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  1. Yeah, wicked cool. Thanks for responding, Sir Earl. I didn't get an email notification, though, so I'm afraid I may have missed my chance to retain your attention and pick your brain for how this place works. What instrument do you play?
  2. It's 9:55 on a Saturday morning, and I'm still in bed. I can hear this bird outside, calling me to get up. I don't know what kind of bird it is, but it definitely sounds like, "GET-UP. GET-UP.", maybe with some mumblings about how lazy I'm being, in between. But what that bird doesn't know is that I have a pretty good excuse for sleeping in today. I had to do my Angry Birds workout really late last night. AND, I spent the day swimming, so I was WICKED tired. So, eat it, Tweety. Lately, I'm excited to get up. Since I started eating Paleo-style a couple weeks ago, and exercising more, I feel
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