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  1. Thanks for all the happy birthdays. Whoo boy, its been a weekend, but now I'm back in my rhythm. Today's WOD: 5 rounds for time: 10 pullups (kipped, so these do not count towards my goal) 15 abmat situps 20 wallballs at 14lbs. Time: 12:11
  2. I looked at your work out, and now I have Squats! to the tune of "shots!" by LMFAO in my head. This will definitely get sung today.
  3. Today was supposed to be a lifting day, instead I met Fran. Pardon my language, but Fran can go to hell. Thrusters were with 65lbs, I wanted to 95 but my coach told me to go 65 since it was my first time. Pull-ups were done strict since I have no idea how to kip. Total time: 9:11 I don't feel to bad though, beat an ex college football receiver and a "Mr. Fitness" Guido. Both a few years younger than me
  4. Taking an moment to say, holy detail! Also, your video is adorable. You've got great kids! and lordy, the amount of stuff you get done. You may be my new hero.
  5. Awesome dead lifts! Starting a 5+ week next wed for my deadlift. I'm both excited and terrified. Also, good luck on your Go Ruck! once a week rucking, and once a week fireman carries are being added to my regimen next challenge for that very purpose.
  6. That is actually extremely motivating Chairokey. Thanks for that. Today was crossfit day, completed this week's requirement! WOD: 10 Min timer. Run 400m, then AMRAP of Chest slap/Hand release push-ups (Alternated every round) 5 Kettlebell Swings @ 20kg 10 Butterfly sit ups Finished 8 1/3 rounds. Once the timer rang, ran 400m again. managed to beat a guy that is ALWAYS faster than me Also, for motivation: Saw this years ago and never thought much of it. Now I think its awesome!
  7. Great job on your first WOD!! I did my first WOD of the challenge of the day and it kicked my arse! *High Fives*
  8. I definitely feel for you on leaving stuff at home. I definitely forget my lunch at least once a week and YAY!! math tests. I bet you rocked it, wish I could math.
  9. Those are some awesome numbers! Good luck with your goals.
  10. Welcome! Awesome goals. Definitely impressed by the scientific publication. I wish I could science.
  11. Day 2: Crossfit day! Today's WOD 3 rounds for time of: 5 Wall balls (7kg) 10 KB Swings (40kg) 10 box jumps (24in) 400m run Time: 11:15 was an awesome workout, definitely enjoyed the challenge of it. As for the other goals, I definitely need to get a move on starting my studying.
  12. Thank you! Also, you drew that conclusion because monkeys are AWESOME! Thanks! And Technical Sergeant is just my next rank. Which means more moolah in the bank.
  13. That was a really good read. I can see the point of specificity and adaptation. Following a pure running program on those two days would most likely wield me the best results. However, I'm not looking to be extravagant in my run time, just getting it down enough to do well on a 1.5 mi run. I'm definitely using the cross fit workouts as a high intensity circuit training. And as the article states, " the cardiopulmonary system may respond an adapt to circuit training session," which is my biggest weakness. I think this will system will do well for me and my goals as I will continue my strength training. Also, As I learn more and more about fitness, I believe it behooves me to learn about one of the fastest growing fitness trends. Which, for me, includes trying it for 6 weeks. I also consider enjoyment of a routine to have considerable weight for a successful routine. Since I despise running (and it is a requirement for my job testing), and enjoy the GPP style workouts of cross fit I'm more likely to stick with it.
  14. Great goals! Definitely a big fan of strong lifts. Couch25k is an awesome program. I've not heard one bad thing about it. I have one of my Airmen on it now to help with his run time and he loves it.
  15. First of all, Squat myself silly is an awesome saying. Consider it stolen. 2nd of all, you're getting your A&P? that's kick arse (as long as you're referring to Airframe and powerplant) and if not, that's awesome too! I want mine really bad. I already work on Aircraft might as well get the cert. third of all, Yep.
  16. +1 for not owning a scale. Throwing mine out was one of the best things I've ever did.
  17. Well, duh! I expect you to be squatting, dead lifting, and farmer carrying all the zombies! let 'em know they don't mess with a warrior.
  18. Challenge day 1: WAS AWESOME! I haven't felt this good in a long time. Not only was it my birthday, yay me! I also rocked it in the gym like never before. Today's work out: 5 minute warm-up: Shoulder dislocations, couch stretch, light front squats, light overhead squats. Back Squats: 135x5 205x5 245x1 245x5x4 245x11! I'm not going to be able to work out on Wed, so I decided to do a 5+ on my last set as a test. I got freakin' 11! It's awesome to think about two weeks ago I was frightened of 225 5x5. I haven't stalled yet, but my body is starting to feel the effects. I want to keep pushing, but I'm looking out for injury as well. Hopefully my form stays well and I can push it to at least 260 5x5. Bench Press 45x5 135x5x4 135x15 Bench is deloaded by a lot, and its helping me with my form. Also, my elbow is feeling better day by day. Don't want to over do it. Pull-up total for today:28 Need to step it up a little bit to hit the 100 mark. I want to take tues and thurs off from pull-ups. Over all it was an awesome day! Just an aside, the base gym has a record board for various things (Bench press, Deadlift, max push-ups in a min., max sit-ups, and 5k run times. All separated by male and female). No one has set the freakin' squat record! I see an opportunity! I'm going to try and see if I can start a "squat off." That should prove fun.
  19. Bouldering, oh how I miss there. Great goals! Pull ups rock!
  20. Zombie run!!! I want to do one these!! Little-known fact, squats and fish oil are the antidote for zombie bites.
  21. Welcome! Have fun while you're here and feel free to ask around! Also, I second the great profile pic comment.
  22. Welcome! You'll find a wealth of knowledge here as well as a great community. Feel free to ask questions and get involved!
  23. Good luck on your cross fit goal! I too am delving into that crazy world.
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