hopefully help with some of the back spasms that I'm experiencing. I'm finding myself somewhere between frustrated and angry with how little progress I have been able to make. And the fact that I've been using my injury as an excuse to eat badly. So, taking a stand this week and improving my eating - no more eating like I'm feeling. I'm also getting back to meeting my steps goal - reducing it from where I was, because the previous goal included warm=up walks and exercise, which I'm not doing at the moment. I'm thinking 1500 steps for this week (doesn't sound like much, I know, but it is a start). Stretching, especially my back needs to be prioritised as well. By the end of the day, I am in agony, so need to focus on that a bit more as well. Most of all, I need to not reach a point of giving up. I can feel the tendrils of despair reaching out.
  6. I know that feeling of no hope. It is not a pleasant place to be in. When I restarted a while ago, one of my first goals wasn't a specific achievement exercise-wise, but rather getting into the habit. If I changed into my exercise clothes and did at least one rep, that counted. On days where I had migraines, I focused on just changing into my exercise clothes. Loved reading Atomic Habits by James Clear - for me, changing into exercise clothes is the starting point. signals the habit. I've had a bit of a setback with a back injury, which has not been fun, but for now, I'll focus on my steps and increasing them with baby steps. Do you have a watch/pedometer? I checked my average daily steps for a normal week and decided that the next week, I'm going to increase that by 50-100 steps each day - walk to the furthest bathroom each time, when I'm up to get coffee etc. maybe go via the back yard. Simple changes that can become ingrained to add extra steps to my day. Exercise will come, but for now, I do what I can. Good luck!
  7. Really great to see you doing so well with the 71lbs kb less than a month after first thinking that it is almost "impossible"!
  8. Foam rolling your shins might help - I also occasionally get these really bad calf pains after running (and especially up hills or stairs) - someone once told me that it has to do with Fascia on the inside shin - once you can get that released, it starts feeling better. I hope it clears up quickly - it really is not fun. Most of all though, great job on improvising rather than not doing anything at all!
  9. Working on a bit of a reboot at the moment. Back is slowly getting better - walking seems to not aggravate it, so planning on doing some of that this week. Hesitant to get started on exercises at this point. I'm hoping that working on a reboot plan (ofc, part of me wants to add an epic side story and the like) will help with actually getting back to exercising rather than giving up. Doing well on the No liquid Sugar challenge - 25 days completed yesterday, so 25% there. I even skipped getting a milkshake at my favourite restaurant - I could have gotten it since I planned for the occasional break when eating out, but there is a part of me that wants to see if I can make it the full 100 days.
  10. Feeling rather discouraged at the moment. Yesterday was painful. Seems one day of being active completely negated the week of rest. i don’t know what to do anymore.
  11. I’m not entirely sure what to say. the original “joint” injury seems to be mostly better - didn’t bother me much yesterday, but is painful this morning - I just don’t know if it is because I was walking more or sitting the whole day. my back muscles however were angry af with me and the longer I was sitting the worse it got. glad it’s a long weekend
  12. Back to work today - yesterday was the first day in a while without pain meds - I'm cautiously optimistic at the moment - I think a few hours sitting in my chair will give me a better view on how it is really going. Of course, eating to match my mood didn't exactly turn out well - up about 1.2kg from the last weigh-in. Holding off on making solid plans for the rest of the month - need to see how today turns out, but tentatively, I'll just start with walking and possibly some stretching next week. Will get there slowly but surely. HT to @GoldenTongue whose support was invaluable this past week.
  13. Planning a novel sounds like fun! Writing one has always been one of my big dreams. Hope your week went well!
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