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  1. Hey, I'm Wildfire. This is my 3rd 6-Week Challenge. I've been away for a while, but I have decided that in order to improve myself, I need to set reasonable goals for myself in a place where other people are aware and can keep me accountable. Even though I have completed two other challenges, I have stopped keeping myself accountable and have taken a few steps back in my habits. This challenge is all about building those habits up again. Main Quest: Get myself into rock climbing shape Rock climbing is something that I have always enjoyed, but I have never been able to do much before my muscles get too tired to continue. I want to be able to move my own body weight around more easily. To accomplish this I need to: 1. Complete 3 pull-ups by the end of the 6 weeks. At one point, I could do one or two consistently, but it's been a while since I have maintained that strength. I will be following the 20 pull-up challenge for the next 6 weeks. The goal is to achieve 3, but if I can get more, then awesome. +2 STR +1 STA 2. Increase flexibility by stretching every day during the challenge. +3 DEX 3. Increase cardio by being active for at least 30 minutes, 3 times or more a week. Anything that I can do for half an hour to get my heart rate up will work. +3 STA +1 STR +1 DEX Life Goal: Write for 30 minutes a week That's it. Just 30 minutes. It's so simple that I have no excuse to not complete it. Usually when I sit down to write, I go for far longer than 30 minutes, but it's difficult for me to make time to write. Right now, I'm working on establishing a habit that I can build on later. +3 CON +1 WIS
  2. Diet is still great! I've hit that strong. But this exercise thing is kicking my butt. Support to hit it hard for the rest of the week would be appreciated!
  3. School hit hard this last week, and continues to push hard. I haven't made time to exercise in a week. But I have kept up on eating well... I just need to make time to exercise this week
  4. I enjoy Zombie run, just not running at 6am Got my running in this week, going for multiple runs and playing fugitive. slacked a little on working on pull ups. Gonna hit that hard this next week. Totally owned on eating fruits and veggies every day! Now I'm working on cutting sugar out of my diet...
  5. We'll see if that was enough to keep up for the whole challenge. It's a start, though.
  6. I'm hoping to update every other day, but for now I have to do a mass update of what's been going since I started Friday... Ate fruit for breakfast and had vegetables for lunch/dinner every day. So far I have nailed that goal. Started running on Tuesday do 1.5 min run with 1.5 min break. Also started doing negatives to build up. Haven't practice juggling yet
  7. I just started that workout today. Thanks for recommending it. And I'm not a runner yet, but I might just love running at the end of this challenge
  8. Thanks! I'm stocking up on healthy snacks that will be within easy reach.
  9. Thanks! Using your advise, I went back through my goals and planned out how to reach them, not just what I wanted to reach. If you have any more advise on how I can tweak my goals to make it clearer for me to reach, I welcome them input, along with any other advice you have
  10. Hey! I know it's a little late, but I am back for my second challenge with the Assassins. I was mediocre in completing my last challenge, so it's time to stop putting forth minimal effort and it's time to dominate my goals! A little bit more on me.... I joined the challenge late because I was busy moving into my new dorm room! It's really exciting and I'm loving being here. I'm a freshman, and I just finished my week of classes. This last week was horrible in keeping the momentum I built with the last challenge. I've eaten poorly, barely slept, and the most exercise I have been getting is walking up the hill to my dorm a few times a day (don't get me wrong, that hill is a beast! my legs are gonna be so built by the end of the year). I realized that if I have any hope of getting myself in better shape and keeping myself there, I would need to make a plan and share it so I would stick to it. Here it is: 1. Complete 3 pull ups by the end of the challenge. This was one of my goals in the last challenge, and I barely managed to make one. Also, since I took a week off, I lost of a lot of what I gained. To reach this goal, I will be using the workout plan provided by http://twentypullups.com/node/10. Reward: +3 STR +2 DEX 2. Run 2 miles/ 20 minutes straight. I'm using the couch to 5K workout plan for this one. I'm starting with week one and I aim to be at week 5 by the end of the challenge. Reward: +4 STA +1 DEX 3. Eat fruit and vegetables every day. Since I eat in the dorms, it's really easy to eat unhealthy food all day. This goal is more of making a conscious effort to choose healthy foods and actually eat them. Reward: +3 WIS +2 CON 4.Be able to juggle for a minute straight. right now, I can do about 10 seconds. For this, practicing a few times a week is how I will accomplish the goal. Reward: +3 DEX +2 CHA *Personal Challenge* Even though it's not one of my main goals, I will also be challenging myself to be on time every class this quarter.
  11. Goal 1: Do 3 pull ups. C. I managed 1. That's for a total of +1.5 STR and + 1 STA Goal 2: Stretch every day. A. I may have missed one day for the whole challenge. +3 DEX Goal 3: Be active for 4 days/wk for at least 20 min. B. +2.25 DEX and + 1.5 CON Goal 4: Write for 3 hours a week. Totally missed this one. D. +.25 WIS
  12. Talked a lot with my mom about how much diet effects your weight loss and the fact that you can't outrun your fork.
  13. I'm moving to Queen Anne hill shortly. I wouldn't have a car, but I love hiking (even in the snow) and could definitely be up for something like this.
  14. I've always been afraid of heights. I'm not sure when it started, because when I was three and four I would climb up and around things without falling even crossing my mind. But somewhere I got hit with fear bad. It came to the point where I couldn't climb a ladder without getting so scared I couldn't move my feet. I hated that my fear ran me, so I started breaking it little by little. I started with ladders and small trees, then I moved to climbing on single story buildings and whatnot. My major breakthrough came when I was climbing Angel's Landing at Zion National Park. At the very end of the hike it turns into more of a rock climb than a hike, with a few hundred foot drop on either side. At points there are chains nailed into the rocks because there are no handholds. It was at one of these points where I took a deep breath and looked down at the drop around me, and for once I wasn't scared. I guess staring my fear in the face so many times helped me get over it. Having supportive friends around when I was facing some bigger heights also helped.
  15. Good luck with the work week ahead. Somewhere in your future is that pull up. Keep working at it
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