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  1. Day 19 Bunch of isometrics exercise today Balance still need some work
  2. Day 18 Bit more cardio today (called CVX) For some reason I feel like I've got a knot in my calf muscle. It's a bit annoying, but it ain't painful Secondary objective Day 0 Nope
  3. Day 17 Yoga today Balance was a bit better then usual. That's nice Still need some work
  4. Day 16 Warrior (P90X3) workout today A mix of cardio, upper body, lower body and core exercises. Also, today it came to my attention that eating something heavy before working out is not a good idea. Today... well it wasn't so fun Secondary objective Day 0 Bed was too comfortable
  5. Day 15 So... much... cardio And I take back what I said about my legs not hurting Secondary Objective Day 1 Yep!
  6. Day 14 Today I did a workout called triometrics The description said it was a cardio workout, turns out it's also a lower body strength workout, and now I can't feel my legs. It doesn't hurt though, it's kind of amazing how doing a small warm up makes the whole process of working out so much better Woot indeed!
  7. Day 13 Cardio today Yep, I definitely think my cardio improved Nice Secondary Objective Day 0 Nope
  8. Day 12 More balance exercise My balance need some work Secondary Objective Day 0 Nope, that's a restart for that
  9. Day 11 Cardio, cardio and cardio. Today was cardio I feel like I am getting... not as bad on that front, so that's nice Secondary Objective Day 3.1 Yep yep yep! Doing... not bad!
  10. Day 10 Today was yoga. My flexibility was... adequate? Balance still need some work... ok it needs a lot of work. I am happy that I took the time to do this Secondary Objective Day 2.1 Eeeeeh started my workout a bit to late this time around (something like 7am, I aim for 5:45am, that way I get my workout in before school) Didn't have school today though, so no problem.
  11. Day 09 Yep! Did the warrior workout today. I am noticing a bit of a difference this time, my arms lasted a tad bit longer today. That's nice! Secondary Objective Day 2 That's day no2! Nice nice nice!
  12. Day 08 Nice! So I am able to workout even during school. Officially the first time that I've finished my workout before 7 am. Today was the accelerator again. Wasn't as bad as last time (I think?), so that's nice Secondary Objective Day 1 Haha! Yeah like I said, I finally managed to get my butt going in the morning. That makes me happy
  13. Day 07 Full week done! School is starting again tomorrow, I hope I'll be able to keep doing this. Today was... I dunno what kind of workout it was, but it was nice. Painful but nice Secondary objective Day 0 I don't feel like today was much of a success, I try again tomorrow
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