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  1. Doesn't help your immediate questions re: starting at lower weights for starting strength, but have you looked into "New Rules of Lifting For Women?" I know a couple of years ago it was all the rage, and had quite the following. It may have a more suitable starting path for the big lifts that you're looking for?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! You jogged some further thoughts in my own head! I know from previous training that simply squatting helps bring up my deadlift as long as I'm not neglecting my back. So the new plan is to squat three times a week, Good Mornings one day a week, rows one day a week, and then once or twice a week do some kettlebell work at home with the kettlebell(s) my girlfriend has. Fingers crossed that'll get me through the tight spot that is the next six months!
  3. Hi Nerds! I'm in desperate need of some help and guidance. I've taken the best part of a year off, and I've gotten fat and weak and I don't like it. I need to start building a support group (moved away from all of my gym buddies) and I need to sort nutrition, and I need to sort out my programming, and my consistancy, and my discipline, and, and, and, and (you get the idea). The programming bit is why I'm over in this bit of the boards! SO.... I've had some reasonable success in the past (all time PBs: S:185kg(407lb), B:110kg(242.5lb), DL:205kg
  4. Got to be up early tomorrow, so just a quick update and no musings from me tonight. As always, all weights in kg! Squat: 5x20 5x42.5 3x62.5 3x85 2x95 5x105 5x105 Bench: 5x20 5x27.5 3x40 3x55 2x60 5x67.5 5x67.5 5x67.5 Good mornings: 10x50 10x50 10x50 10x50 10x50 Chin-ups (blue and red band): 5 5 5 Hope everyone else is getting on well!
  5. Happy week 2 nerds! So I started week 2 of Texas last night, and now that my quad is back to full strength, it will be my first full week of the program. The workout was: As always, all weights are in Kg! Squat: 5x20 5x50 3x80 3x105 2x120 5x132.5 5x132.5 5x132.5 5x132.5 5x132.5 Overhead Press: 5x20 5x20 3x27.5 3x37.5 2x42.5 5x47.5 5x47.5 5x47.5 5x47.5 5x47.5 Deadlift: 5x65 3x97.5 3x130 2x147.5 5x162.5 Followed by another long stretching and warm down session with some of the other guys who were training at the same time. Our post training chat raised some interesting questions ab
  6. First week of Texas method is done! Friday is a really nice day on the program. "Max" effort single working set is definitely my style. Anyway, here's a recap of today's workout (as always, all weights are in kg!) Squat: 5x20 5x60 3x87.5 3x117.5 2x132.5 5x147.5 Bench: 5x20 5x35 3x50 3x67.5 2x77.5 5x85 Snatch (power): 3x40 3x40 2x45 2x50 2x50 2x50 2x50 2x50 Finished the session off with a bunch of us lounging about stretching for about half an hour. On the weight front, I've managed to drop 1.2kg since Monday. This is way too fast to be losing weight, but considering I put on 6kg in 2.5 weeks
  7. We had a discussion in my gym about this the other night. We had two distinct schools of thought, a group of us who said simply "if it fits in your macro's, eat it" and another group who insisted that the key was "eating clean" to fill your macros. We actually had a rather long discussion about it all, discussing pro's and con's and various studies we had all read around the subject. We ended up settling on a middle ground which is: If convenience is a large factor for you then the school of thought of "if it fits your macro's eat it" will work fantastically within reason (as long as you
  8. Thanks for that! Looks like I was coincidentally looking at about the right kind of accessory work. Now just to work it into my sessions.
  9. Hello all! Level 1 challenger knocking about here, hoping to actually make it out of there and into here in 6 weeks time! I have a question about accessory work. Starting Texas Method this week has really highlighted my upper body weakness, I can squat nearly double bodyweight and deadlift just over, yet I can't do a single chin up. Even with a thick blue band and a medium thick red assistance band put together I couldn't manage any more than 4 in a single set. My bench is also lagging behind at a little over bodyweight. I feel like I've got plenty of room for improvement here, so my pl
  10. So 5x5 means that you perform 5 sets of 5 reps at your working weight for that session (sometimes also referred to as 5 across). At the minute, I use the following warm up sequence(s) but feel free to tweak to whatever you need: Bench (and Squat): 5x20Kg (Bar only. I Always start with this to loosen up, no matter what my working weight is) 5x40% of working weight 3x60% of working weight 3x80% of working weight 2x90% of working weight 5x5 work sets My deadlift works at the same percentages except I always start with 60Kg (20Kg bar plus a 20Kg plate either side) purely because deadliftin
  11. I'm feeling too lazy to write up my own opinions on this, but an important factor in preventing ripped callouses is being proactive in the care of them. Here's three links that are far more articulate than me. Hope it helps! http://gubernatrix.co.uk/2010/12/callus-care-and-why-gloves-are-for-sissies/ http://www.liftbigeatbig.com/2011/08/caring-for-your-new-calluses.html http://www.ironmind.com/ironmind/opencms/Lifts/Take_care_of_your_hands.html
  12. I'm assuming that you are new (or are returning after an extended break) to lifting? If so, you likely still have plenty of noob gains to be had. The best way I've seen of recruiting these is by using 5 sets across your working weight. The best two programs for new lifters around these are Stronglifts 5x5 or Starting Strength (In my opinion). These work on the basis of linear progression, so 2.5kg is added every session. It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up really really quickly, and before you know it, your lifts will be sky rocketing. I've just looked back at your stats, and we'
  13. There's an interesting book out there called "Convict Conditioning". Part of this book describes a ten step progression to achieving a one handed push up (the starting point is zero ability to do any form of push up, so you're already ahead of the game), and step 5 of this progression is a full standard push up. This link is to the website which shows a very very brief overview of the progression. There's a lot more to the program, and if you're internet savvy I'm sure you'll be able to find it somewhere.
  14. I agree with this advice. at 2.5kg increments per session, you'll be back at your working weights within a week on squats, and within two weeks on the others. I personally would just deload the bar, spend a couple of session purely working on the form for the lifts where you need to improve, and then start loading from there. A week or two's delay right now is nothing compared to the risk of a lengthy injury in the future should your form be off.
  15. I agree with this. BIGM's advice is solid (as always), but the only thing I would add to it is the above. Rotating your feet so your toes are pointing 30 - 45 deg outwards will help you get lower whilst you're still building flexibility. Another tip, especially if you're planning to progress to barbell squats in the future is to make sure you're pushing your knees out throughout the range of motion, and not letting them collapse inwards.
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