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  1. Decluttering: 7 points so far. +3 so far today for clearing 3 more piles of discharges = 10. 2 more piles minimum to get through tomorrow before I can go on holiday with a clear conscience. +1 for 5 "new" discharges from last week, with a bonus +1 for getting them done before the holiday. Potential: +1 tonight for packing suitcase for holiday, +1 for packing weekend bag for stay with parents, +2 for putting all other clothes away that aren't coming with me on the trips. I'm giving myself +1 for clearing the carrots and onions out of the veg rack last night and making carrot, lemon and ginger
  2. I'm heading off on holiday over the weekend, so will be off the air for a while. So: extremely well done so far! These challenges are being met ON TOP of having a life with children and husband. More power to your elbow! I will check in again when I get back, but: CARRY ON BEING AMAZING! PS congrats to hubby and good luck with the switch to night shift
  3. Forgot to say - +1 decluttering at work: 1 pile of 5 discharges yesterday. meals so far this week: Breakfast 2/3 on plan, lunch 0/2, dinner 2/2. Exercise: 1/2 - delayed at work last night so sacked off gym. In my defence, didn't leave work until 1945. Sleep: 2/2 so far. Massive organising evening now planned for Thursday to get ready for a week of holiday. Think the gym might have to go that night, too.
  4. Glad to have been of service in clearing that up! Had it again as left overs tonight. Possibly even better after it's had a day in the fridge. I find that with soup, stew and chilli as well - second day leftovers often actually better than the original. One more international food question to clear up - is cilantro the same as coriander, or different?
  5. Hey angelblaidd - thanks for the interest and support! Running low on time before my curfew tonight, but will catch up propely with your efforts tomorrow! @Athena - Saw it on Masterchef Australia -well, the inspiration came from there. So, usual meat sauce for lasagne: onion, minced beef, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, salt, pepper, Italian herbs of your choice (we went with basil). White sauce: butter and flour for a roux, top up with milk,salt, pepper, scratch of nutmeg. For the layers, starting on the bottom, pumpkin slices, griddled to get bar-marks and start to soften, ditto the cour
  6. So, then: Week One Update #1: Eat This got better as the week went on. It was a slow start due to missing shopping at the weekend due to Skyfall. Organisation is key! So a lot of cupboard staple carbs got eaten in the first few days. But fortunately, cupboard staples included porridge: breakfast was pretty much covered, until I ran out of milk - 4/7 on target. Lunches less good, mostly sandwiches at work, and cheese toasties at the weekend, but at least swapped my chocolate bar for a piece of fruit, and my diet coke for water. Not a total fail, but the official meal count for lunches is
  7. Cheers, AngelBlaidd and arcticMaiden! Not the whole office - that is a never ending marathon - worse than the Augean Stables!! Just the corner with the shelves where the notes live. That makes 35 inpatient discharges I have to deal with before I can start on the discharges of all the patients I've seen on call this week. I'm going to give myself +1 for each pile of 5 (usually takes about half an hour, depending on how thick the files are). I've set myself a deadline of close of business next Friday, because then I'm on holiday for a week. Any new patient discharges get done before then, i
  8. So halfway through week one. "New thing" enthusiasm still going strong, hence the daily posting. Eating finally starting to fall into place. Have had time to go shopping, and while I wouldn't exactly call it a meal plan, I have taken Angel's idea of putting ingredients together. Things stacked together in the fridge (egg and smoked salmon for luxe breakfast tomorrow, for example) and also in the cupboards (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and sesame seeds for a version of schnitzel tomorrow night) Working (out) more problematic this week because I am on 24h call, but at least going
  9. Go-to-Bed alarm has just gone off, so I'll be quick - I have 30 min to wash face, brush teeth, lay out clothes for tomorrow and get into bed. Another +1 on decluttering - another pile of miscellaneous paper bites it! So that's 5 already. All at home though - must add some work points, but work is double-plus-crazy this week as I am on-call. Clean eating a little better today, but still way too much bread. I have however, made it to the shops, so this should change for tomorrow. No exercising as on-call, but have booked 3 BodyPump classes - Sat, Mon and Wed. So I'll get 1/4 for this week
  10. Thanks Angel and Athena! Running total now 4 then (+1 for doing tax returns!) And will deffo give the "putting meal ingredients together" idea a go. This sounds like a plan! I am working on sort of "a stitch in time saves nine" - 10 minutes doing something now will save me 20 minutes in future/pain/anxiety. That and "breaking big things I can't do into small chunks that I can". So putting ingredients together for meal prep later covers both. Will let you know how it goes!
  11. Another 2 declutter points, I think. (Running total 3) Picked up all the cups/glasses/dishes and washed them all (+1). Pile of mail/journals and CDs on floor -CDs put in rack (in correct boxes, no less!), journals put in pile with other journals from last night, mail chucked/for shredding/ to-keep pile on bookcase/to do pile on table (+1). Which creates another area to be worked through - the to-do pile on the table. But I have 2 sq feet of empty floor I didn't have before! Managed to switch off computer at 10.30 and be in bed for 11. (Doesn't matter the hospital called at midnight, then
  12. 50 declutter points? OK. I get one already today for sorting out the papers on top of the wine rack. Large amount in recycling basket, smaller confidential pile in the shredder basket, to be shredded at the weekend. Small amount of "stuff to keep" moved to top of bookcase (that is another area for later). And a pile of professional journals, which I have to decide whether I am really ever going to catch up reading, just rip out interesting articles, or recycle and just start reading the fresh ones as they come in. Forgot to post my starting measurements: Weight 14 st 2 lb (198 lbs) BF% 4
  13. Hey, if you ever need someone to proofread a few pages...an outline that makes me want more! I will be watching with interest - I too have sleep issues and made them a goal this time. You are SUBBED, Skyfire!
  14. Here it is, the third challenge for Bats. As to the thread name, it comes from a discussion with Athena during the second challenge. It regards perspiration levels during exercise. Inspired by Athena's ascent to goddess-hood, I am going to ascend to the next level of exercise-induced sweat - to become a Big Red Fire Engine! To achieve this, I am levelling-up my daily grind of Eat/Work/Sleep: Goal # 1: Eat. Adopting the Clean and Lean eating plan at least 50% of the time (meals rather than days) to earn +2 Con and +2 Cha. This involves cutting out/down the CRAP (caffeine, refined sugar, alc
  15. Bats

    Bats: rebooted

    So, totting up the final scores: #1 Exercise. 15/24=best part of 60%. 3 points from possible 5:2 strength, 1 stamina #2 Diet and weight loss. Not so good on the diet, weight up, up, down, same, same, same. Maintained overall = 50%. 1.5 points from a possible 3: 0.5 stamina, 0.5 condition, 0.5 charisma #3 Health. Not too bad, 4/6 appointments made and attended. Calling it a B=75%. 1.5 wisdom, 1.5 condition #4 Life. 2/5 houses seen. 40%, call it a C. 1 wisdom, 0.5 condition. Total: Strength +2=4, Dexterity 0=2, Stamina +1.5=4.5, Condition +2.5=9.5, Wisdom +2.5=7.5 and Charisma +0.5=5.5 So go
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