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  1. Yay geocaching! I used to do this years ago and I miss it. I'm inspired to start back up
  2. Recap. I started in the middle of this challenge but here's what I did towards my goals. Goal 1: increase water intake Done. Plus since I've been sick, I've increased even more. Goal 2: schedule workouts so that I actually do them Still working on this. I did find a nice empty park near work that has a path that I can run on. And bathrooms! I've seen deer, turtles, rabbits. It's peaceful. I've done the beginner bodyweight workout and I'm getting the hang of it. I just need to find a suitable weight to lift. Goal 3: relax and play a board game once a week I'm getting into this. I did the learn to play on Marvel Champions last night and it was great. I'm looking forward to playing more of that and learning/relearning games that I have sitting around. Maybe I'll check online games too. I think my friends have a weekly d&d voice chat game. I also want to try some Dune games and maybe Vampire Masquerade.
  3. Thanks for checking! I had fun on the mountain bike course, played a kids charades board game with my daughter, and had a run. Unfortunately I've been off for a couple days due to sickness. But I got a new game, Marvel Champions!
  4. Thursday I increased water intake more. I did daily dare of 60 seconds of jumping Ts. I didn't workout necessarily but I did chase my kids around, and took the dog for a walk and short run. Scheduled bike ride for tonight and long run on either Saturday or Sunday. Possible Ticket to Ride game on Saturday!
  5. Today I started my quest. I actually ran out of water so I'll have more with me tomorrow. I found yesterday's daily dare of 40 step lunges so I did that. Then at lunch I did one round of the old beginner bodyweight workout. I was at a park and not sure how to do the weights part.
  6. Back to the Future: Dice Through Time. I snagged it at a physical Target store for I think $9. I've played Ticket to Ride recently with my wife! We also played Exit game and have bought a few more of those too but not played yet.
  7. I'm from Indiana but am in Ohio now. I do enjoy going to GenCon in Indy, a huge board game convention in August (just happened). They have a casual 5k that is called the Orc Stomp that I've done before. I'll try to mention it again for next year! Orc Stomp - Home | Facebook
  8. Thanks Elastigirl! My current water intake is very low. I've fallen off bringing water with me to work, so almost anything is an increase. I filled up my 40oz to bring today though! I have a Back to the Future game that I've been waiting to play. I just went to GenCon in Indianapolis and saw unnumberable amounts of games. I bought a couple for my family to play but I've got some of my own that I haven't played yet like Azul, Dominion, Scott Pilgrim. I also am reaching out to my local area for someone to play Dune with. Any Dune! What do you play?
  9. Not exactly sure what to do, this site is a little overwhelming at the moment. But here it goes anyway! Goal 1: increase water intake Goal 2: schedule workouts so that I actually do them Goal 3: relax and play a board game once a week
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